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  • I found this DVD, THE CAVE, to be entertaining, but, actually, rather strange
  • The crew consists of interesting people, there are no sexual scenes in this movie, it is all business

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      I found this DVD, THE CAVE, to be entertaining, but, actually, rather strange. It has to do with: first, a group of soldiers, during WW11 finding a cave full of historical treasures, in Europe. Something happens to this group of soldiers, then, there is a flash to the present time. A Doctor who studies caves and antiquities, learns of this cave, and that it is over a mile under the sea bed, and that it is approx. 19 and a half miles long.

      He finds this very exciting, and calls his friends, a crew of young people who cave dive for a living. The crew consists of interesting people, there are no sexual scenes in this movie, it is all business. (I liked that…. more movie, less sex).

      The crew is anxious to do the ‘dive’ and really curious as to what they will discover, believing it to be a ‘vitgin cave’, unexplored. The doctor who re-discovered that this cave does

      exist, goes with the professionals on this dive. The movie is pretty much in darkness, and that is something I really do not care for in a movie. It seems I end up straining to see what is happening in the darkness~ Getting funding was easy for the crew to take the dive.

      A cameraman was with the crew, to ‘pay’ for the funding. Once in the cave, deep below the surface of the sea’s bed, the crew discovers it is not a ‘virgin cave’ as there are human parts spread about! There is some sort of warming on the cave’s entrance, but only parts of the hyroglyphics remain, and are not understood………except that there was believed to be a monster inside this cave. That was shrugged off by the ‘enlightened’ crew. Even the first diver found that something was making clacking sounds, and seemed to be swimming or flying or trying to attack him, but this did not dissuede ...

      • this crew at all.

        Monsters were only for the ancients, in their minds. There is a lot to watch as far as crew interaction, how far each will go to save another, and how fast and profiscent the divers are as divers and cave stone climbers. This part is really interesting. Then, the ‘monsters’ begin to attack! The monsters seemed to be skeletel parasites, as large or larger than a man.

        Their bite or scratch became infected immediately, and people began to die. The cave’s entrance has been shut off by a rock slide, and the crew must find its way out, another way. The cave is a maze of openings and walls……………. and they only have provisions for 12 days.

        Getting through over 19 miles to get to the other end seems hopeless, and the crew starts looking for other ways out. As this is happening, the biting, flying, man eating parasites take their toll on the cave divers. The

        ending is a surprise, and it did surprise even me! I just really do not like movies that are seemingly, almost entirely in darkness. However, that does leave your imagination to have a rush!

        Whether you enjoy this film or not, will depend upon how much you can ‘use’ your imagination, and how much you find yourself identifying with the diving crew.

        Many awesome things do occur! Many sad things happen. But, still, the ending is a surprise, as it was to me, it should be for you! Let that part lie, and see for yourself!

        I would say, see the DVD! If you are one who enjoys the ocean, you will find many points of interest here. If you are a scuba diver, you will really enjoy this movie. I have done some diving, and it brought back a lot of good memories for me, but, not for all THOSE divers! I give it my recommendation to see…….

        you will be surprised!

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