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      A friend of mine told me about this cleaner a few days ago, so I went out

      and got it. I cleaned my whole house with it and my house still smell nice ...

Charlotte Willard says :

I need to know the ingrediants. I have alergies. Our cleaning company at work uses Fabuloso. I have reactions to it. I am currently seeing an Alergist, and have another upcoming appointment. I would like to bring the information with me. Thank you Char

John says :

Charlotte, I would suggest taking the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET It includes all the ingredients and it’s affects. Here’s a link to it:

Michelle Miller says :

In answer to Ccarolotte and all other users i would adivise them to review the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for this cleaner. I have asthma and sprayed it and thought i`d like to die I mean if 3 states are on the HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE LIST, and 1 9one whole COUNTRY, i mean, REALLY

Galega says :

Fabuloso contains some of the harmful chemicals, like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and C-9 Pareth 11, among others. In terms of disclosing complete list of ingredients, Colgate Palmolive left much to be desired when it comes to Fabuloso.

If you are allergic to Sodium Lureth Sulfate (many users are), then you should avoid it. Otherwise, you should ensure to avoid eye and skin contact. Inhalation of contents can also be dangerous, particularly for users having asthma.

Lorne Patterson says :

I agree this product should not be used in sit down restaurants and gas stations and Korean spa,s in their steam rooms of the hot steam noom and warm steam roomat all.

Mely1219 says :

This cleanser makes me feel horrible. I had not had asthma in yrs. I mopped with it and could hardly breath n afterwards I was wheezing for 2 days. Today my husband used it n again my chest feels tight. I read it has Glutaraldehyde which causes severe Lung irritation. It is a main source of occupational asthma among health care providers. Its used in sterilizing medical equipment n cleaning .

Galega says :

Fabuloso contains some of the harmful chemicals, like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and C-9 Pareth 11, among others. In terms of disclosing complete list of ingredients, Colgate Palmolive left much to be desired when it comes to Fabuloso.

It is possible that you are allergic to any ingredients of Fabuloso. In any case, you should immediately discontinue using it in your house and look for a suitable alternative.

Ron says :

I am not a person who has allergies, but I can tell you that every time my landlady uses Fabuloso, my sinuses close down, I get a burning in my throat, and I get a putrid taste on my tongue for days. Then comes the sinus infection. How anybody can believe this stuff is safe to the body is beyond me.

Donna says :

My daughter has been experiencing alot of the same symptoms you mentioned since Feb 28th. Also with that she gets extremely red and breaks out now if she smells almost any cleaning products. She was sent back into the work place twice after initial exposure and symptoms are now worse. Lets keep in touch.

Lifi says :

I am actually experiencing something like this since last Monday. Somebody at work used this product and I had to smell it all day. I still have a funny feeling on my tongue (like if I ate something hot and burnt it) and roof of my mouth plus a weird taste. I`ve been having a hard time smelling other products too. Have you gone to the doctor for this? What would you do?

Donna says :

Right now she is going through testing with an Allergist. Hopefully, they will be able to come up with something soon.

Lifi says :

How’s your daughter doing? Have they told her anything helpful? I’m doing a bit better, but it’s been almost 4 months and my tongue is still irritated and many smells like soaps, perfumes, cleaners, and smoke still irritate me and leave a soapy or burnt taste in my mouth. Work sent me to a doctor who did nothing. One of my own doctors says chemical burns don’t always go away and are hard to detect. Will it ever go away completely? Should I keep going to doctors?

Donna DiGiuseppe says :

Hi Lifi
The allergist gave her a Methacoline test and she tested positive for Asthma, from the chemical exposure. She is on inhalers and is now with a Pulmonary Specialist running more tests. She is still having reactions to so many cleaners, perfumes and stuff and really limits where she goes since once she has a reaction it takes days to recover fully. I would recommend to keep going to doctors till you get answers. Who knows what the long term effect will be. Keep in touch.

