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  • I think Bud Light is an OK beer but not a great beer
  • I mean the beer does taste pretty good, But I don't think it is the best beer in the world
  • So it is enjoyable even though I like stronger beers

    • by MysticPen

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      I think Bud Light is an OK beer but not a great beer. I mean the beer does taste pretty good, But I don’t think it is the best beer in the world. The taste is not that bad.

      I would say Bud Light tastes a lot better than

      regular Bud. But the thing is that it is still not a very strong beer.

      Although the beer is not very strong it can still give you a buzz if you drink enough of it. It is actually a good beer to drink when you are a at family party or BBQ.

      It is the perfect beer to drink a social event, because you won’t get to drunk yet you can enjoy a beer that tastes pretty good. So Bud Light does have it’s advantages.

      That and also it’s pretty good price make it a great beer ...

      • Bud Light Beer
      to drink out doors while talking at a BBQ or other family gathering.

      If you don’t really like strong beer that will get you buzzed then Bud Light might be for you.

      I think this beer is OK. I don’t think it is the best like I said.

      But it

      also is far from the worst. When I drank this beer I actually thought the taste was not that bad.

      So it is enjoyable even though I like stronger beers. So if you want something light to drink and not get to drunk then go with some Bud Light!

Queen of Legoland says :

Bud Light beer is the excellent choice for the second beer, the hot dog beer (although some may argue - generic), the sort of alcoholic beverage that is a crowd-pleasing thing for adults.

Of course, there’s no scantily clad men or women on the label, thus there are some who will argue that it is a beverage for children, something that only a nine-year-old would drink: let me assure you, Bud Light is for adults only. I am an adult, I am over 21, and I am a responsible drinker. There is less alcohol in Bud Light than there is in a craft beer or a stout lager, however, it is still an alcoholic beverage, not a near beer.

A lot of people will avoid Budweiser Beer for the simple fact that it is something that everyone drinks - for a short time, I was under contract with Coors Miller to only drink their products, and was proscribed from drinking Bud Light. Comparatively speaking, Bud Light has more flavor to it than Coors Light does. There are a few folks who will even comment and/or lament for weeks, perhaps even longer about being offered a Bud Light, claiming to have been insulted by the offense of being served a mere Bud Light at your party. Usually, these are the people who will smile and say something that on the surface, sounds almost endearing when given this alcoholic beverage. It doesn’t matter if the beverage is almost the same as a Blue Moon, which is what it is when it’s a Bud Light in a blue glass bottle, or served in a can - it’s the label thing.

So, be certain to have your first round at that party be a craft beer or something that says Blue Moon prominently on the label for those folks who must have something impressive to talk about. Try not to serve too many craft beers, as you don’t want those sorts of people to talk about how wonderful your party was, either. Be certain to serve Bud Light as a second beer. Stocking a near-beer for the folks who are already three sheets to the wind or who are designated drivers might be a good idea, as well. However, Bud Light has a better taste than any near-beer on the market, and is good enough for someone with the smarts to just have one light beer at a party, who is the designated driver.

Now, if you are going to boil your hot dogs in a beer, try to avoid using the craft beer - Bud Light is a good beer to use. It’s also great in potatoes au gratin, cheddar cheese soup, and brings out the flavor in many dinner items. Bud Light is central to pub style cooking, and has less sugar in it than soda pop or soft drinks do.

Bud Light looks like beer, tastes like beer, and will neither greatly offend nor entirely please most people. It’s a good value for the money, and won’t leave a person with a massive headache if and when it is necessary to purge something out of the stomach. A six pack costs less than a premium value meal at a fast-food market, and usually, will last a few days, or serve a few people.

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