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  • As a relatively new FPS player, I found the learning curve rather smooth

    • by Yanguang

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      Foreword ———— Team Fortress 2 is the long awaited sequel to Team Fortress, a game by Valve. Like many of the games Valve makes, Team Fortress 2 is a FPS (First-Person Shooter).

      The long wait has caused it to be labeled as ‘vapourware’ for some time (a term coined to refer to games cursed by continued delays, eventually delayed indefinitely). However, the wait has been justitified by the quality of the product.

      Graphics ———— Team Fortress 2 opts for a more ‘cartoonish’ look, which makes it seem less serious, but gives it a unique and different feel and style.

      Team Fortress 2, like several recent Valve games, has adopted HD lighting, which makes it look all the better.

      Everything, from the character models, to the explosives, to the interface fits well into the theme. I like to call it ‘juicy’.

      Despite not as realistic as

      other FPS in the recent market like Crysis (should be crowned King of graphics) and Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, it shines in its own special way.

      Gameplay ————– Team Fortress 2 has a total of 9 classes, namely Pyro, Engineer, Sniper, Spy, Heavy, Demoman, Medic, Scout and Soldier. Each class has it owns playing style and role.

      For example, a medic can shoot from his needle-gun, but he is best suited in the support role of healing, which charges into an ability called ‘ubercharge’. Ubercharge grants a teammate and the player himself temporarily. When properly used, this can easily turn the tables in a match.

      Matches are played on servers, which can be easily found using the ‘Find Servers’ option, and further improved results can be gotten by adjusting the filters. For example, you could set it to find servers ...

      • not full and with low latency.

        Matches are played on different maps, on which different objectives are set. For example, a variant of Capture the Flag with ‘intelligence’ as the flag, or capturing and securing control points.

        I was at first dumbfounded at the lack of a single-player campaign, but the multiplayer itself is more than I could ask for. As a relatively new FPS player, I found the learning curve rather smooth. Within minutes I found myself happily blasting away like a crazed madman.

        The replay value is great. It’s like chocolate, once you have a taste, you won’t forget it, and you’ll feel the craving soon enough.

        Stability, Specs, etc ————————— The minimum specs for Team Fortress 2 are suprisingly low compared to the other games being produced. It only needs 1.7 Ghz processor, 512 mb RAM, DirectX 8 graphics card, Windows

        2k/XP/Vista and (of course) an internet connection.

        I could run it smoothly even on moderately high settings on my one year old laptop, which could hardly handle other games like World in Conflict and Crysis (okay, who am I kidding, but it’s true).

        Rating ———- A perfect 10/10. Nothing less than that would justify it. It’s one of the little gems you find hidden amongst the mass-spawned replicas you find nowadays.

        Although it doesn’t add alot to the generic FPS formula, it tries to be different. I mean, where else can you find big hulking manly men hugging their guns or medics that look more like doctors with a huge syringe shooting needles?

        That’s all for now, everyone. Oh, and remember to get this game in the Orange Box. It’s a must-buy. You can get it as a digital download by purchasing it off Steam, or get it the old way in retail stores near you.

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