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  • We were totally intrigued with this version of Rudolph, and we all enjoyed it

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      We’ve been trying for a month to rent Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, but, it is always out. So, we finally bought one for our grandsons to watch, as they spent the night. It is truly adorable, with Whoopie Goldberg’s voice being the wicked witch, Stormella, and with the voice of Debby Reynolds. It was fun to see the story, again, with a different angle to it!

      Rudolph is seen, just being born, and his mother and father are so happy, until Rudolph’s nose lights up a bright red, and then, his father is NOT happy at all.

      His father is ashamed of Rudolph’s nose. That is sad. It was darling to watch Rudolph just learning to walk, and stumbling, of course! The rated G film is so beautifully made, and so colorful!

      As expected, Rudolph gets his feeling hurt a lot, when the other reindeer make fun of him.

      When there is a race to see who is the fastest of the new yearlings, Rudolph wins, although a not so nice reindeer cheats and keeps

      knocking other reindeer out of the race. Everything is happy, as Rudolph wins, until someone cries, “foul”…. and the winning medalian goes to the reindeer who didn’t run a fair race, because Rudolph’s win is called unfair, because of his nose.

      (Here, the children are all, “that’s not fair!”). But, as things go along, Rudolph finds a beautiful yearling doe that he just loves. She is so daintily pictured, she is really a beautiful reindeer with such a sweet voice, and she doesn’t care if Rudolph has a red shiny nose at all! There is a wicked storm witch, voice of Whoopie Goldberg, big, fat and mean! There is a bridge of ice to her ice cave.

      Somehow, our yearling beautiful doe is caught by her! Oh. no! Everyone is scared to even think of crossing the ice bridge to Stormella’s ice cave. .

      . except Rudolph, who is in love, of course. Using his bright red lit nose, he finds his way, in the dark ice castle, to his doe.

      With the help of a polar bear ...

      • friend and another little critter, they manage to get the locks undone and to free the doe, after getting locked up themselves in her barred caves! Stormella has white wolves who are mean and scary! The race is on, running as fast as the good reindeer, polar bear, and little white fox can run, as Stormella and her wolves chase them! If it weren’t for Rudolph’s red shining light, they’d have never made it!

        Once they had escaped, Stormella, the mean witch, had to give Rudolph one wish to be granted. Everyone was sure he’d wish for a normal nose, so he’d be like all the other reindeer. But, that’s NOT what he wished for at all! He wished that Stormella would be NICE! She’d already set a blizzard to work, and it was going full blast, just to be mean on Christmas Eve.

        Stormella did go by the rules of the North Pole, and said a spell that made her NICE! She was so cute, being nice! Everyone thought she could stop the blizzard, but,

        being nice, she explained that once she set a blizzard going, she could not undo it! So, the doe, Rudolph, the polar bear, and the white fox, all went back to Santa’s place, using Rudolph’s red nose like a flashlight. Rudolph was honored by Santa for saving the beautiful doe and for making the wicked witch nice! The reindeer were all concerned about the blizzard being so terrible that they could not even see! Then, Santa thought of Rudolph’s nose, and made him the head, leader Reindeer! So, all the presents got delivered, and Christmas was saved, once again! (Of course, this made Rudolph’s father very proud of his son, at last!) We all enjoyed this film. Having Whoopie Goldberg’s voice being the wicked witch was a great idea, it made the whole movie better than ever!

        We were totally intrigued with this version of Rudolph, and we all enjoyed it.

        I am certain that your family will love it as much as all of us did. Get it! It’s such a Christmas story……. and, this time, it is just a little different!

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