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  • What I really enjoyed about this movie is the comical moments were they involved the actor, Kevin James

    • by janet

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      “Hitch” represents Will Smith’s attempt at romantic fiction and, may I add, not a bad attempt at all! This movie meant a lot for the actors, Eva Mendez and Kevin James because afterwards they received more challenging roles.

      In this movie, we see how Smith stars as

      Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens who works as advisor on how to behaviour on your first three dates. Smith advices seem to work since his working schedule is very much packed!

      Life changes for him when he meets Sarah (Eva Mendes) and asks her out for a date. It seems that although he is really good a giving dating advice, he is not so good in putting them always in practice for himself. Life gets complicated when his personal relationship with Sarah threatens his profession.

      What I really enjoyed about this movie is the comical ...

      • Movie Hitch
      moments were they involved the actor, Kevin James. He is really great in his role of a desperate love-sick guy. I really enjoyed the comic situation in a scene were Smith and James end up kissing each other. It seems that it was Smith who recommended
      Kevin James for this movie after watching his series “The King of Queen’s”. Jennifer Lopez was offered the part of Sarah and refused it.

      All in all, “Hitch” is a certification for Henry James great acting skills and also shows that Smith can do great romantic comedies too!

Raphael Lopow says :

re : What I really enjoyed about this movie is the comical moments were they involved the actor, Kevin James
The film tells the story of a "love doctor", who works in secret to help his patients from romantic problems. Hitch in the film is a love doctor who is depicted as being able to formulate a person’s love problem and then give surefire recipes to solve the problem. Really someone who is indispensable in society.

From the beginning of the film, Hitch has provided an interesting opening. Hitch is shown communicating with the audience, giving his basic principles of action coupled with practice (as in this scene it turns out that he is`helping’ a client). This could be a good warm-up as the beginning of the movie. It’s as if showing other interesting things in this movie that revolve around the same problem, love.

What’s interesting about the film is actually how an abstract spontaneous feeling like love is trying to be formulated and polarized. Hitch manages to amaze the audience because the arguments and facts put forward, about people’s habits when in love, is indeed a thing that you, and perhaps also you, see even feel in everyday life. Here, Hitch successfully demonstrates his skills in helping many people get a partner. However, hitch’s theories about love will be tested by the presence of Sara Melas, a gossip newspaper reporter who enjoys her single life. Meeting Hitch and Sara at a club that makes them like each other will take the film on a varied plot. On the one hand Hitch falls in love with the gossip reporter, while on the other hand Hitch is also dealing with the glamorous world because he is helping Albert approach Allegra, and at the same time he has to keep his and his clients confidential.
Aside from this fun side of the story, the dialogues in it are also quality. Like when Hitch and Sara meet at the club and "measure" each other’s personalities by having long dialogues. These scenes will sometimes fall into a clich d and boring feel. But Will Smith and Eva Mendes managed to bring it beautifully.

Unfortunately, the film is at the end like a bit of a jump. The variety of plots that emerged because Hitch met Sara was not accompanied by adequate termination. It’s not bad, it’s just like there’s something missing. However, this deficiency will be earned by the announcement with a`bonus’ compensation scene in the credit title section of the film.

Broadly speaking, this film will show how a love is worth fighting for and indeed must be fought for. Hitch in this story does act only as a doctor who only prescribes, but the will and effort of the patient itself determines the final result. So, what are the efforts of Hitch’s patients? Of course it’s a shame to miss.
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