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  • Great Value Potato Chips offer good quality at a reasonable price
  • My favorite variety is the Original Flavor that comes in an orange bag - just plain, regular, crunchy potato chips, not too oily and with just enough salt

    • by Lorianna
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      I don’t know why potato chips are so ridiculously expensive these days, but they are. If it wasn’t for the Great Value brand, I probably wouldn’t buy any.

      /> Great Value Potato Chips offer good quality at a reasonable price.

      A 12 oz (340 g) bag costs $1.

      50, still a little too much for a bag of sliced & dried potatoes, if you ask me, but much better than brand names.

      My favorite variety is the Original Flavor that comes in an orange bag - ...

      • Great Value Potato Chips
      just plain, regular, crunchy potato chips, not too oily and with just enough salt.

      The Sour Cream & Onion is my second favorite, it is somewhat close to

      Original with a subtle, not overwhelming addition of onion and sour cream flavor.

      Great Value is a Walmart brand and, as usual, Walmart guarantees 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Emily McKay says :

We buy GV chips alot and have always like the BBQ flavored chips. The last few times we bought them, there was very little BBQ flavoring and some chips in the bag had none at all. That never use to be the case. What happened to the quality of these BBQ chips?
Joanna says :

Hi Emily,

I have noticed that same thing. First I had problems with purple splotches, now I open the bags and I hardly find any seasoning. I have switched to the Publix brand chips. They are slightly more expensive, but they are also fresher and seasoned better.

If you have a Publix near you I would suggest them. They are very good.

Hope this helps.


Wendy Fields says :

Just wondering if any one else has had issues with Great Value Salt and Vinegar chips. We regularly purchase this item and they are always very good. The last time we purchased two bags and when we opened them they were just regular chips, no salt and vinegar taste at all. Last night we went and purchaed two more bags and went out to the car to taste them and again they were regular chips in a salt and vinegar bag. We took them back in and got our money back. We have noticed they do all have the same lot number of 417d dated October 28,09. There must have been some sort of error when the packaging was done on this product. I will not purchase any more chips with this lot number.
kyle says :

I tried the BBQ Great Value chips. I guess I am used to tasting BBQ on most foods except chips. These chips didn t have much if any flavoring on them. The name brands don t seem to put much on them either. I won t purchase them again, thank you.
quick note by anonymous :

I just tried , for the first time , your “Limom flavored” chips. They are absolutely super. I hope that this is not a trial run, but will be a perminant part of your production.
Joanna says :

I had the same problem with the purple splotches. A friend of mine told me that it was due to moisture in the packaging causing mold to develop on the food. I have called the manufacturer, but no-one else has been able to give me any advice. I’m sticking with the mold theory until told otherwise. I just buy regular chips and add my own flavorings. I just always make sure that the bags are properly sealed.
Dennis says :

I just purchaced the barbucue andd their just plain chips with no taste or color just white plain chips wtf
quick note by anonymous :

Chips have to much salt less would be good thanks
Helena says :

Hi, I purchased 4 bags of salt and vinegar chips and I`m wondering why do they have purple spots on them. I threw them out and purchased another bag and again the same purple spots.
BERT says :

great value, big pack, potato chips. will the guy at the factory please open your eyes and look to ensure the bags are sealed correctly. the bottom seams on as many as 5 out of 20 are incorectly sealed, the chips are stale, this has been going on now for months.
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