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Bought in Arkansas
  • In my opinion a piece of junk that I will slowly rebuild

    • by Jerry

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      Hope this review will help someone else look closer while looking and considering a Southern Energy Mobile Home. My wife and I looked on the lot and found a triple wide, deck and kitchen on third part, that we liked. It seemed to be built fairly well. We ordered ours, It was delivered and set up. We have some cold windy nights in Arkansas, soon after moving in we were in bed on North end of house. Wind came through the wall somewhere strong enough to blow the curtains 6 feet away.

      The ceiling in entry hall and Great room had to be resprayed from terrible build

      up forming big thick lines of texture because ceiling was scraped badly during construction. First time in our shower we found out the water lines were crossed, nice surprise. The door into the laundry room is terribly off plumb. You can see into the room at the top of the door because of gap and it is tight at bottom.

      Same for our storm door leading out to deck. Where two units come together in Great room you can see raised hump where floors are not level with one another. In dining and kitchen, seams of subfloor show through tile. Lots of the crown molding has ...

      • turned loose and is hanging for me to repair. Pulled out untensile drawer and it fell to floor. Came totally apart, totally, front back, two sides and bottom.

        I took to my shop glued and shot brad nails to repair it. Two or three drawer doors have just pulled off, nothing but a little glue on a miter joint. Where fascia boards, horizontal boards right under shingles, meet at each section and corners, a little piece of fiber board was stuck up, not half covering seam and looking terrible. Standing in kitchen, north end, I can feel air flow coming in around window. The pantry on that wall

        is like ice in winter. I have started caulking all windows and seams. To gain access to main kitchen light switch, you have to walk all the way across the kitchen and switch is up under the cabinets. I could go on and on, I wrote this review, hopefully to keep someone from making the mistake we did. There is evidently no quality control with Southern Energy Mobile homes and for sure not any pride in what they build. I would give it a 2 on scale of 1 to 10. In my opinion a piece of junk that I will slowly rebuild.

    Bradford Welch says :

    re : In my opinion a piece of junk that I will slowly rebuild
    I bought a Windsor back in May of 2012. Since then they have came out and replaced shingles twice, I have patched it once myself. I went up on the roof 12/26/15 and noticed that I had a bad dip in the shingles next to the joint connecting the 2 bedrooms to the center section of the house. On further inspection I discovered that the decking under the shingles was already rotten. I called Southern Energy and they told me that it was my problem and that they only had a 2 year warrenty on the roof. This was after the fact that the salesman at the Greenville Alabama center told me that there was a 25 year warrenty on the roof. They also told me that they could not help me with the situation and I would have to call my Insurance Agent to get the problem solved this is after they had to send someone out to make repairs to my roof the first 2 years after I purchased the home. They also had to come back and refinish the ceilings, fix the dish washer, repair the carpet, and reseal the vents on top of my house.
    Kristin says :

    Was that a EZ 800 High Sierra model by chance?
    Bren says :

    We purchased the EZ 800 High Sierra, with added 14′ x 14′ deck. We added the cement siding, not painted well at all, casement duel pane windows, glue gunked on wondows inside, caulking outside gunked on and is black, upgraded insulation and carpet, some exterior walls allow heat and cold in, the carpet is laid without padding in some areas and buckles, the extra wide crown molding and base boards we ordered extra were pieced and some corners not mitered, the cream cabinets (they are so sad), wall boxes do not match fronts, two sets of interior French doors, they are uneven and have big gap between them, we added an exterior French door in Master Bedroom, it does not open to this day and has daylight showing thru at top, stone fire place in living room, no cement between the stones, water heater was a used water heater, had professionals declare that, made Southern Energy replace it, we purchased the new water heater, and had them reimburse us. What a bunch of crapy builders Stay away from this rip off company We are gradually getting things done on our own, at first they sent guys and gals to fix things and these people just made a mess. We are purchasing another modular but not from Energy, too bad they loose Their customer service reps are very mouthy, their Quality Control should be fired A pox on Southern Energy Dumps
    Jill Griffin says :

    Thank you so much for your review, as a homeowner My husband and I fell in love with the photos of the kitchen, bathroom suite, and most of all, the outdoor living space. Since there are no local models to see, we were willing to travel wherever needed to see it live and in person however, viewing it and now learning what you’ve had to live with, are two totally different things. I’m so glad I came across your post and will share with my hubby. Thanks again Bren.
    Bren says :

