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  • The English Patient won the Booker Prize in 1992 as the best novel written by a member of the British Commonwealth or from the Republic of Ireland

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      The 1996 movie “The English Patient” won nine Oscars and was nominated for three more. The movie won as Best Picture and Juliette Binoche won best supporting actor for Binoche. Kristin Scott Thomas lost as best actress to Frances Mcdormand and her campy portrayal of a pregnant police officer in Fargo. Ralph Fiennes were both nominated as best actor but lost to Geoffrey Rush in Shine.

      The movie is based on the book “The English Patient” by Michael Ondaatje. “The English Patient” won the Booker Prize in 1992 as the best novel written by a member of the British Commonwealth or from the Republic of Ireland.

      I first saw the movie when it came out and had difficulty following the plot. The difficulty for me lay in the character played by Ralph Fiennes, Count Lazlo de Almasy. We see Count Lazlo in two different representations. One as the badly burned English Patient and one as the young Count Lazlo before the war who works as a cartographer and falls in love with Kristin Scott Thomas’ character Katharine Clifton. The

      reason it is unclear is that for most of the movie it isn’t certain that the English Patient and Lazlo are the same since he claims not to know his own name. Once you get this straight in your head the plot makes sense.

      In addition to the flashback plot there is the plot with Juliette Binoche who nurses the English Patient. She stays with him in a deserted villa toward the end of the war. There she meets and falls in love with a Sikh demolitions officer who is charge with removing mines and booby traps that have been planted throughout the area.

      Willem Dafoe, thumbs had been cut off by the Germans at Tobruk. David Caravaggio. A Canadian spy code name “Moose”. He had been a professional thief who joined the war effort as a spy for the Allies in Italy. He was a friend of Hana’s father. He was motivated by revenge, and later killed the man who had cut off his thumbs, the man who had taken his picture and the man who had helped teach ...

      • the Germans how to get spies into Cairo. Perceptive members of the audience should begin suspecting that Caravaggio is still seeking revenge when he appears at the villa.

        Juliette Binoche is gorgeous as Hana and made me wish I were sick enough to have such an attractive, caring nurse to take care of me. Much of Binoche’s work is in French films so she remains a bit of an unknown even though she has been nominated for two Oscars. My favorite role she has played is as Vianne Rocher in the 2000 movie “Chocolat” (see me Review Stream review http://www.reviewstream.com/reviews/?p=22831). I have just watched her movie “The Widow of Saint-Pierre” and will be posting a review here on Review Stream soon.

        Kristen Scott Thomas plays the lover of the flashback Ralph Fiennes character and is beautiful and sexy. I loved her as the beautiful, sexy wife of the vicar, played by Rowen Atkinson, in “Keeping Mum.” She is also known for her playing opposite Robert Redford in “The Horse Whisperer.”

        “The English Patient” was directed by Anthony Minghella. 3rd movie

        he directed. This was his first big feature film and helped launched his career that has included “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “Cold Mountain”.

        Among my favorite lines in the move are an exchange between Willem Dafoe’s character and Ralph Fiennes’ character. Dafoe refers to a previous time, “when I had thumbs and you had a face.” This sounds like something out of a Humphrey Bogart movie and is amusing.

        If you like this movie, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t, you might try “Out of Africa” featuring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, “The End of the Affair” with Ralph Fiennes and the lovely Julianne Moore, and “The Constant Gardener” with Ralph Fiennes.

        I liked this movie, though I was puzzled by the plot and until I figured it out had some trouble enjoying the move. Any movie with two such beautiful women stars as Juliette Binoche and Kristen Scott Thomas is well worth a look. In “The English Patient” the cinematography is beautiful and reminiscent of some parts of “Out of Africa.” I give this move an A- or 91%.

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