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Harlem, GA
  • With gas prices as high as they are, I decided I'd trade my 2002 Pontiac Minivan for something kinder on my purse strings
  • Just looking at the car, I found it exterior attractive
  • There were added bonuses to the Yaris that I learned about after I had it at home
  • I've checked around and outside of the lot, it will cost around $300-350 dollars

    • by J.R. Lewis

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      With gas prices as high as they are, I decided I’d trade my 2002 Pontiac Minivan for something kinder on my purse strings.

      My quest started with many possibilities: Nissan, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Mazda, VW, and Toyota. As I broke down, researched, and priced the group. Took a good hard look at them .

      The Toyota Yaris stood out in the field.

      This little beauty was wonderful with gas millage and though it was a small car, it was spacious enough that the passengers did not feel cramped.

      It was cute as a button! The colors available had a great range. From bright cherry red to a soft gold hue, there were many shades to choose from.

      Just looking at the car, I found it exterior attractive. From its smiling ‘face’ to its perky rear, the rounder design suited my tastes.

      The interior was uncluttered. The console that holds the gages is in the middle of the dash rather than in front of the driver. The trunk is deep, with back seats that folded down if the need arises.

      I knew I had to go and look at one in person.

      The Yaris comes in hatchback or sedan. Because I have children, I decided I’d rather have a four door sedan.

      Sitting in the car was nice. I could see all around. I had feared there’d be a blind spot.

      The driver’s seat could be moved and arranged. Closer to the pedals for us short legged folk or further away for those with longer legs, the seat moved with ease.

      I liked that not only did that, but it also had separate controls for the back rest for those who like to curved way back or sitting straight up! Another control allows the seat to rise up or lower deeper.

      I could hardly wait to test drive it! With my husband by my side and our sales man’s exuberant pitch, I picked out a sparkling red Yaris to take for a spin.

      Twisting the key in the ignition, it fired up with an amazingly quiet purr. The dash flashed alive and the radio/CD player kicked on. The middle light flashed the seatbelt sign, reminding my husband to buckle up.

      According to the sales man, the car checks the weight in the passenger’s seat to determine if there IS one. If not, it turns off the airbag as a safety feature. If there is, a light is on to show that the airbag is operational.

      Once started, I was ready to go. Moving the automatic shifter was a little different for me. This one was in the middle and it had a track pattern used. On the center dash, a gage lit up to show what gear ...

      • it was in also.

        I played with the automatic mirrors, adjusted the rearview mirror, and was on my way! Taking it for a spin was great fun. It was not shy on get-up-and-go! It was quick to accelerate. The wheel felt tight to turn and it was fast to respond to my every command.

        I could see everything. I didn’t feel like I was down in a hole like I had on other small cars. I enjoyed the smoothness of the ride.

        Before the day was over, I became the proud owner of that sharp, bitsy number! And, I’ve not had the first regret.

        There were added bonuses to the Yaris that I learned about after I had it at home.

        For example, if someone in the front fails to have a seatbelt on, the car will annoy those inside until they put a seatbelt on! Beeping and flashing, that persists and gets closer together until the situation is rectified!

        It pesters you until you buckle up. This is a great feature when dealing with trick-see teenagers who try to play off the need for such safety measures. The Yaris is not kidding when it expresses the urgency for seatbelts!

        The kids cannot trick the Yaris, beg or plea, they have no choice unless they want to listen to the beeping that will get louder and closer together

        with the distance driven.

        I drove over 350 miles on a single tank of gas! This is a huge difference for me, a former mini-van-er!

        The CD player also plays MP-3s and should I want to attach my I-pod, it has a spot for it on the console.

        The only negative I’ve been able to come up with is that it does not have keyless entry. I’ve checked around and outside of the lot, it will cost around $300-350 dollars. (The dealership’s cost was closer to a grand!)

        My teenaged son pointed out that he thought the Yaris was a ‘girl’s’ car, but I beg to differ. My husband said that he’d like to have one as well, only in a different color and hatchback.

        I’ve received many compliments, several questions, and lots of looks from everyone I’ve come into contact with - my mail-lady to strangers at the convenience stores!

        With the great warranty and the trusted name of Toyota, I am sure that my little cherry car will be a great vehicle for me for many years to come.

        Reasonable price, great value, and a comfortable ride, this car has it all with a little price tag.

        I’d highly recommend the Yaris. I just love my new little Pretty!

        Take it for a test drive; see if it doesn’t make a believer out of you too.

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