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  • Now, put the two of them together, and the offspring is quite the interesting mix

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      If you have never owned a Chow Chow dog, you’d better read up on them beforehand. They are not the kinds of dogs that people think they are. Known for their thick coats of fluffy fur, squat legs, and purple tongues, these dogs are quite temperamental. Labrador Retrievers on the other hand are the sweetest, most loyal dogs you could ever own.

      Now, put the two of them together, and the offspring is quite the interesting mix. You may not

      know exactly what they’re going to look like. The purple tongue is a dead giveaway that your four-legged pal has some Chow in him/her.

      But the other features are a toss-up. The dog I had was black with thick Chow fur and a purple tongue. But his face was not “smushed” like a Chow; he had a longer snout, and friendlier eyes.

      Beautiful dog. Additionally, I loved this dog because he was the sweetest dog I’d ever seen.

      • Never have I seen a dog crave so much human affection.

        It was as if there was a person living inside that dog. This particular Chow-Lab mix was very protective of family. In fact, some of my friends thought that he was mean.

        He has a very interesting disposition. Sometimes when you looked at him, you’d think he was deep in thought. Other times, he seemed to be brooding for no reason.

        And then there were the times

        were he didn’t care to have guests around. We always warned people about petting him too quickly. The Chow in him made him very temperamental.

        But with people that he knew and loved, he was overly affectionate, and never turned on his owners. At any rate, it’s important that people understand the breeds of dogs they adopt. Each breed has its own funky characteristics.

        And when certain breeds mix, it isn’t always good for the household. This particular mix, is one of my favorites.

    Graham says :

    Greetings. I have an adorable chow labrador mix dog aged approximately five years. He has a history of having to sleep on cold concrete floors as he was forever chewing the blankets he was given. Now in his `later` years, he seems to have what one might think is arthritis, and may well be. However, this evening my wife took him for a walk and all seemed fine. When we called him for supper he couldn`t get up without crying out and yelping in pain. I literally touched him to stroke him and this set him off in a yelping fit, giving all of us a heck of a fright. Last week he started to run down the passage in our house and seemed to freeze - also yelping in agony. We gave him an anti-inflammatory tablet and an hour later he was fine. This evening, the anti-inflammatory did not work. What could have happened?
    Randall says :

    Arrggghhh Would you sleep on a cold concrete floor? Give him some cushy blankets, who cares if he chews them up? Concrete is the worst thing you can put a dog on Later years???? A properly looked after dog should live to be 18 to 20 Don’t feed it dry food, it causes all types of health issues, and put him on either a BARF or wet canned food diet mixed with good table scraps. BARF means UNCOOKED bones and raw food. Put a few drops of food grade 35 percent hydrogen peroxide in his drinking water and get an essential oil like cypress or cedar and massage it into his joints with some human grade DMSO. He should be better in a few weeks and make sure he gets a minimum of 45 minutes of real exercise a day.
    Mike says :

    You must have never had a chow/lab mix My chow/lab loved the cooler floors. Their heavy coats (if thick like my Blues was) has them on the warmer side and my Blue prefer early the cooler floors Also with fact my Blue weighed in at 70lbs. So she was kind of a big dog. She lived almost 15 yrs. Very good years And by what my vet said was a very long time for a dog like her She lived the fine life and perished shockingly by a heart attack. Wich could have never been forseen. But for a 70lb dog my vet said it was a very good age to pass. So im curious as to where you got your info from? Did you actually own a chow/lab mix? Or just pull one from a dream???
    Azriel says :

    I have not owned a chow/lab breed, but our neighbor have one and he is really too cute. he is more like a chow with his thick fur and all. it would always come near me sniffing around as if we are really close friends. :D I think regardless of the breed most of the dogs are really affectionate.
    quick note by anonymous :

    Had chow/lab he was very smart, gentle around the grandkids. A little protect when younger especially when people where napping, but we where stern with him about it and he soon got over it. He died last winter and we miss him dearly.
    Brian Bassett says :

    We had a lab/chow mix, he was 15 when he passed last year. He was a rescue dog and was the best dog I have ever seen. Loyal to fault, gentle to kids and smaller dogs,some dogs take affection he gave affection,loved his family and was protective of my family but not aggressive. He shared our home with a Catahoula male of the same age but he was the boss, the two of them were totally inseparable. The lab/chow mix if you get it right is the wonder dog.
    NaTasha says :

