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  • This was probably the best decision concerning the internet that we have ever made
  • I would highly recommend Armstrong Cable's Zoom Internet service to anyone in an Armstrong coverage area

    • by k lindamood

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      When my husband I moved in December of 2007 we had two choices for high speed internet. We could either go back to Verizon for their DSL service or try Armstrong Cable’s Zoom Internet Service. Having had poor service from Verizon DSL in the past we opted for Armstrong Cable Internet service in our home.

      This was probably the best decision concerning the internet that we have ever made.

      Zoom Internet, as Armstrong calls their high speed service, is very reliable. It doesn’t matter if there is a foot of snow on the ground or a torrential downpour we never have to worry about losing our connection like we did with ...

      • Verizon’s DSL service in the past. Websites load quickly and no matter what time of the day or night we are accessing the internet we never have to worry about a slow connection.

        Having Armstrong Cable for our internet provider has been a pleasurable alternative for my husband and I. It’s made our online schooling

        hassle free and allows us the freedom that we wouldn’t have with dial up. Armstrong also has excellent customer service reps that are knowledgeable and friendly. You never have to worry about getting substandard customer service when you call.

        I would highly recommend Armstrong Cable’s Zoom Internet service to anyone in an Armstrong coverage area.

    Getty says :

    I got the Armstrong zoom connection at my apartment. They ofer zoom 100 and zoom500. The sadest part is my apartment supports just the zoom500 and I dont get an option to choose my service. All the more I endup paying 40 monthly through the apartment. Also Iam not able to avail the promo offer of 15.95 going for zoom500 for the first 3 months. The Armstrong says to speak with the apartment and the apartment leasers ask to talk to the armstrong. since Armstrong is the service provider, he should have a better way where in I can avail my promotions and also have my option of choosing the service. This is not the case in other states such as north carolina where timewarner cable offers both earthlink and roadrunner, so that we could choose our service depending upon needs. Also when called Armstrong support regarding usenet server access, none of them knew about it at all. Earthlink does offer a good usenet server access with their user id. Armstrong has to look into this and educate themselves in what kidn of service to ofer to the customer.
    sarah says :

    WE have had Armstrong internet service for the last 5 yrs, at first it was fine, it was fast, and steady, our problems started about 3 yrs ago, the signal dropped way down ( at the same time they also raised the price), it also would come in and out, i called at the time and the tech guy came out and gave us a new box, and for 1 wk it worked good, than it started again, so again i called, and again they came out and gave me a new box, again good for 1 wk, than my husband and i started noticing that when it was windy or raining it would go out completely, so again i call and explained all of this to the man, and was told it was possably the line HUH well thinking i had finally gotten somewhere, i was told there was an appointment with a man from my local office, when the local office guy got here he…. had another new box… he said that after checking my line.. he could see where it was fluctuating and he said he flipped the line and that now it should work and put in a new box now my 4th or 5th in 3 yrs, well 4 mths ago i got fed up and called the main armstrong office and explainedit all to a manager (that i demanded to talk to) and later that same day they came and changed my wire unfortunetly it only worked well for 1 wk, we have noticed that it works well right after you call, and also 1 wk before your bill is due, after the check goes through to the day, it goes back down, we have been told that it is called throttling and it is not gonna get any better, the company goes up and down with the signal. so in conclusion if you have a choice don’t pick Armstrong, unfortunately we have no choice, this is all there is here.
    mace says :

    Well Armstrong has been down for 6 days now in my area peach bottom twp PA. I have had power the entire time. Their network is reliability is very poor. My ATT 4g LTE has been working just fine. They poorly designed the network by putting nodes that require power in lousy places instead of on main roads where power company will get power up first. I will be dropping the TV and phone service as too unreliable (this has become common with then last 3 years, extended outages) and go with satellites. Unfortunately no other option by for 4glte for high speed network. Hoping Verizon sees the opportunity to put Armstrong out of business in the area as I would pay even more for Verizon FIOS in the area as Verizon knows how to run a network with high reliability. Armstrong at 98% as of today with just this outage, that is pitiful an unacceptable.
    mace says :

    re : I would highly recommend Armstrong Cable’s Zoom Internet service to anyone in an Armstrong coverage area
    Armstrong’s network is poorly designed for reliability. Out 6 days now. and I have had power the entire time.
    Cristian says :

    re : I would highly recommend Armstrong Cable’s Zoom Internet service to anyone in an Armstrong coverage area
    I would highly recommend an active connection which use fibre-optic network, of course at a good price.Personally i hate the dial-up connection, because this is not coming up with a good price and an reasonable traffic. And most often dial-up connections have a slower speed and this can be very annoying.Fortunately, I live in a country, where internet speeds is growing very fast.
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