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  • IBS is still a problem but, much easier with Librax

    • by mbowie

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      I have had stomach cramps and pains for a long time before I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It was miserable. Day in and day out I had a hard time doing much of anything because the cramps were so bad. Finally, my doctor figured that IBS was the culprit. My doctor prescribed Librax.

      I buy it in the generic form, chlordiazepoxide and clidinium(CHLORD/CLIDI) 5-2.5M. The generic form is long so I will use Librax for the rest of the review. I am so happy there is a generic form of Librax. It only costs me $10 with my insurance.

      Librax contains chlordiazepoxide, for anxiety, and clidinium, which reduces ...

      • stomach acid and intestinal spasms. Librax is also used for other things other than IBS too. I don’t really understand how Librax works but, it does work. I use it as needed. When I first started using it, I took it regularly. Now, I only need to take it when the IBS starts acting up.
        Librax really reduced the cramps and made the IBS bearable. The only side effect I have is dry mouth. The dryness can get pretty bad. That is one reason why I only take it when I really need it.

        Librax has worked wonders for me. IBS is still a problem but, much easier with Librax.

    William Davis says :

    I am 67. A little over a month ago I was experiencing a lot of stress. I started having to go to the bathroom at least 3 times a day with very loose bowels and a lot of gas bowels not watery . This is still going on. My doctor put me on Chlord Clidi 5. It works well except for one thing. I have severe heartburn after taking it for about three days. I stopped because the heartburn got so bad but started again three days ago. Once again I have horrible heartburn. Is this a possible side effect? I don`t see it listed on the list I got from the pharmacy.
    Mebow replies :

    I don’t know if it is a normal side effect of this drug. I have found that I do sometimes have unusual side effects to some medications. I guess we are all made a bit different so I wouldn’t rule out this causing heartburn. Have you asked your doctor or pharmacist? I am also on omeprazole, daily, for heartburn. So I don’t notice that side effect from the generic librax.
    Galega says :

    Heartburn or may acid reflux is a very rare side effect of Librax. Unfortunately, it is happening with you.

    You are required to immediately contact a doctor. I think an antacid is all that you need while taking Librax.
    Joy says :

    re : IBS is still a problem but, much easier with Librax
    I’ve had IBS and diverticulitis and when I feel it coming on Librax usually stops the full episode. I haven’t noticed any side-effects but I only use it as needed. I just noticed though that the drug will no longer be covered by my insurance (not even the generic)
    This is very sad to me, myself and others will suffer from pain and agony as there is no substitute that I am aware of.
    Galega says :

    There are many other alternative of Librax with similar ingredients. Many of them should be covered by your insurance policy as they are quit affordable. You should check them also.
    peg reilly says :

    does this drug cause weight gain?
    Mebow replies :

    I have not had it cause weight gain. I looked at some side effects online and didn’t see weight gain as one of them. I don’t take librax as much as I used to. Only when the stomach cramps show up. Main thing for me was dry mouth from it.
    Galega says :

    No, Librax doesn’t cause weight gain. This medicine is supposed to be taken for short period of time as Chlord can be addictive.

    It is for stomach and works on nervous system. It has nothing to do with weight gain or loss.
    Ken Meyer says :

    I get severe cramps after a bowel movement,Chlord/clidi will help after an hour or so. I PAY 73 DOLLARS FOR 60. mY Insurance will not pay for them . Is there any thing else I can use.
    Mebow replies :

    Wow, that is expensive. I wish I knew of something else. I hope and pray you have or can find something. These cramps are terrible. Would love to know if you found anything else that helped.
    Galega says :

    There is no doubt that this medicine is expensive. But, there are some generic brands available with same combination, but far much less price. You can try them. These generic products do not compromise on the quality of the medicine. You will get same results.
    lachelle says :

    why can`t chlord clidi be taken with pms medicine and or what should i do for my monthly pain and cramps?????
    Galega says :

    Librax can cause irregular menstruation period. It is one of the possible side effects. If you are taking medicines for premenstrual syndrome, you must bring this fact to the notice of your doctor. Usually, Librax isn’t prescribed with PMS medicine because it may react adversely and can lead to long term irregular menstruation cycle.
    Sue says :

    Donnatal can also be useful. It is taken daily in the morning. It helps with the spasms and nervous stomach, etc.
    Leah says :

    I don’t know if they started making Donnatal again, but they pulled it all 3 generics for it, off the market back in 2011. I had been on it for years. It helped some, but not near as much as Librax. In fact when Donnatal was slowly disappearing from the pharmacies, I called my doctor in tears because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat at all w/o help from Donnatal or something similar. I was still extremely underweight on the Donnatal still having stomach problems, just not “as bad”. Once my doctor found Librax for me, my stomach issues have cut down drastically. My stomach only acts up rarely. However, I have indeed gained a ton of weight - whether as a side effect or because I’m finally “absorbing food nutrients”, I’m not sure :-/
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