Paula Williams says :

Posted 1/28/13
Fabuloso Lavendar (purple) Multi-purpose Cleaner liquid (distributed by Colgate-Palmolive Company)is among some the worst cleaners that I have been exposed to. In my opinion, it should not be sold. I would definitely not have it around children, in my home or business It was purchased by the director in December 2013 for the daycare that I work at. What I have learned from this whole experience is that you should really research a product BEFORE you use it. Just because many retail chains carry it does not mean it’s totally safe or that it’s not going to affect someone’s health Not everyone will pay attention to the tiny printed information on PROPER use protection.
Being the cook, I am extremely concerned from the foodservice standpoint as well as the health of the children in our care my co-workers. I have not will never use Fabuloso. The products I use are: dishwashing liquid, water, liquid sanitizer, sometimes bleach water.

Questions that need answers:
How is it that the print on the label is so tiny the only ingredient listed is Glutaraldehyde? How much is in it? What else is in it? Why are there different formulas? For example, I mistakenly pulled up the MSDS for Fabuloso Express first.
If your workplace is using this product, the boss all the staff need to be questioned as to when the Fabuloso started being used throughout the facility. How is it being used? It states on the back label of the 90 oz. bottle that you are NOT to pour the liquid from it into a spray bottle. Is it being sprayed? Is it being diluted with water? Where exactly is it being used?
If it’s a daycare, all staff / parents need to be asked if any of the young children are exhibiting any of the (listed below) symptoms, because they cannot articulate how they feel. Health checks are supposed be part of the daily routine. For example,any rashes, eye rubbing, watery eyes?

I have a history of sinus related problems, so when my most recent illness caused me to miss work, I assumed that I had a severe sinus infection, maybe the flu, was worried that I was headed toward bronchitis.
Fri. 12/27 - I had developed an extremely sore spot in the lower portion of my right nostril. also noticed that the outside corners of my mouth were sore had cracked. Maybe that’s not related, but it’s unusual nonetheless. Also had an odd feeling of chest pressure, I felt like I couldn’t breathe normally.
Mon. 1/6 - Symptoms were headache, extreme amount of drainage spittal, nausea, coughing that was at first just annoying during the daytime, then I would wake from sleeping with an extremely dry mouth, chest pressure, breathing not normal. Dizziness.
Tues. 1/7 - Same symptoms, but cough began to sound “deeper”, chest pressure/breathing worsened, dizziness.
Wed. 1/8 - Called in to work because the symptoms worsened. I had a fever that reached 101.6 My headache was so excruciating that I took a bag of frozen peas to hold to my head in the waiting room as well as a small garbage can from home because I was worried that I’d vomit while driving myself to the clinic.
On Wednesday, 1/8, I went to a First Choice Walk-In Clinic.

I was diagnosed with Early Acute Sinusitis, suspect viral cause.
I was given four prescriptions:
Ondansetron (nausea),
Fluticasone Propionate (a synthetic corticosteroid nasal spray for Rhinitis - an inflammation of the lining of the nose.),
Amoxicyllin capsules (hold for 2-3 days to see if improves without. The doctor said he wasn’t sure if I had a bacterial or viral infection), If not, take 2 capsules twice daily x 10 days.
Zyrtec (over the counter - usually prescribed for allergies).

Thur. 1/9 - Called in to work.
Fri. 1/10 - Called in to work. (My doctor’s note stated I could return to work on Friday, but I was not up to it).
What was different about this is that my symptoms have continued beyond what would be considered a normal time frame for recovery. On my diagnosis paper from the clinic, it said to return to clinic if not improving in 3-5 days, sooner if worse. Okay, so that would be between the 11th and the 13th.

Mon. 1/13 - I returned to work. By Tuesday 1/14, I stated to my boss that it was the best I had felt in about 2 weeks. I was still having the spittal coughing, which didn’t make sense to me wondering why the cracks on the corners of my mouth had not disappeared.
Wed. 1/15 - spittal couching.
Thur. 1/16 - spittal coughing.
Fri. 1/17 - spittal coughing.

