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  • I like this medicine because it provides multi-sympton relief
  • Itis amazing how one pill can do so many things

    • by Gwynita Leggington

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      I have used Equate allergy and sinus medicine on numerous occasions. It works really well considering it is a generic medicine and very cheap.

      It normally costs about $3-$4 for a box of 48 caplets here in Southeast Texas.


      like this medicine because it provides multi-sympton relief.

      It releives sneezing, runny nose, itching and watery eyes, nasal congestion and sinus pain and pressure.

      Itis amazing how one pill can do so many things.

      I will admit that it ...

Sierra says :

If you take the medicine does it help your ears pop from thb sinus infection because my ears arent popping at all iv tried everything?

Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Sierra, if you have a sinus infection the only thing that will truly help you is the proper antibiotics to kill the infection and allow your sinuses (this includes your ears) to drain properly. You can try this medication as it may bring some temporary relief but I would definitely suggest seeing a doctor to clear the infection up for good.

MJ says :

my husband has been taking Equate Allergy relief for over a week - the pollen in florida has been really terrible - last night he felt dizzy and lightheaded and he took his blood pressure it was 172 over 110…….he did not take a pill yesterday or today and his BP is 142 90……has there been any side effect listed that casues HIGH BP? I have seen low BP …….

ROGER says :

MJ, I dont know if you will ever read, coment but for anybody else that have High blood pressure, my decire is help you disconect yourself, from the so called prescribved high blood prssure. and bring your blood presure to a normal level, within 8 10 12 weeks.
I used to be a truck driver, and due to keeping rediculus schedules when driving cross country, my helt was realy deteriorating, at the age of 56 my blood pressure was 209 114. stress level and hiperness, was a painfull experience. so when my mother, began to give me OAT SOCKED IN COLD WATER BLENDED WITH ONE SMALL ACID GREEN APPLE,every morning before brekfast, cased a miricale in my life, by bringing my blood pressure, to 120 80 and 117 76 I am now 67 years old and my blood pressure still holding at normal.
I had to change my eatting habits, when before,over the road, due to time schedules some times I only ate once per day,so my servings was 90% meat convinations, the rest was deserts.and munchies, to keep me going.
I refused to take any doctor prescriptions, that tells you you have to take for life time. No way I will ever do what a doctor says, unles is through natural means, no more fried any thing, I still eat meat but one every 2 weeksor once a month, I don’t have to eat oats with apple every day, but I do still take it as maintanence, to my body and health.
I hope it will help some one with my oppinion, the oats have to be raw, no heating just out of the box, with acid greddn apple. Lord bless.

LeeAnn says :

Can I give my 5lb Chihuahua equate “allergy sinus headache”

Galega says :

You should consult a vet rather than giving Equate to your Chihuahua. I would suggest against giving medicine supposed to be taken by human to dog.

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