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  • It is a bargain, as your clothing will definitely last longer and stay brighter

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      This Fisher Paykel washer is called the Intuitive Eco Washer with 3. 7 cu ft loading capacity! Started in New Zealand, where water and power are very carefully watched, Fisher Paykel brand is always an energy saver with multiple extras!

      This has a unique fabric sensing technology that is totally computerized. This washer has no transmission to go out, as it is direct drive.

      There is actually a ‘how dirty’ option on the panel!

      The computer weighs the laudry, and then, uses only enough water to wash that amount perfectly. Thirteen speciality cycles are on the machine, to make certain that your delicates are truly washed gently, your heavy duty jeans, etc.

      are washed appropriately, and everything

      in between! The computer keeps track of the exact water temperature needed for the type of clothing, laundry you are washing! If this sounds as if it is difficult to use, it isn’t. You just touch the panel, telling it how dirty your laundry is, and what type.

      Leave it alone, it knows how to wash THAT type, perfectly!

      Most of the money, when it comes to laundry, is in the drying part. That is what makes the heavy duty spin such a special thing! The spin is at 1,000 revolutions per minute, and you cannot MAKE that laundry even drip, after 1000 rpm! That means, your dryer time is cut WAY down, saving you a ...

      • lot of money in power bills.

        There are three different spin speeds for the laundry. These are 300 rpm, 670 rpm and 1000 rpm.

        You don’t need to figure out which one you need, because you have ‘told’ the washer what you are washing and how dirty it is. The computerized washer spin figures it out, on its own! I’ve owned Fisher Paykel for about 11 years, now, and my clothing is cleaner than it has ever been, with less money being spent on detergent, softener, and the dryer.

        The number of actions of the agitator is simply listed as unlimited. It just depends on what you are washing and how dirty it is!

        This comnes

        in white, and is a truly great bargain.

        It is a bargain, as your clothing will definitely last longer and stay brighter! There are always Fisher Paykel repair men around, whereever this brand is sold. Just call the store, should you ever need help, and that is not expected.

        But, call the store, and they will send a factory authorized person out to fix what seems wrong. So far, I’ve never had anything go wrong, and that’s eleven years of daily washing of at least 2 to 3 loads!

        A good price for this is $799.

        99. Trust me, you will save so much money on your laundry tasks, that it will pay for itself, in no time!

    Buck Taylor says :

    Why does the washer signal off balance when it goes to the spin cycle even if there is nothing in the washer? We have tried to run the spin cycle with nothing in it and it still goes off balance. We have put the lightest load such as two queen size sheets and two pillow cases. The washer is only 3 1 2 years and bought at Lowes in LaVale, MD. Thanks and have a wonderful day. Buck Taylor
    Galega says :

    I think the problem lies with the shock absorber of your washer. You should repair the shock absorbers that weaken or get damaged due to unbalanced load. You should also get the drain pump of your washer checked. Do it on your own if you have little bit expertise in handling technical stuffs of washer.
    Charles Adams says :

    What type detergent should I use I am using Cheer HE produces very little suds ?? Are HE detergents OK
    John says :

    Charles, I would personally suggest Gain or Tide. The produce the most bubbles of any detergent that I’ve used.
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