Normally, when school is in session, the school age kids arrive around 3:00 pm - the older kids stay in the area known as the “Fellowship Hall”, which is right off of the kitchen although there is a door that can be closed, it is usually open. School age kids are only there for the afternoon snack, which is scheduled to be served at 3:00 pm.
The younger school age kids go to a separate house that is on the church property.
Mon. 1/20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day through Fri. 1/24 NO SCHOOL Due to snow/extremely low temperatures.
Obviously, the usage exposure to Fabuloso was increased during this particular week since it was probably used to clean the tables where the kids had their meals (breakfast, lunch snack).

Mon. 1/20 - spittal coughing.
Tues. 1/21 - I don’t recall the exact time, but I believe it was after I had served the three four/five year olds’ lunch, so that would be around 12 noon or shortly thereafter. Upon entering the kitchen, I could “taste” something really strong in the air, within a few seconds, my eyes, nose throat were irritated, within a few minutes developed a bad headache, nausea the chest pressure/breathing problem dizziness was back. I asked several co-workers that were passing through the kitchen if they smelled it if they knew what it was - they all said that it was the Fabuloso.
I have “hot flashes” usually have an upright fan blowing into the kitchen by the doorway leading into the “Fellowship Hall”. So, I was actually pulling the fumes from that room into the kitchen faster I opened a window a few inches (it was approximately 15 degrees outside at this time). I also propped open the other door leading into the kitchen from the hallway.
I had seen one bottle of Fabuloso under the sink in the kitchen, although it was not there when I looked for it, nor were there any left in the storage closet. I went outside for about a 15 minute break hoping it would help, but it really didn’t. It was difficult for me to get through the rest of the day, which was about 4 hours.
Wed. 1/22 - Although I didn’t taste it in the air, I still had the headache, nausea, throat/nose irritation, coughing with spittal.
Thur.1/23 - Didn’t taste it in the air, but same symptoms as mentioned before. By this day, I decided to speak to a co-worker who is with the school age kids in the “Fellowship Hall”. I started the conversation by saying, “I am begging you to please stop using whatever it is you the other employees are cleaning with as it is making me sick. Is it the Fabuloso? Isn’t anyone else affected by it?” Her reply was that I’d just have to talk to the Director about it, because that’s what she bought for us to use that no one else was bothered by it. I said, “Well, since she’s not here it’s coming from your room, I’m talking to you about it. I’m begging you, we have dishwashing liquid sanitizer that can be used.” She again stated that I’d have to talk to the Director walked off. Wow, great concern there, huh?
I went to speak to the Assistant Director, while she was with her three year old classroom they were having lunch. I told her about my symptoms, my feeling that they had to be connected to the use of Fabuloso that it HAD to be affecting everyone else, they just may not have said anything about it or even know it yet. I also told her about the conversation I had earlier with the co-worker that I wasn’t going back into the kitchen until it was aired out because I couldn’t take it. I got an “eye roll” she said that no one else had said anything to her about it. Although she listened to my concerns, told me that she would go out buy “something else” to be used, I really didn’t believe it.
Quite frankly, it is my feeling that I’m not being taken seriously.

Fri. 1/24 - Ass. Director never came to me to tell me if she actually did purchase something else to clean with. I did not bring it up again because my symptoms would let me know if it was still being used.
I had the same symptoms back could smell the Fabuloso by 12:15 pm. The door to the “Fellowship Hall” was closed most of the day, which wasn’t a good thing. I propped open the kitchen door leading into the hallway again.
I did ask a few other teachers if they were still using it - they all confirmed that they did.
I rechecked the storage closet beside the kitchen to see if any of the Fabuloso bottles were put back I found one. It was approximately 3/4 full. I took it to the kitchen sink to add water to it. As soon as I removed the cap, the smell was overwhelming I added the water immediately put the cap back on. I then peeled the label off the back of the bottle returned it to the closet. It is a 90 oz. Value Size clear jug - the color of the liquid is purple the scent is lavender. I tried to focus on reading the label but couldn’t, so I stuck it onto a piece of cardboard, put it in my bag to take it home with me.

