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  • Points of the film drag on Major Theme in this film - Isolation and Survival (May be too violent or sad for some at certain parts

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      I am Legend is a unique movie. Actor Will Smith, the main character, does an excellent job as always. The movie is about the of a military scientist you believes he is the last person on Earth not affected by a horibble mutated virus. Apparently he is immune to the virus. You learn about his life and what happened to his family as the story progresses through flashbacks. The virus has caused most of the world population (that did

      not immediately die from exposure), to become violent animal-like killers. They exhibit similiar effects as a Vampires would. (Sunlight bothers them, they sleep in the day, hunt at night.) They also have increased strength. Robert Neville, Will Smith’s character, must hunt during the day and look for supplies. Every night he must return to his home, before the sun goes down. It is that time when his life is most dangerous. He must protect himself from hordes of Vampire like creatures that prowl the streets. He is well armed and has set up a lab to study the virus. He hopes to use his blood to create some sort of anti-virus to cure anyone he can. This reason is what keeps him going and keeps him fighting. With little companionship (besides his dog), he often talks to mannequins as if they were real people. The Vampire like creatures, have lost most of their humanity and he cannot reach ...

      • I am Legend
      out to them. Whether it be hunger, or some human like emotion of curosity, or possibly anger, the Vampire creatures are interested in Robert Neville as well. The story gets more and more suspenseful as events become more and more compelling as Neville gets closer to finding the cure. Will he rid mankind of this horrible virus that has plagued the human race? Watch and you will find out.

      Good Points:

      Plenty of Action


      Will Smith does a splendid performance



      Points of the film drag on

      Major Theme in this film - Isolation and Survival (May be too violent or sad for some at certain parts. Much of the story Robert Neville struggles with the fact he is so alone.)

      Interesting Fact: During the Film, Will Smith spent an extended time away from his family and friends, causing him to feel in some ways how Robert Neville must have felt. He did this in order to be better prepared for the role.

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nick says :

what special day is it when Robert Neville is trapped?

me.glenrose says :

it was his birthday.

Donovan says :

I’m not %100 sure on this but I believe it was either a birthday(maybe his or a family member’s) or the date he lost his family. Tell me which of these you think it may be or if i’m wrong all together because im interested in knowing this too.

Erica says :

He was trapped on his birthday. He figures it out when he was tracking the days on a calendar and he looks at his dog and said “Today is my birthday”. He ends up losing his dog and his own life that day as well, which is why it is so significant.

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