Star Wars Risk (Risk with a Twist!)
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  • The Deathstar prevents all invasions in it is currently stationed in, this however can be broken under special circumstances

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      Star Wars risk is very similiar to regular risk. You still roll to decide battles, defenders win ties, and attackers can roll up to 3 dice vs the 2 defenders can roll. The countries have been replaced with planets and galaxies. They have also added their own ca cards. Like regular risk you trade a set of cards for troops, but you can also spend a card to by the associated unit attached it it (Fighter, Bomber, Capital Ship). They all have affects that are unique.

      A fighter lets you reroll any any dice or die that lands on 1. A a bomber adds 1 to your highest die, that means if you roll a 6, it turns it into a 7!!!. A carrier or battleship allows you to roll a 8 sided die instead of a 6 sided die. (If you have three carriers, the max, you can roll three 8 sided dice!!!) The cards also have special abilities. Some may have pictures of vader or luke, depending on which side you play on.

      They can instantly add

      new troops, let you do something you normally could not do, set a trap for an opponent (such as minefield), and much more. You can play as either the rebels, the hutts, or the empire. The rebels can be controlled by 1 or 2 players. The hutts can only be controlled by one player, and the empire can be controlled by 1 or 2 players. That means you can have up to five players.

      The Empire also has special units. They start out with 6 star bases. A star base is placed before the game starts and cannot move, unless a special card or circumstance allows it. They also have the Death Star, which is very powerful, and can be rebuilt if destroyed. The Deathstar prevents all invasions in it is currently stationed in, this however can be broken under special circumstances.

      If you really want to invade a planet that the deathstar is currently at, you must say “I am attacking the death star”. You must roll an 18 to destroy the death star, if you roll anything ...

      • less, all of your invading troops are destroyed (usually its smart to send only three if you purpose is only to destroy the death star). An 18 is needed, that means you must roll 3 sixes if you are using six-sided die!!! Using capital ships (give you 8 sided die) can help. Also there is a force meter, which starts neutral. If a empire base is destroyed, the deathstar is destroyed, or a card says so, you can move the force meter to the light side.

        The meter can also move to the dark side if a card says so as well. This greatly helps when attacking the death star. For instance one click closer to the light side lowers the number to destroy the death star by 1. (17 instead of 18). You can do this several times.

        It also allows you to draw more cards per turn, than normally allowed. The Empire wins if the rebels are COMPLETELY destroyed. The Rebels can win if the Emperor, which must be located at star base is destroyed, and

        the hutts can win if they take over 10 resource planets. The Death Star can destroy planets as well. You can roll to move it and if you have the right card you can destroy everything that is located on the planet.

        The planet is turned into asteroids and no can move troops onto the destroyed planet, except rebels if and only if they have a special “Don’t tell me the odds”, card that allows this. The different victory conditions makes the game compelling and fun to play. The empire also starts out with more planets and troops, but because they have more planets, and even though they have more starting troops they are more wide-spread, causing them not to be able to offer proper defenses for all areas during the beggining of the game. The Empire also gets star bases and a death star (a star base allows you to roll 8 sided die instead of 6 sided when defending), rebels have the advantage of only needing to destroy a star base that the emperor is located in to win.

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