After I got home from work on this day, I noticed that I had three tiny itchy bumps in between my nose mouth. Again, may not be related, just mentioning them. I got the label out of my bag used a magnifying glass to read it.
This is the information from the back label:
Floors: Mix 1/4 cup in a gallon of water.
Bathrooms walls: Use on sponge clean.
Due to formula differences, do not use Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Pourable Liquid Cleaner as a refill for Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Spray.

Irritating to eyes, respiratory system skin. Contains Glutaraldehyde. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water seek medical advice. If product contacts the skin, rinse thoroughly with water. May cause sensitization by skin contact. Wear rubber gloves.
If you are wondering why the label has “do not drink” on it, it’s because you guessed it, someone did I really find that hard to believe because of the strong odor, but it does resemble a bottle of juice in shape color(s), was probably in someone’s home incorrectly stored with food items. See the Edge article listed below about Foodservice Safety.

I looked up Fabuloso and Gluteraldehyde on several websites:
Hospital eTool: Healthcare Wide Hazards - Glutaraldehyde - 3 pages of info.
MSDA on Fabuloso Express from EXSL / Ultra Labs, Inc. in Hayward, CA (Hazardous Ingredients listed are Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether Sodium Metasilicate). So, I take it that different formulas are made by different companies - 1 page of info.
Edge March 2012 article entitled: “Foodservice Chemical Safety What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You”
by Gregory C. Winters, MPH, CDM, CFPP 4 pages of info.
(Under Table of Contents, see AIR CONTAMINANTS)

I called a friend that is a sales rep for a well known cleaning equipment/chemical supplier (to hospitals, schools, doctor offices). I explained the situation to him asked if he would be willing to come to speak to the Director/staff offer some workplace education. He agreed to come only if I spoke to the Director, she agreed to it, I then called him. He made it a point to say that he was not after a “sale”, but that he could offer alternative products that are safer to use still economical.

Sat. 1/25 I still have the outside mouth sores, plus all the other symptoms, although not as severe. Continued doing more research. I am horrified at what I found. I have all of that research printed ready to present to the Director on Monday, January 27 in the hope that she confiscates all the Fabuloso decides to use something else that is not an irritant.

Sun. 1/26 - Spittal coughing.
Mon. 1/27 - So frustrating…had to wait until late morning to speak with director. I presented all my findings said that I was scared for everyone here. I told her I would help with confiscating the the bottles.
Of course, employees were still using it throughout the day. I know, because obviously, I am extremely sensitive to it. By 3:50 pm (I leave at 4pm) I went to her office asked if she had removed all of the Fabuloso, she had some, but not all. I told her I could smell it in her office she held up a bottle said, “Wow, you can smell that? I haven’t even had the lids off ” She also told me that she had purchased some Lysol (still an irritant for me, but let’s hope it’s better ).
Tues. 1/28 - Someone still has Fabuloso is still using it… can smell it in the hallway where the classrooms are.
Wed. 1/29 - Enough is enough. If I am bothered by it today, I will be making calls to the local health department OSHA.

Julie Moore says :

Hello Paula,

I would like to know if you are having any residual symptoms from the Fabuloso lavender power degreaser (multi-cleaner) product. I had a recent inhalation exposure incident and am having a lot of issues similar to yours and was wondering if you could share any long-term health issues you may still be suffering from because of this horrid product. If only I had done some research prior to using it I would not be in the shape that I am in now. Anyone else, feel free to share any info as well. Thanks Julie

Tink-R-Toys says :

Any of these Fabuloso Products Give me the worst Coughing Fits along side Axe and Fabreeze Propelants

My Doctor says it is Allergic Asthma, and leads to COPD

I can’t even enter a Room or Place that has been using this Fabuloso, without having a Reaction too it

Paula Williams says :

Posted 2/9/2017

Hi Julie,
I didn’t think to bookmark this page to follow the conversation I don’t know when you posted. It’s been a little over 4 years since my original post from 1/28/2013. The end of the story is that my boss (the daycare director) I went to every room made sure all the bottles of Fabuloso were removed disposed of on 1/29. It was a delayed reaction, but some of the children were indeed made ill by it. She apologized for the situation thanked me. She simply bought a product that she thought would be a good choice for the daycare to clean with.
Like I stated in my original post, my co-workers were not reading the directions on how to properly use it, did not listen to me when I told them:
Due to formula differences, do not use Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Pourable Liquid Cleaner as a refill for Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Spray.
My co-workers did do that, so that product became airborne, which was not supposed to be done As far as I am concerned, none of the Fabuloso formulas are “safe”.

