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  • I think there is more than a little wrong with that

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      Well I laughed and that’s something. These are my thoughts on the Wes Craven movie Red Eye. I approached this movie with much trepidation. The last time Craven stepped outside the horror genre he made Music of the Heart. You surely understand my reservations. Red Eye however, is billed as a thriller.

      I figure that’s close enough that Craven should be able to pull this off. Craven doesn’t so much succeed as wind up with a movie that if it were a little worse could become a camp classic. Lisa Reisert (Rachel Mcadams) is a hardworking twenty-something hotel manager en route to Miami from her grandmother’s funeral in Dallas. At the airport she meets Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy), who coincidentally is seated next to her on the flight. As it turns out he is involved in a plan to assassinate the secretary of Homeland Security and his family.

      Why? Apparently just because, no motive is ever stated. Now in

      order to accomplish their goal the unnamed terrorist group, needs Lisa to switch his hotel room, so they’ll have a clear shot. They need Lisa to move him from the regular room he uses on every visit. Yes you read correctly a group of international terrorists couldn’t coordinate an attack based around the room the always stays in. To ensure Lisa’s cooperation they station a hit man outside her father’s house.

      Dad (Brian Cox, I can’t imagine why he did this)If she doesn’t cooperate they’ll kill him. Trapped on the plane she has no choice but to comply. Despite the odd premise this still could have been a good movie with a better director. It hurt me to write that. There was a time when Craven was my go to guy for a good thrill.

      Those days are apparently over. The film’s pacing is far too slow in the beginning. Additionally the opportunity to parallel the increasing danger face by ...

      • both Lisa and her father is wasted. We barely see him or the supposedly menacing henchman. We don’t really get to care about him.

        There is one really great tense moment with Lisa and Rippner in the airplane bathroom. It’s tense, menacing and, just a little sensual. You get a glimpse of what the movie could’ve been. There are some other good moments thanks largely to Cillian Murphy. Murphy is a good actor, but Craven lets him slide from menace too madness to easily.

        The final chase and fight scenes are from the Michael Bay school of more is better, and the become laughable. While Lisa proves capable of foiling escaping Rippner and the police, foiling the assassination, killing the hitman, she still needs Daddy to rescue her. That is especially frustrating since we know that Lisa was raped two years ago, and tells herself everyday she will never be helpless again. I think there is more than a little

        wrong with that. The movie makes too much of moment out of revealing her past.

        To make her weak. Why tell us this if she still can’t save herself? Particularly sense there is strong sexual tension between Lisa and Rippner. I’m disappointed in Craven. Because before there was Buffy, Craven’s Nancy was blowing Freddie Krueger to kingdom come, without a bit a help from daddy or superpowers. She was just a girl who wasn’t going to die quietly.

        Sidney Prescott didn’t wanna die either and she rescued her father as well. Hell say what you want about the Scream series Sidney and Gail stopped running and fought and won. This always made Craven a cut above in my book. He wasn’t just dead bimbos. His girls might be scared, but ultimately stood their ground, fought and saved themselves, his movies were entertaining.

        Well they used to be , now they need Daddy, and now Craven is just a director I used to like.

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