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  • Mass Effect is an incredibly immersive experience, that is sure to diminish anything thats left of your social life
  • The best part about this is, you actually control the outcome of the game
  • While Mass Effect is an amazing game, the flaws and glitches appear far to often

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      Gamers, it’s only fair that I should warn you. “Mass Effect” is an incredibly immersive experience, that is sure to diminish anything thats left of your social life. (For a fair amount of time at least.)

      “Mass Effect” is the tale of Commander Shepard (you), humanities finest soldier, who’s thrust into the middle of an intergalactic conspiracy on a quest to prove to the rest of the universe that humans aren’t half bad. When a rouge “Specter,” (the highest rank an intergalactic agent can achieve) is caught by the humans, Commander Shepard becomes the first human to enter the ranks of the Specters on a mission to hunt him down.

      The game features an impressive cast of characters, spanning through several species throughout the universe. Which is a fantastic thing, because the one thing you’ll be doing for hours on end is talking. When a conversation commences you literally take the role of Shepard. You can choose from a wide variety of responses and inquiries to keep a conversation going or end it immediately. The best part about this is, you actually control the outcome of the game. If a player doesn’t want someone to join their team? Fine, cast him aside. You want

      to start a relationship with an alien woman? Go for it. The world is subject to your actions, and that is quite possibly the greatest thing in Mass Effect. It almost feels like playing a really incredible movie, only you control everything the star says and does. The only down side is, when trying to play the “bad cop” role, players might notice Shepard doesn’t act all that “bad.”

      As far as actual game play goes outside of the repeated use of your characters big mouth; you’re essentially going to dive into a classic third-person shooter splashed with some RPG elements. You’ll be given a few classes at the beginning of the game to choose from. Each comes with it’s strengths and weaknesses but in the end it doesn’t seem to matter all that much. Sure I could be a soldier and deal out large amounts damage with a wide array of weapons… but at the same time using an engineer and his starting arsenal of only a pistol won’t feel all that much harder. Each character in your party, is able to upgrade each of their weapons and abilities each time your character levels up. Gaining experience however, does not only ...

      • come from battling, but more talking.

        Your character seems incredibly awkward to control. Not that the shooting mechanics are bad, nor are the controls unresponsive; the character simply “feels” weird moving around. Not to mention Shepard moves like a snail caught in molasses. The A button can be held down to move faster, but it’s such a subtle increase in speed that I didn’t even know the function until half way through the game. When a character is in battle though, A will cause them to sprint, which is a much improved system for increasing your characters speed.

        Of course with each and every game there are downsides. The main quest is over far too soon, leaving you with a ton of side quests to fill up your time. However, they are optional, and although I’d love to be able to say they are worth your time, I have yet to find any enjoyment in them. BioWare seems to believe that boss battles should be cranked up in difficulty that players may find a battle nearly impossible. This leaves you back tracking until you can find a way to upgrade your characters; also if you decide to stay and fight you can find

        yourself dying in a matter of seconds only to watch the same five minute cut scene over and over (with no way to skip.)

        The game is absolutely gorgeous.. when it works. Through much of the game the frame rate is all over the place. The only way to describe the way it looks is as if your eyes have hiccups with the screen bouncing all over every once in awhile. On top of that, textures refuse to show up on many occasions simply turning characters into massive colored blobs.

        While BioWare brags that this game has in-depth emotional responses from it’s characters… it does not. Most of the time, players will gaze at nearly life-less faces with repeated animations as they move their incredibly stiff arms around to show they are “alive.” Not to mention Shepard has an incredibly awkward time displaying emotions as players are able to create him themselves through a very limited character creation system.

        While “Mass Effect” is an amazing game, the flaws and glitches appear far to often. Sometimes sticking you in a wall, or the controller refusing to acknowledge you are pressing buttons. This is why I simply cannot bring myself to give the game a nine.

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