As far as residual symptoms from Fabuloso exposure, I would say there are none. I quit working at that daycare in September of 2014.

What’s ridiculous is that some people (like my former co-workers), will say things like, “Well, no else is bothered by it”, or “It just must be you.” As if I or anyone else with the sensitivity/allergy doesn’t matter. I was made very ill, missed work lost out on money to pay the bills. This is serious can be life threatening for many people. Anyone having issues should not worry about the job or wait around - this is your life, your child’s life speak up If you don’t get anywhere with your boss, contact the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a subsidiary of the CDC.

On a side note, another reader (Tink-R-Toys) posted that they are affected by Axe body spray Febreeze. I have a reaction to both of those as well. Oddly enough, my husband cannot stand to be around heavily perfumed people or anywhere near a store or section of a store that has soaps, candles, incense, etc. BUT he loves Axe body spray I begged him to stop using it.

Axe has actually been banned at some schools hopefully the “Fragrance Free Schools Act” laws passed. Here’s a few of the articles: please copy paste into your bowser if following the links don’t actually show up on here as links:

Proposed Law to Ban Scents in Schools
State Representative Marcia Hahn wants to introduce legislation in Pennsylvania banning the use of scented products such as perfume, cologne or body spray in schools where students have allergies to fragrances.
This legislation came as a result of an incident at Freedom High School in Bethlehem this past spring where a student had a severe allergic reaction to Axe Body Spray. The student had to be taken to the hospital and now takes cyber classes. Also, eight students at a Brooklyn school were sent to the hospital in October after another child sprayed Axe Body Spray in a classroom.
The proposed legislation would be the Fragrance Free Schools Act which would mandate that school districts or joint school boards would develop a written policy banning the use of scented products if notified by a student with a related allergy. Under the legislation, the school would be required to distribute the policy with the student code of conduct and post notices of perfume prohibition at all entrances. Such a notice would not be able to identify the student under the legislation.
However, legislation would require that schools that fail to notify the students, faculty or staff about the prohibition on scented products would be responsible for medical bills should a student have an allergic reaction. The Principal at the high school where the Axe incident occurred, Freedom High School, has stated that he did not think such a ban on scented products could be policed in an effective manner in a school setting. Michael LaPorta, Principal of Freedom High School, stated that kids who don t take showers don t want to walk around
all day with body odor, so some of them will put cologne on or whatever.
Interestingly, the American Civil Liberties Union has not taken any position on such possible legislation, even though it often addresses issues of school dress codes.

Also, see this (Fabuloso is not listed, but Febreeze is):

Hope this helps some

jimmie autry says :

I recently moved to an apartmet complex that is brand new. I chose it because of the no smoking policy. Yes, I am sensitive to most chemicals. I immediately reacted when I went through the main lobby to the garage. I found out that the cleaner used there was fabulosa. So, I started entering from outside to avoid it. One day, I went to the trash which is near that lobby and by the time I ran through the lobby, I realized I was in trouble. I felt like I was going to go into shock. My nervous system was affected and my sinus began to swell. I had to flush my sinus and take an allergy pill. I felt so drained I had to lay down. The next day, I awoke with severe sinusitus. It took a week of staying indoors and prescriptions to recover.

The manager was not concerned when I told him how I would have to move if they saturate the social areas with this cleaner. I am told it is safe, and I knew it wasn’t. It now is everywhere. I can no longer use the pool area, mailroom or clubhouse. The only place I haven’t smelled it, is the office. I advised him that constant contact will make the employees sick. One already had respiratory problems and continues to cough. I had never heard of it, but now am aware it is deadly.

