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      When I first started playing the drums about one year ago, I acquired a pair of Pro-Mark Millennium II sticks. These are size 5A, which is perfect for my playing style (drum kit - mostly alternative, rock and contemporary Christian music). Tagged “The Natural,” this pair of sticks is made of American Hickory. And according to the green label, this pair was made right here in Texas, U.S.A., which is always a plus in my book.

      I began learning the basic rudiments with this pair of sticks. They’ve held up very well to the initial drumming - even when I missed the snare’s center and bounced one stick off the rim. That can be hard on a stick - it’s likely to chip if you hit the rim too many times, or too hard - but the Pro-Marks have held up very well to the abuse that I put them

      through as a novice.

      The sticks have always been comfortable in my hands. Even when I was still trying to figure out how to hold them, they fit well. They’re also nicely balanced, which made the learning process less awkward for me.

      When I first got these sticks, they were a lot lighter in appearance than they are now. Plain old wooden sticks look gorgeous, in my mind at least, but they WILL absorb oils and other things from my hands. My year-old pair is fairly dark, but I like them. They have some character about them, unlike the brand-new sticks that I got just a couple of days ago. (Give that pair some time, though, and they’ll look just like this pair.)

      One problem with playing a kit is the fact that the cymbals can chip the wooden tips. The Pro-Mark Millennium II sticks haven’t had that problem, though. The ...

      • tips don’t look brand new anymore, but they aren’t damaged (yet).

        But more importantly: Pro-Mark does an excellent job of matching each pair of sticks before they’re packaged together for shipping. Pro-Mark sticks, like so many others, come in cardboard sleeves. That way, I don’t have to pick through a bin or box of sticks at the music store in a vain effort to find two that look, feel and sound identical.

        Pro-Mark does a lot of work on matching. Unlike some other manufacturers, this company makes sure that everything is as close to perfect as it can possibly get before the two sticks are put together in the sleeve. Both sticks sound the same, look the same and function the same every time I pick them up.

        Oh, and the sticks sound great, too. They have this solid, pleasant sound that any drummer will recognize as the mark of a

        high-quality pair of sticks. If you’ve ever heard somebody with talent and ability play a decent kit with a pair of Pro-Marks, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Other brands, like Vic Firth, are equally good. I just prefer Pro-Mark because I tend to be loyal to a brand that pleases me from the very beginning.

        You can expect to pay fewer than twenty bucks for one pair of Pro-Mark Millennium II sticks. The company offers many pairs with pro-drummer endorsements. There is, for example, a pair for sale that is just like what Phil Collins uses. Many pros use, and endorse, Pro-Mark, which adds to the company’s reputation if you’re the sort of person who cares about that type of thing.

        Overall, Pro-Mark is a great company with excellent products. I currently have two pairs of Pro-Marks and plan to add more to my collection as my budget, and playing requirements, permit.

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