    Just a note to anyone considering buying a Southern Energy Home. We have, since purchasing the High Sierra, been looking for a second home to place on another parcel we own. We have discovered that Clayton Mfg Homes have bought out Southern Energy. I would investigate, and find out where the new owner builds this home. The sales people will sit there and have you believe they have a solid product, matter of fact, we experienced the sales people will try to steer you into a model they are pushing. Just be careful, know the products going into these homes, learn the terminology.
    Mary power says :

    re : In my opinion a piece of junk that I will slowly rebuild
    We have just purchased a home from them it’s been sitting on our site for 4weeks still not ready to move in there is so much poor quality work the siding is already coming off the floor frames are not aligned. Trim work is falling off daily tile is falling off daily dishwasher was put in crooked and the list goes on all this and we haven’t Evan moved in at this point iam not sure they can fix all the poor workmanship I haven’t had the finale walk Thur to sign the approval and receive the keys at this point they can take it back think it’s time to get a attorney for help
    Michele says :

    re : In my opinion a piece of junk that I will slowly rebuild
    I own a Southern Energy Windsor. It is amazing to me to see all the negative reviews I purchased mine in 2013, built in Alabama. Over the past several years, I have had 3 mobile homes custom made. By far, this is the best one. I have had two Fleetwoods and a Chandaluer. They all had issues of cracks, loose molding, air leaks around windows, loose cabinets/drawers, water leaks from loose fittings, when delivered or shortly after….all issues I have had with the Southern Energy. Any time a manufactured home is moved, the construction is compromised. Also take into account settling of the foundation over even a little time (especially with a double or triple wide), weight of furnishings, competence of company setting it up, travel conditions (bad roads, hills, etc.) to your location, how many times it took to get it in the`right place’, I could go on. I have also built a`stick-built’ home - had some of same issues. When a home is delivered, it is our responsibility to inspect, with a fine-toothed comb, every aspect of it. I looked in every nook and cranny, inside, out and under. Called dealership and had repairs, replacements, etc. Sorry to hear all the issues others have experienced. May be a build/location issue, poor follow-up by dealership, or maybe just thinking it will be perfect when set up. I also expected perfection since I paid over $ 100,000.00, but also knew whether it was stick-built or manufactured, there would be issues. My SE home is solid. Very happy with it
    Dr William H Williams Jr says :

    My widowed mother now 74 purchased an SE Home in December had it built to her specifications and paid cash for the home. When the home was set up on her site the two ceilings did not match one hung lower than the other. The mover had them take pictures because he could not get the two halves to match. The factory rep says that it is within specification and shimmed one side of the trim to compensate for the flaw.In general this se home is a cheap peice of trash. and they will have you sign a document stating that you cannot sue them you have to go to arbitration. a state inspector will inspect your home and no cosmetic issues will be adressed only structural issues. so it may look like hell but you just have to live with it. If they sold quality homes they would not be worried about getting sued. What ever you do look at the home closely before you buy, it is made out of the cheapest materials money can buy and certainly won’t last you a lifetime.
    tina cooper says :

    Hello, what is the model number or name of your southern energy triplewide. We are looking to purchase a SE triplewide 2800 sq foot with kitchen deck on back. This model is made in Alabama. I would like to know if we would be purchasing the model you described. Thanks for reply.
    nwjerry replies :

    Tina, Not sure what the model number of our SE is. We have the kitchen and deck on the back also. Dining area of kitchen leads into large great room with corner fireplace. Ours is 4 bedroom 3 bath. I am currently putting metal roofing on ours and going to put air proof wrap after removing vinyl siding. Then I am going to use landscape timbers to make ours a log home, much more energy efficient, hoping to cut our heating and cooling cost by a considerable amount. We wish we had taken the home on the lot. Feel these have more time spent on them and are better built because they will be seen often. We wish we had gotten sheet rock walls, we got the finished wall panels with the joint strips. I have pulled several off in the corner walls and found gaps up to 2 in. wide. I would not buy a SE if had it to do over. Good luck with your decision, check it out close, I have been really disappointed in the lack of quality in such a home. Jerry
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