Patricia Robinson says :

Hello my name is Patricia Robinson and i notice when i used this product i got an extreme headache and was admitted to thr hospital for toxic encephalopathy i eas also working ay a factory were we eas packing fabulous aor freshener

Judy Derby says :

It does sound like you are hyper-sensitive to the fragrance or chemical properties of this product. I’m part of a janitorial staff who uses this product on a regular basis, and although there are some of the various Fabuloso fragrances that I prefer over others, I have never experienced issues with either my health or the product’s ability to clean surfaces. I have mopped, cleaned sinks and commodes with Fabuloso and never had any of the issues you reported. Personally, I prefer using products that are not quite as strong in fragrance, but you can dilute most cleaners to adjust the level of fragrance without reducing the product’s effectiveness. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with this cleaner. And I do believe it is required to be safe for all septic systems.

Kelli Brown says :

Fabuloso has the same effect on me.I have horrid taste my eyes water, I cannot breathe regular for days.

Galega says :

Eyes contact can be dangerous with Fabulous Multipurpose cleaner. The recommendation is to flush eyes with normal water for minimum 15 minutes. However, it is suggested to immediately see a doctor if you feel even a minor pinch of irritation in eyes.

Fabuloso works wonderfully when it comes to cleaning variety of household items. But, it needs a sort of professionalism to handle it.

Lifi says :

It’s been almost 4 years since my exposure to Fabuloso and all chemicals/fragrances I smell still bother me. The roof of my mouth and tongue get irritated and I’m like that all day long, every day. I don’t have allergies (according to testing), but I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I think my Nasal Epithelium has been burnt beyond repair or my Olfactory Receptors have been totally compromised. They are not regenerating. The doctors I’ve been to don’t really seem to know much about it and don’t know how it could be fixed. They have never even been able to tell me about all the things I have read about. I wish somebody could tell me what to do to fix it. Why can’t people be more careful. There’s reasons why schools can’t just use whatever they want to clean even in your own rooms. Plug-ins should also be thrown out of schools. It’s terrible for those kids. I could go on and on….

Gonz Tolentino says :

Yeah , High i’ve been using products like this and it keeps me irritated so yeah I don’t use these products anymore because they have destroyed my life.

Sincerely : Gonz

Donna Krissillas says :

I had a new cleaning service yesterday. I started to smell a strong soap smell and started to get a slight headache. I should have said something but I am also having some sinus problems. (soar throat, ear and head pressure) I went outside and stayed till they were finished. I opened windows and doors.
By evening my headache was severe. This morning my right nostril looked funny and still had a headache. My brow was red and my face was broken out.
I called the cleaning people and was told it was probably the Fabuloso. My question is, is there anything I can do to remove it? I was out all morning and had no headache, I am home now and am starting to get the headache again. Is it possible to remove it???

Galega says :

Your condition seems to be a case of overexposure. The manufacturer warns that this sort of exposure can lead to respiratory tract infection. That might have happened with you. Apart from that, you also have headache and redness at some part which is not a good sign.

You should immediately consult a physician and follow prescription. Avoid even small exposure to this cleaner in future.

Michael Horan says :

Hi, What a terrible product, contains Benzene’s and heavy scented chemical fragrences. Makes me sick for days.

stanley mingo says :

I would like to know, is “Fabuloso” safe for septic systems? Thanks.

Judy Derby says :

Fabuloso is required by the manufacturer, to be safe for all septic systems. You can contact the company to ask for more specific information by calling Colgate at 1-800-468-6502. You can check them out online at

Galega says :

I have used Fabuloso once for septic tank of my home. I used a professional service for the same and avoid using it on my own. There is no denying that it works wonderfully.

It can be used for septic systems. There is no doubt about this. However, I would suggest you to use caution while using it. Waring gloves and mask is highly recommended. Taking professional help for the same will be a prudent decision.

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