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  • Blood elf-Once called the Highborn , these elf are the sad remmince of the Night elf

    • by Noah

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      World of Warcraft… What can be said about the game? Well, how about this:



      3)Time consuming

      In “World of Warcraft” By Blizzard Entertainment, you start as a level 1 character. There are Eight races to choose from, and there are two factions: The horde and the Allinace.

      The Allinace:

      Humans-The humans are a noble race, seeking to move foreword in the evolution of life.

      Dwarf-The dwarf are a greedy mining race. They strive to dig deep within the planet to mine new ores.

      the Night elf-The night elf are one of the oldest races. The average age of a night-elf is over ten thousand.

      The night elf respect and worship nature.

      Gnome-The gnome are very similar the the dwarf. The average height of the gnome is two feet, but what they lack in size they make up for in brains. They are a high engineering people.

      Draenei- The Draenei are new to the world of Azeroth. They have come to this planet by accident when their ship crashed. They are a very noble people, and seek peace.

      The horde:

      Orc-The orc were also one of the first races on Azeroth. The corrupted mage Medivh opened the dark portal that allowed these orc’s to come to Azeroth.

      • And now, lead by their young leader Thrall, they seek to wound the scar’s between them and the humans.

        Tauren-Tauren have been considered the brother of the orc. While not even close in physical appearance, the two races have allied and started the horde.

        Undead-The undead were once all races. A great plague spread around the world, turning people in to these undead zombies. Now, lead by Sylvanis Windrunner, they have allied with the horde because they can not afford any more enemy’s.

        Troll- The troll are a very shamanic people. They seek to sacrifice and please the god’s. But, lead

        by their new leader Sen’Jin, they have allied with the horde.

        Blood elf-Once called the “Highborn”, these elf are the sad remmince of the Night elf. Corrupted by Magic, their skin died, turned pail, and were expelled from the night elf. They have now allied with the horde.

        Along with allot of other things, here are some things to do:

        Quest to level 70

        Go on epic quests

        Raid the other faction

        Raids to explore

        That’s all for this review, the game is 100% worth the money, because there is a 15$ a month fee, the game can be better due to this money.

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