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  • I bought one strip of 10 tablets for rupees 65/-

    • by vineesh

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      Some days my working hours exceeds 10hrs. Long hours sitting before computer, results dullness, tiresome and losing concentration on work on me. I enquired about food supplements that make me whole day active. I have seen an advertisement about revital. I bought

      one strip of 10 tablets for rupees 65/-.

      First I used one tablet at night after meal, resulted the whole night active and I can’t get sleep. So I stopped having at night. Then I used one tablet at morning after breakfast. Revital make me active, energetic and gave concentration on work. So I suggest it’s everybody. It’s a good food supplement.

      Revital is a daily food supplement contains vitamin minerals and ginseg. Ginseg is a herb that improves the vitality of the body, vitamins ...

      • Revital
      and minerals rejuvenates and strengthens body organs and helps to maintain good health. Its usage is one capsule daily for two to three months then after 15-20 days break then continue again Revital has no side effect but if we taken in
      an empty stomach, results some adverse effects such as indigestion, heartburn etc. Revital available in a strip of 10 capsules, bottle of 30 capsules and in 100ml liquid bottle. It is manufactured by Ranbaxy consumer healthcare; plot no .90, sector 32, gurgaon 122001(haryana), India.

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Nasir says :

I m fond of weight training. Is Revital better for me ?
Jules Li says :

Nasir, it has tons of useful vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for weight training. One in particular that is useful is vitamin e. It helps to increase performance during weight training, which of course helps with endurance.
Galega says :

Hi Nasir,

There is no harm in using it while you are going for weight training. Being loaded with lots of minerals, vitamins and Ginseng, it will help you to keep fit.

However, this product is not intended to be used for that purpose. I mean, it will not help you to become better at weight training. Consult your personal fitness trainer to know about some Proteins like Whey protein which can help you, with proper protein burning methodologies.
vijay says :

Im a Professional in IT field. Im looking slim and Lazyness.I cant able to be a active person. so In this situation can i take revital or Whey protein. Plz explain. it may help me .
Galega says :

There is no problem as far as Revital is concerned. But, I would strongly warn you against using Whey Protein without taking professional advise. Overdose of Protein for long duration can become quite problematic.

I would also suggest you to get Vit D tested. The problem may be lying there.
amit jain says :

Hi my self amit and my age 24 ..I want to use revital tablet but I HV a stone in my kidnee almost 6mm …so want to know abt any side effect after using it….
Galega says :

There is no conclusive evidences to say this, but I have heard that Ginseng helps in curing renal calculi (kidney stone).

I don’t see any reason why you should not take Revital, if you are suffering from kidney stone. You need to avoid excessive intake of Protein, which might have caused you this stone.

However, it would be prudent if you consider a doctor.

On a side note, Amit Jain, I think you are from India. I am aware of a Charitable Trust in Delhi which gives sure shot medicine for Kidney. The medicine is available for only one shot, and you have to take it there. Seeing the rush (around 3000 patients), I can say that they really work. They don’t charge a single rupee. My cousin, who is also suffering from renal calculi (left) has gone there. I will report about the result here after her ultrasound report (which we will have in August). You may go there.
amit jain says :

Then will you please give me address of there in Delhi …?
Galega says :

It is in Vivek Vihar. The name is Balaji Charitable Trust (or something like that). It is located near Shahdara. I don’t know the exact address. You might know someone in Delhi who can help you.

I will try to give you the complete address this evening after seeing the prescription of my sister. Stay tuned.

Ritesh says :

I have experienced same freshness and feel full day active after doing 4-5 times SuryaNamaskar that I got after taking Revital , so i suggest if we have small time in morning it will be better to do same Yoga.
Other wise Revital is there. :)
vikas says :

Bro I m going gym daily but I not take food proprly if I take rivital aftr then I go to gym its good to do exrcise and also tell me how I take rivital..
Galega says :

Revital is a supplement. That sums it all. It will supplement your daily diets. It is NOT a substitute of your daily diet.

You need to take food properly. There is no point in relying completely on Revital.
Jafar Suleiman says :

Does revital help in body building? I don`t hav good appetite on food.
Jules Li says :

Jafar, in terms of performance it does help. The vitamin e that it contains helps to increase performance, which is of course important for body builders.
Galega says :

Hi Jafar,

Ranbaxy Revital is not intended for body builders. It is just a daily supplement of some vitamins, minerals along with Ginseng. If you are doing body building, you can definitely use it. But, don’t expect it to help you grow muscles. For that you may need Whey Protein (with advise from a trainer).
Vijay says :

does revital improve sex helth?
Jules Li says :

Vijay, it contains vitamin E, which is known to improve sex health in both males and females.
Galega says :

NO, Revital doesn’t improve sexual health. It is just a vitamins and minerals supplements.
Ujjwal Chowdhury says :

I have some problem of indigestion. Can i take revital cap?
Galega says :

Revital will not treat the indigestion problem, neither it will lead to more problem of indigestion. You can take Revital for overall health and nutrition supplements.

And, continue with your treatment plan of indigestion.
Ujjwal Chowdhury says :

Thank u
Tim says :

Instead of supplements and medicines, why don’t you look up natural remedies? Like adding more ginseng to your food and such
Galega says :

Revital is the most popular nutrient supplement of India. It contains Ginseng, among others. And, you won’t find raw Ginseng in India. Hence, it is not possible to eat ginseng directly in India.

Further, supplement sometimes needed when you are suffering from some disease and it is not possible to get sufficient sources of all necessary vitamins and minerals.
samrat shivmani says :

I m a 25yrs old student. I m studying engineering. I am preparing for higher studies, which requires a long hour study, but after studying some time i feel dullness,laziness and i donot study as the similar flow as i started. so Can I take revital???so that i could study for a long hour.
Christine says :

Yeah, this might help, but relaxation exercises might help more in your situation.
Tim says :

If it were me I would just take a caffeine source, such as coffee, or tea or consume something with a complex carbohydrate such as Oatmeal or something of that sort. Don t try to lean supplements as much as you can because you can build up a tolerance to them.
Galega says :

During my college days, I have seen lots of friends taking Revital. It is just an impression made by advertisement. And, I have observed no change in them after taking Revital continuously.

I am not criticizing Revital. It can definitely help you. I have also used it. I have also written a review on this platform about my experience. But, as far as helping in study, I don’t think it will. You are not going to study for long hour with the help of Revital. It is better on your part to study for shorter duration and take a little break.
Santosh says :

I am 51 and having ED problem. Taking medicine for diabetic since 2001. By taking Revital can I eliminate the ED problem.
Jules Li says :

Santosh, Revital contains many vitamins. For ED the most useful vitamins are E, which Revital does contain. Of course every situation is different, but vitamin E is known to improve erectile strength.
Galega says :

Unfortunately, Ranbaxy Revital will not help here to tackle ED problem you are facing. There are many specialized products in the market for this purpose, look for some of them after taking advise from doctors.
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