World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade
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  • These grinds are boring at best, mind-numbing at worst
  • Unfortunately, two of the old battlegrounds are capture the flag and capture the bases, respectively
  • Finally, I wasn't too impressed by the new classes
  • However, I believe this helps us answer our original question

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      The Burning Crusade is the long anticipated expansion pack to the widely popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. The Burning Crusade allows the player to travel to the Outlands, play two new races, and increases the level cap from 60 to 70, not to mention indroducing vastly better gear and items. The question is: Does the Burning Crusade just provide more of the same kind of content or does it breathe new life into Blizzard’s cash cow?

      The Outlands consists of seven new zones, ranging from the fungus like marshlands of Zangamarsh to the bizarre tech society, Netherstorm. Each zone is very distinct and far more innovative than most zones in the old world, Azeroth. I can say the same about the leveling from 60 to 70. Although a lot of the quests are the same old gather this, kill that, a lot of the quests add a new flavor to the leveling grind. One type of new quest is the bombing quest, which gives the player control of a wyvern that passes over dangerous enemy territory, and also control over bombs to drop on goal objectives. The incentive for questing has also improved dramatically. You’ll notice that the gear rewards, even the uncommon green gear, can be

      very useful. In fact, from levels 60-62 I replaced every piece of gear I had, effectively doubling my hit points and spell damage. So don’t get too frustrated during those first few quests in Hellfire Peninsula, it will pay off dividends.

      A lot of people who do not play MMO’s, or don’t think much of them ask: “Why play a game where you spend weeks or even months to get to the top level, only to have nothing to do once you get there?” The Burning Crusade gives you plenty to do once you hit level 70, although not all of it is fast and exciting. First, the exciting stuff. At level 70, you gain the ability to purchase a flying mount for 900 gold total. This gives you access to otherwise inaccessable dungeons, as well as the ability to not deal with aggroing enemies every time you are moving from place to place. After you gain a significant amount of goal, upwards of 5000g, you can train for an epic flying mount that is much faster than the normal mount. At level 70, you can begin to raid if you so choose. The Burning Crusade has both 10 and 25 man raids that offer epic

      loot for dedicated players. These raids require a firm commitment to the game, although they are significantly easier than the 20 and 40 man raids of the old world. The seasoned player will also gain access to heroic 5 man dungeons, which are essentially harder versions of the regular 5 man dungeons that offer better loot. Bosses in heroic dungeons drop Badges of Justice which can be turned in for epic rewards. Finally, the Burning Crusade added an arena mode where groups of 2, 3 or 5 people can battle it out for rating points which translate into high end PvP gear. Arena is the single greatest addition to the Burning Crusade and a must for any hardcore PvPer.

      Onto the not so exciting. At level 70 you will have to start earning reputation with many factions in order to gain more epic gear, rare recipes and access to certain areas and questlines. These grinds are boring at best, mind-numbing at worst. Most faction grinds consist of killing thousands of the same enemies and hoping that some of them drop additional items that can be turned in for more faction points. Also, dungeons may grant reputation for certain factions. Again, you’ll be running the same ...

      • World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade
      dungeons over and over, so make sure you find a good, dedicated group. Daily quests are also a bit of a snore. Daily quests allow players who have completed every normal quest an opportunity to make gold to help pay for their expenses. You’re allowed to do 10 of these a day. The problem is, they’re the same quests every single day, and they’re boring. It also ties in to the addictive properties of MMORPG’s. Players log in, complete ten generic dailies, treat it like a day at the office and then begin playing. It feels like they encourage players to play more and more, doing very boring things just to stay afloat economically. Good concept, bad execution. The new battleground Eye of the Storm, where 15 players from the Horde go against 15 counterparts from the Alliance, is ok but lacks innovation. It is basically a combination of capture the bases and capture the flag. Unfortunately, two of the old battlegrounds are capture the flag and capture the bases, respectively. It’s still fun, but you feel like you’ve been here before. Finally, I wasn’t too impressed by the new classes. Not because the new races are bad, but because
      they are just that and not new classes. Rarely, does an expansion come out where you cannot play a different class. Blizzard justifies this by giving the Horde Paladins and the Alliance Shamans. Yeah, it’s not the same. Blood Elves are the Horde’s new race. They defy what the Horde is all about, namely, they are pretty. They’re nothing special, they have a 2 second silence effect that is ok but I’ll take an Undead anyday. Draenei are the new Alliance race. They look like human/elephant hybrids and did not interest me or most players at all.

      With a game like the Burning Crusade there is so much to cover and I’ve just touched the surface. However, I believe this helps us answer our original question. The answer is while the Burning Crusade is primarily more of the same content, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and it does refine if not revolutionize its original formula. I do warn that in order to gain a full epic set of gear you will have to invest hundreds if not thousands of hours into this game. Have fun, enjoy, watch the South Park episode, don’t take it too seriously and you’ll love World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

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