Daddy’s Little Girls (2007)
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  • Needless to say, they are not impressed at the man she chose to go out with
  • I recommend that you watch it with a good friend or significant other just to share in the emotional roller-coaster that it takes you on

    • by Jermaine McKenzie

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      Starring Gabrielle Union (Julia) and Idris Elba. Idris (Monty) is a down on his luck auto mechanic with three children (all girls). After Monty’s Mother, the grandmother of the girls dies of lung cancer; Monty is force with the reality of taking care of the kids by himself. On the day of the funeral, the estranged mother with her entourage of thugs returns to claim the children. In order to take care of his children, Monty has to take on a 2nd job as a personal driver to Gabrielle Union (Julia) who is an attorney. On their first meeting, Julia portrays herself to be quite bitchy…telling Monty not to talk, not to listen to the radio, not to drive where she didn’t instruct him to drive, real bitchy and impatient.

      Let�s focus on Julia at the moment her friends from college are always trying to get her in a relationship. Her first blind date introduces a 40 year old wannabe rapper with bad manners and bad etiquette. Needless to say, Julia was not feeling him. After the premature end of the date, Monty is driving her home when he gets an emergency phone call regarding his children�Julia was not happy that he took a personal call during her time. Pissed off and aggravated at the situation, Julia rants and raves above him leaving her in the car, gives herself a pep talk then goes to confront Monty about his actions. Did I say bitchy.

      At the hospital, Monty is informed that the children could have died from smoke inhalation caused by a fire started by one

      of the girls. Custody is removed from Monty and placed with the estranged mother (ghetto fabulous) and drug dealer boyfriend.

      Julia was left in a very awkward position after hearing the conversation related to Monty. She is left standing in limbo when the heated conversation has ended and all go their separate way. Needless to say, she eventually fires him as her driver after that previous event.

      Monty is called to school on allegations that one of his daughters was caught selling weed on school grounds. Wanting to take the estranged mother of his kids to court over custody, Monty takes it upon himself to ask Julia to be his lawyer.

      Still focusing on Julia, as a lawyer, she is a bulldog�a very serious, ax grinding, egotistical attorney. As a person, she is bitchy and alone and takes shit out on the people around her.

      On her 2nd blind date, Julia is awed by the fact that her date is quite a looker. They start off talking about the jobs, where they find they have stuff in common as they are both lawyers. The date went amazingly well, and before they could kiss goodbye�dun dun dun, up pulls the dates wife and family causing a scene in the public�s eye. Julia quietly walks away and goes about her business.

      While in court, Monty is defending himself without a lawyer�he is being butchered by the opposing lawyer, Julia steps up and takes control of the legal battle and takes on the role as Monty�s lawyer. After a long night of going over briefs pertaining to the custody battle, the ...

      • conversation kinda sways to talks of relationships. They decide to call it a night and go home.

        On realizing that it was Julia�s birthday, Monty takes her out to have some fun. Monty takes her to one of his usual club hotspots, where you can clearly see that Julia is waaay out of her comfort zone. She�s like a fish out of water�a blonde out of the valley�totally of out of her usual controlling ways.

        Drunk and vulnerable, Julia lets her guard down and starts to undress on the dance-floor, next they end up at her home, where she falls over on the living room sofa. Monty makes his way into the kitchen, to get Julia a glass of water, on his return to the living room, he finds Julia missing. Doing a small search of the premises, he finds Julia semi out cold on the bed.

        While searching for some Aspirin, Monty discovers some things in the medicine cabinet that he wasn�t supposed to find. Dismissing his findings, he returns to the bedroom to give Julia the aspirin, in her drunken state, she throws herself on him, only to have the after effects of her drunken manner wreck the mood. As she has to leave Monty and the bed and ran into the bathroom throwing up over and over and over.

        Next morning, Julia goes to meet her friends. The find out that she was in an intimated affair and starts to question Julia about who the man is. Needless to say, they are not impressed at the man she chose to go out with.

        Monty comes

        by Julia�s office to check up on her, where it is plain to see that Julia is completely nervous and awkward around him now. She agrees to meet him at his house where Julia will be introduced to the girls.

        Ah, the girls�they started off giving Julia a very hard time, like a nightmare interview. Up until Monty returns, the girls put on their angel faces and act all nice and innocent like, for the most part.

        After Monty sends the children to bed, the sparks start flying between Monty and Julia. Sparks that they couldn�t deny, couldn�t fight. They just admitted to liking each other, and just let the flames burn the natural way.

        Next morning, on arriving at the garage, Monty is informed that he is now the spanking new owner of the garage. He takes Julia and the children out to the aquarium, where one of her friends confronts her about her relationship with Monty�not a very nice conversation at that. Monty and Julia have a little conversation of their own, where they kind of ended on a sour note.

        Julia confesses to Monty why she is the way she is, she breaks down and tells Monty that she had a terrible breakup before and why she is reserved about getting serious about Monty.

        Ok, I have gone way too far in giving away a lot�a lot of details about this movie. It�s a relatively nice movie that�s worth watching at least once. I recommend that you watch it with a good friend or significant other just to share in the emotional roller-coaster that it takes you on.

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