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  • I have never had a problem, even when a friend over bleached my hair
  • I paid $10 for it, which seemed steep for a do it yourself kit, but I wanted a good one
  • Either way, I would avoid this one, there are too many other products out there that are really good hair dye, with no such side effects

    • by D.K.

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      I have dyed my hair for years using a wide variety of products. I have never had a problem, even when a friend over bleached my hair.

      My hair was course and dry, but my scalp remained happy and healthy.

      This time I picked out deep auburn from Loreal Paris

      Feria Hair Dye collection.

      It was supposed to have extra shine and be a great dye.

      I paid $10 for it, which seemed steep for a do it yourself kit, but I wanted a good one.

      We brought it home, followed the directions, and finished it up by rinsing well ...

      • and conditioning (just like the directions told us).

        The color looks good, but oh my does my scalp itch.

        It is very itchy and in some spots feels burned.

        I didn’t do the allergy test because I have never had an allergic reaction to a hair dye (or anything else

        for that matter) before.

        I don’t know if this is an allergic reaction or if this product is just harsher then products of similar nature.

        Either way, I would avoid this one, there are too many other products out there that are really good hair dye, with no such side effects.

    Heather says :

    Hi, I colored my daughters hair, which we do about every 3 months. She was light blonde and we decided to have her go to her more natural dark blonde. We got Feria color 75, which is dark natural blonde. Her hair came out brunette. Why, and what can we do, so that we don`t damage her hair? She wanted to be blonde.

    Roberta says :

    It could be because of the color that you choose to go with, and some dyes are darker then what appears on the box, and this is true because I dye my best friend hair all the time (she’s white) and once in a blue moon the color she choose come out darker or not the shade she wanted. but the only thing that you can really do is just let it run it course, re-dying it can cause really bad damage hair or worst fall out.

    Louise says :

    She’s right, let it lighten on its own which it will in four weeks, mine does anytime I color a little darker. If you don’t wait and get a different based color she may end up with a ugly green tint in it.

    lorraine gingras says :

    i am using loreal feria number 41 which is crushed garnet, rich mahogany and i love the colour but find it a little to light. i am looking for one shade darker so i would like to know if there is one or maybe i can mix 2 together to have one shade darker. i would appreciate your help

    Galega says :

    Mixing two variants to get one shade darker is not recommended by L’Oreal. That is not tasted in the lab and can give unpredictable results. It is better to avoid mixing two shades altogether. You should find a shade suitable for your requirements from available option.

    sandy says :

    HELP ME FAST PLEASE I used B61 my roots are good buy the rest of my hair is GREY GREY GREY PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FAST Im 43 Not 83 now from all the crying I look 93. Please some one write me with suggestions FAST.

    Gina says :

    Hi Sandy, If your hair did not turn out the color that you wanted, you have a couple of different options. The best choice is to go to a beauty salon and let a professional help you. They will be able to fix your hair color and give you a good shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy. If you want to try to fix your hair color at home yourself, you should choose a color that is darker than your hair color right now. You will want to wait at least a week so that you do not damage your scalp unless you are letting a professional work on your hair. After you dye your hair darker, you will want to wait for over a month to dye it again. You should also be sure to put a deep conditioner on it.

    Claire Coshan says :

    sandy I feel your pain, my hair is almost totally grey at the tender age of 29, the best advice I can give you is get a box dye that covers 100% grey and use it once a month, at about $ 5 a month it is well worth it.

    ess03013 says :

    I would also recommend to get professional hair salon help. And when you resolve it, use colored hair shampoo for your specific hair color because dyed hair tends to get lighter. The shampoo will help keep your hair color constant as possible.

    Mindy Simms says :

    Granted this brand is supposed to be great and that is why we pay the price that we do. For those who did not get the color you wanted or different roots than tips it could be that the color of your hair is not quite the one sown on the box where it shows color before and after. The root issue is your roots are virgin hair that has never been dyed it will react differently than the hair you have already dyed. For the lady who has the itchy scalp, this formula is a bit different than most hair dyes out there so it could be an allergic reaction or even a scalp sensitivity.

    Sky Vettel says :

    I have been dying my hair ever since I was about 12. My mom was very free and let me experiment so thanks to her I went wild.. the only mistake was choosing to dye my naturally red hair jet black. Not a good look. L’Oreal Paris Feria is vibrant, prismatic, and full of healthy color that rejuvenates as it sets in your hair. No harsh fumes or damaging after effects either. It is always affordable and there’s such an endless assortment to what L’Oreal has to offer. You never have to worry about not picking the right shade, because there’s so many you can choose from. I have been using L’Oreal products as well for just as long and I always end up very happy with my choices. Just don’t dye your hair jet black if you think it may not suit you. :)

    Shelby says :

    Most times the box colors that cost more tend to be better for your hair. From personal experience. The dye doesn’t stain your skin if its a darker color and the colors come out brighter and your hair looks shinier and healthier, they do leave a bit of a strong odor afterwards but the color tends to last more washes.

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