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  • They�ve recommended other things to us in the past, including certain foods, and we�ve always been disappointed
  • I also wasn�t very impressed with the taste

    • by Steve

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      Since it is the only time we get to spend more than a couple of hours together as a family, my wife and I absolutely hate cooking big meals on the weekend. So, pizza is a very common thing for us; especially on Sundays.

      This past Sunday, we decided that, rather than go to Pizza Hut, Papa Murphys or buy a frozen pizza, we would give Wal-mart�s deli fresh pizzas a try. We weren�t very impressed with them.

      The first clue we should have had about the pizza was the fact her parents recommended it to us. They�ve recommended other things to us in the past,

      including certain foods, and we�ve always been disappointed. I should have realized this wasn�t going to be any different.

      Probably the only good thing I can say about the Deli-fresh pizzas are the price. We spent less than $7 for a 16 inch pizza; about $4 less than what Papa Murphys would have charged us for the same size. That�s about as far as it goes though.

      First, the pizza doesn�t come with a pan. You are expected to cook it directly on your oven rack. I don�t think so. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get that large of a pizza ...

      • off the oven rack with it�s done? It�s one thing if you have one of those large, wooden spatula things the pizza places use. But, we don�t. Not to mention the mess it makes. I mean, you�re talking raw dough on your oven rack. That�s a pain to clean off once it burns on.

        Fortunately, we had a pizza stone that was large enough to set the deli-fresh pizza on. Even then, we had some difficulty getting the pizza out of our oven. We could have used a pizza pan, but we didn�t have any large enough.

        I also wasn�t very impressed with the taste. We

        ended up getting the supreme pizza, with toppings ranging from sausage to different types of peppers. The toppings themselves weren�t bad, but someone went nuts with the Italian seasoning. To be perfectly honest, it didn�t taste any better than a cheap frozen pizza.

        Even though we did get quite a bit of pizza for our money, I can tell you that, next weekend, we will be going to Pizza Hut rather than trying another Wal-mart Deli-Fresh pizza. They�re cheap but there�s a reason for it. And, more importantly, this is the last time I listen to my in-laws whenever they tell me to try something.

    scott says :

    well,in responce to the person that didnt like walmart pizza. im from chicago and ive tried many a ,dallas pizza, some are good most are not. i deceided to try a walmart pizza from the neighborhood walmart store. let me tell you it was fantastic. the crust was one of the best ive ever haed. nice n chewy,sauce was dynamite and lotsa cheese . the price was 5.46 for apepporni,whic is unbelivable. this is better than most pizza places make and they charge you double. i know eat this pizza from walmart at least 3-4 times every week. its totally awesome and easy to cook. love your pizza walmart
    Auntie M says :

    I cook these pizzas right on the rack. It`s not rocket science…..just use the cardboard that it comes on, to put it back on to take out of the oven. As for the pizza itself? It`s a good deal and a decent pizza. I`m sitting here as I type, eating the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza pizza of the month , it`s really pretty darn good I`ve had really great philly cheesesteaks from back east, and this has a similar flavor. I buy Walmart`s pizza regularly and have never cooked them any other way but right on the rack. And the dough is not raw… previously stated. It is prebaked, so it`s not going to stick to your oven rack either. Thanks Walmart for good deals and great prices.
    Tamra says :

    We buy these pizzas whenever we get a chance to make it over to the Super Walmart 60 minutes from us . We love them. We cook them right on the oven rack and we`ve never had any problems. We use the cardboard wafer that comes under the pizza to remove it from the oven. Very simple We buy a few of these and pop them in the oven for when a pizza craving hits. The price is awesome and we think the quality of their pizzas are great.
    Lisa says :

    I buy the supreme and ultimate meat about twice per month. I bought a pizza peal from a restaurant store, and I cook the pizzas directly on the rack. They don’t stick or make a mess. Great pizza.
    Charles says :

    Yeah.. I`m thinking the in-laws may have better taste than you. Wal-Mart Pizza is cheap and taste great. You will be hard pressed to find pizza that cheap and that size AND STILL taste outstanding, anywhere. I don`t have a problem putting the pizza directly on the rack Getting it out isn`t a problem either all you gotta do is get cleaver and use the cardboard the pizza came with and a regular spatula. Wal-Mart pizza ONLY gets better if you`ve been drinking. It is a singleman`s best food out there. Don`t stop making those pizza`s Wal-Mart. Crap.. now I`ve gotta go out and get me one now…
    Dude Guy says :

    Well, judging from the fact that you like Pizza Hut over these and you don`t like things your parents have recommended, I`m going to have to assume that you probably consume mostly junk food. Pizza Hut has junk toppings and junk crust. It`s completely loaded down with grease. They are down right disgusting compared to these deli pizzas. I`ll be honest. When I`m in a hurry I`ve put the pizzas on my rack before. It doesn`t burn to the rack and there is no clean up. It`s also not too hard to slide the cardboard the pizza came with under it and pull it the rest of the way on with a fork. The only downer here is it doesn`t cook as evenly and your crust isn`t as crunchy on the bottom, still not that big of a deal though. I like all these pizzas I`ve tried with the exception of this months flavor, Seven Layer . It`s kind of a pseudo taco pizza. Thoroughly disgusting.
    Joanna says :

    There have been a few times that I haven’t been thrilled with Wal-Mart’s pizza, but for the price, it is easily fixed by adding your own toppings. Personally I like to add extra cheese and pineapple to their meat lovers pizza. Also, it would be a good idea to purchase a large pizza pan. They are sold at Wal-Mart, but for a crispier crust I would definitely make the investment into a large baking stone. The crust comes out crispier and delicious.
    ryan says :

    Your spelling for retarded is incorrect, which is an ironic gesture, lol
    Vince Smith says :

    Walmart pizzas are great We do add toppings to ours, such as extra cheese, mushrooms and black olives. As for cooking them on the rack, you can do that but you will get a crispier crust. It will come out softer if you use a pizza pan. They sell a great 16″ pizza pan with raised sides at Walmart as well, we use it all the time.
    mj says :

    Normally I would rave about these pizzas but this last time it was all I could do to eat it, even the kids didn’t eat it like they normally do, and these kids will eat anything. This batch of pizza had a tough, chewy crust and some of the meat toppings tasted freezer burned. I might try their pizza again but its gonna take me awhile to get the bad taste out of my mouth….literally.
    Joanna says :

    Hi MJ,

    I’m sorry that your pizza didn’t taste right. I have encountered this problem before too. I have a simple solution that sounds a little crazy, but it works:

    The next time you buy the pizza pull the one that is the farthest back or the last one in the stack. Usually, these are the freshest. The ones on top are often the oldest and thus can have the freezer burnt taste.

    It isn’t scientific, but it works.

    Hope this helps.

    Joe D says :

    Bought a deli meat pizza today for the first time. It was in a rack near the cashiers and I purchased the most recently baked one for $ 5. A good price I thought. This was the worst pizza I have ever had. The crust tasted like a kitchen sponge, the sauce was very plain and the toppings didn’t have much flavor-I gave it to the dogs after 1 piece, they even hesitated to eat it.
    Joe D says :

    re : I also wasn�t very impressed with the taste
    crust was spongy and not well cooked, sauce had no spicyness, like ketchup and tomato sauce (plain mixed together. Meats hadn’t much flavor and very little cheese.
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