    I have a lab chow mix. She is the most kindness dog I’ve ever known. She is very spoiled and loves to be the center of attention. She is very affectionate and always stares at me when I’m not paying her any attention. She sometimes puts her paw on me for attention. She very protective when she smells or sees new people but always run up to them and play when they get close. She is very spooky, I don’t think it will ever go away. She runs from everything, every little thing. Very smart dog. I house trained her completely at 3 months, sad to say I had to whoop her a lot. Which was very heartbreaking. I haven’t trained her to sit or anything else because I don’t have the patience but she knows what go to your room means. She grew into a big girl so fast. I remember her at 2 months a little hairy thing urinating everywhere. She chews mostly anything she can find. I have thrown away so many clothes and shoes. She likes to go with me everywhere, sometimes I think she just likes the car rides. Right now she is 6 months and sleeping in my bed because she doesn’t like anywhere where else now. If she’s not in the bed she’s on the cold floor, she doesn’t like her bed at all. I wouldn’t trade my sweet, spooky, energetic baby for anything.
    Maria says :

    Hi. I have a 1 1/2 yr old chowlab who my son I adore so much. Problem is, he gets aggressive at times and does not want to be ordered at. Everybody wants him out, but he is family and i really don’t want to give up on him. Is this normal for his “breed”? Also he does not have a thick coat but his face looks more like a chow. He is huge and strong. His tongue has these black spots on it. Is it a problem? His color is black.
    Maggie says :

    Hi, My chow/lab Sheba died last year at age 15 1/2 naturally. She had the black tongue, black fur like a lab, face like little like a chow, short stocky legs. She was a quick learner, I never hit her, just spend lots of time taking her to dog training school for a little and teaching her at home, she knew her commands sit, give paw, lay down, stay, come here, and the funniest one I taught her to sit up on her butt. Because of her aggressive side no one (stranger) never pet her, just family and close friends, she was always suspicious of strangers. She had a stubborn side to her, sometimes wanted her way, cause the love I had for her I gave in sometimes, can’t always have things your way. She didn’t care for children, never did anything to them (family) if child started to pet her or bother her she just got up and left the room. She was protective of her family, I always felt safe with her around. She went through a lot of health issues thru her lifetime, but always fought a good fight and over came them, I was always by her side. She loved to go on car rides, to the park, forest, lake, my families house,pet stores she went with me a lot everywhere I can bring her I did, she didn’t like staying home alone, even more so in her older years. Regardless what other people would say about the chow chows, I didn’t care because however she was, she had a lot of Love in her too and a big heart,we had a close bond, she was MY Baby, my rock, my world revolved around her she was so Loved and is loved forever in my heart. I miss her dearly. I never gave up on her. And yes they can get aggressive at times, you tell them what their doing wrong (correct it, no hitting no yelling just firm voice) with an aggressive dog you don’t want to get aggressive and mean you will only make them worse, leave them alone, let them also have their alone time (don’t bother them too much) when they want attention they will come to you. And yes they are huge and strong, my Sheba was 72lb. Black spots not a problem (normal) take to vet to be 100% sure. Good Luck with your chow/lab., don’t give up on him just give lots of love and you’ll have a good boy.
    Cheryl says :

    re : Now, put the two of them together, and the offspring is quite the interesting mix
    I had a black lab/chow mix. I lost her this past June, she was 14 years old. I love her the house is too quite. I would say she was like a white shark. She was laid back until you got too close and she would show her pearly whites. I always told people please do not touch. She looked like a lab but had the personality of the chow. She owned me and I’m not ashamed to tell anyone. I would like to have an other in time. I love the mix but they do shed because of the undercoat. I have to agree you never know the personality.
    ivory says :

    i am doing a report on my dog she is a chow lab and i need info on her can you help me ??
    John says :

    Ivory, what types of information do you need to know about your chow lab? I would suggest providing those details.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I had a chow x lab for 10 years. He was a beautiful dog with a very kind heart and loyal to a fault, he was protective of my new born at the time and would always protect her. Very smart and easy to teach. He was big, 65kg with a big thick chest. If I could get another I would and would recommend one to anyone. Thanks Diesel, Cheers Stu
    Steve Kremer says :

    I have a 15 week old chow lab mix puppy that is scared of everything except for my wife, is that normal or did something happen before we got him from a friend. Will this go away or will we have to try something to get him to not be scared of everything.
    martin finch says :

    Im looking for a chow lab mix puppy where did u get urs?
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi this is actual the lab part of his genetics. Lab puppies do to be shy and wary of new things for the four or five months of life. However after that they come more curious. The best way to solve this is to take him for daily walks to introduce him to his new surroundings. IT is also likely that since he is so young and already had multiple owners that he is afraid anything new se it represents a change in who does and does not love him. You need to show him lots of love and encourage him with toys, walks, and treats to explore his surroundings.
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