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  • I recommend it now to my friends and neighbours since I am a live example of the product and the people known to me could make out the difference easily
  • I should definitely mention about the container, the container is unbreakable and made out of biodegradable material

    • by Chithra A Shankar

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      I am a busy home maker and a self employed person, and travel a lot everyday in the hot sun, and I live in a part of the world where we have sunny days for at 10 months of a year. I basically have a dry skin and exposing my hands in the Hot sun makes things worser. There is not a single product that I have not tried to keep my hands a little presentable sometimes I myself feel disgusted to look at my hands. Nothing has worked for me trying soaps with glycerin, herbal soaps etc., I met an old friend of mine who is a distributor of Amway products and she suggested that I use Amway G&H body shampoo and gave me

      a 250 ml. bottle, as a free trial.

      I started using Amway G&H Body Shampoo the very next day a few drops of it , because the product is a concentrate and when used with the specially provided body sponge it does wonders. The very first day I used it, I felt very fresh and rejuvenated. In a weeks time I could see real changes, the scaly dead cells disappeared and I started feeling very cool and fresh all day long, generally during summer and extreme winter I used to wash twice or thrice and apply coconut oil immediately after bath so that I don’t feel the dryness. After the week I started using Amway G&H Body shampoo , my sister-in-law told that I look ...

      • very fresh and she was wondering about how the scaly patches in my hands have disappeared. I told her the secret . Its now more than two months now I am using the Amway G&H Body shampoo and now I feel very happy and I need not anymore cover up my hands and feet anymore , and am proud to expose them. I recommend it now to my friends and neighbours since I am a live example of the product and the people known to me could make out the difference easily. It deep cleanses your skin and rich in protein. Its very convenient to use it. With only a few drops you get very rich lather , but it rinses off very easily effortlessly.

        Amway G&H Body shampoo has

        Glycerin, honey, hydrolyzed wheat protein, SLS, SLES, Lauramide DEA and Quaternuim-15. After a bath with Amway G&H Body Shampoo your skin feels soft and smells fresh all day long. Amway G& H Body Shampoo can also be used to wash your hair. It comes in 2 different sizes, in 250 ml bottle and 60ml bottle. I should definitely mention about the container, the container is unbreakable and made out of biodegradable material. It is eco-friendly. The price I have paid for a 250ml. bottle is Rs.349. (less than $9s),and I have used it for 60days now and it will surely last for another 15-20days.

        I recommend Amway G&H body shampoo for everyone, from just borns to very old people because it is a very genuine and safe product to be used by anybody.

    sridevi says :

    Hi, Please can anyone let me know if the AMWAY shampoo`s are free from SLS? and is it herbal product? Thanks in advance.
    Deepti Verma says :

    Amway Shampoos are what I have been using for more than 7 years now. And I am completely satisfied with their quality and the ingredients that they have in them. I usually buy the Daily 2-in-one Shampoo Conditioner. They are made of herbal ingredients and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
    commomman says :

    Dear Deepthi, G H is not made up of herbal ingredients
    Galega says :

    Yes, this body shampoo is free of SLS, and other harmful chemicals. One of my relatives is Amway distributor and our family have used many Amway products, including this product. These products are definitely costly, but harmless.

    Also, the product labeling doesn’t mention SLS in the list of ingredients. I think Amway being a reputed multi national company can hide an ingredients on its own peril.
    Mubasheer says :

    Hello ,could any one suggest me which facewash from amway is good for oily skin? I have oily skin.
    Galega says :

    You should try Amway Attitude Face Wash for oily skin. It is little bit costly, but a perfect product for oily skin.
    Mubasheer says :

    Thanks for your response, is Attitude facewash suitable for summer and winter as well?
    Galega says :

    Yes, as per my personal experience, it is suitable to be used throughout the year.
    Katty says :

    I don`t think so. Amway has G H body lotion serials for children, you`d betther choose those. Chithra, you noted there are SLS, SLES in G H body lotion, check out those words, they`re not quite good for human skin.
    Galega says :

    No Katty, Amway G H Body shampoo is free from SLS. You can sense the difference while using it and comparing with other body shampoo you have used previously. The difference in lather will make it clear. It is free of SLS and completely safe for body. In fact, Amway uses this fact to convince customers to use this body shampoo.
    Chithra replies :

    Hi Megha, Thanks for the enquiry, and sorry for the delay in replying. You can use the Amway G H body shampoo without any fear for your daughter. It has nothing to harm the skin and all the ingredients are very safe. Regards, Chithra
    Nimish P says :

    The reviewer herself says that the product contains stuff like SLS and SLES. And yet she says it is safe for babies and oldies alike Stay away from such products, guys… its far from safe.
    Galega says :

    SLS has become quite common in our day to day life. It is considered safe for skin, if used properly. It is also safe for babies. The crux of the matter is using it in the right way.

    A product containing sodium lauryl sulfate won’t irritate the skin of most babies and children, provided it’s rinsed away promptly.

    As for other claims like that of SLS being carcinogenic, no clinical trials have proved it and hence it is allowed to be used for home use by regulatory agencies.
    sheetal kamble says :

    Yes i have used this Amway G H body lotion. I feel its very light and soft for skin. It made my skin very soft and fresh. It has soft fragrance too. I dont know whether it is useful to babies or not but it is really good for the youngsters and older people.
    Nitu says :

    I was recommended by a beautician to use amway’s G H body shampoo and lotion to get rid of acne on my back and darkness on my elbows and knees. I don’t understand as how honey and glycerin are useful to treat my problem? You have any idea?
    divinagwapa says :

    I know that honey is a useful and helpful ingredients for acne but glycerin, I’m not sure about. It’s also possible that you beautician is just trying to sell you Amway. It is, after all, a networking brand.
    Galega says :

    Honey and Glycerin are really helpful in the treatment for acne, blackheads and facial blemishes. You can see them in the list of ingredients in many beauty and skin care products.

    The effectiveness has been scientifically proved through many studies.

    One more important thing, Honey and Glycerin will not lead to any sort of side effects.
    Mubasheer says :

    Can i use G H body shampoo for my face ?
    Pooja says :

    Yes, you can use this body shampoo on face also. There won’t be any problem. I have used it in that way.
    Mubasheer says :

    Could some one please recommend if G h body shampoo is best for face or is there any much better facewash from Amway?
    Galega says :

    If you want an Amway product, then use Attitude Face wash. There are many variants. Select one as per the type of skin you have.
    Megha Shetty says :

    Hi, My name is Megha Shetty, i using Amway G H body lotion shampoo for my seven years old daughter. Kindly suggest that is this product is good for baby skin and should i continue or stop using. Kindly do the needful. Regards Megha Shetty
    Galega says :

    It can be used for baby above 2 year old. I don’t see any problem in using this body shampoo for your seven years old daughter.
    yoganath says :

    can i use amway g and h shampoo for my seven month baby
    Galega says :

    No, it is not suitable for the body of 7 month old baby. Amway also doesn’t suggest it to be used for baby. You should use Johnson’s baby shampoo, or Himalaya baby range products.
    SANTHI says :

    Rehan says :

    Take half liter of water. take 2-3 drops of G H body shampoo on a loofah then dip this loofah into the water you will get a solution apply it wile taking bath. Thank You…
    Galega says :

    I have used it in a very simple way without any problem. Take little amount of shampoo on your palm while you are bathing. Now, rub your palm throughout your body in a way that the lotion gets even spread throughout your body. Rub softly and you are done.
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