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  • It's pricey - I paid almost $20 for 1 fluid ounce
  • When I bought Palmer's, I was wary and thought that it was costly, especially if it did not work
  • I found it at my local grocery store, and I am sure that drugstores and places like Target and WalMart carry it, as well
  • I am really pleased with this product because I thought I would have to live with several scars on my face for the remainder of my life

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      Palmer’s Scar Serum was recommended to me by a surgeon. I had gone through a pretty nasty accident, and had scarring on my face even after the surgery. When I was discharged from the hospital, my surgeon said to pick up Palmer’s on the way home and begin using it immediately.

      I did use it, three times daily for the next six weeks. My scars faded remarkably, and by the time two months passed and I was back at

      work, no one could tell I had been in an accident.

      Palmer’s Scar Serum contains Vitamin E, cocoa seed butter, shark liver oil and onion bulb extract. the serum has a strong odor due to the shark liver, but it’s not unpleasant.

      The serum is thick and I only had to use a few drops at a time. It recommends massaging the oil into your skin but I just patted in on my scars.

      It’s pricey - I paid ...

      • almost $20 for 1 fluid ounce. When I bought Palmer’s, I was wary and thought that it was costly, especially if it did not work.

        But I trusted my surgeon and went ahead, and I am so glad that I did. I found it at my local grocery store, and I am sure that drugstores and places like Target and WalMart carry it, as well.

        It’s been a year since my accident and I still use Palmer’s once a

        week before I go to bed. I dab it all over my face, which smooths and softens my skin.

        I am really pleased with this product because I thought I would have to live with several scars on my face for the remainder of my life. No worries, however, Palmer’s took care of the scars and my skin is beautiful.

        People can’t believe I had such trauma to my face, and no one can see scars. This product works!

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    LINDA says :

    1. should i apply it before or after using my moisturizer ? says that,it should apply 3-4 times daily, do i have to clean my face every time before apply it? thank you
    junmae says :

    You need to clean your face every time you put this serum to prevent irritation and to remove dirt from the face. It is better if you will not put anything while applying this serum to ensure effectiveness of the product.
    Joanna says :

    Hi Linda,

    1. Ideally, it should be applied before your moisturizer to increase the effectiveness of the product. It can be put on after a moisturizer, and it may still work, but not all of the medicine will absorb and so it won’t be as effective.

    2. You should apply it at least three times a day. I have found that when using these products, at least two of the applications should be made in the morning right after a face wash, and at night right before bed.

    Ideally, you would need to wash your face before each application, but if you are at work or busy this is too time consuming. Personally, I purchased some make-up remover pads (I like Almay for the price) and simply wiped the area I was going to use the cream on. This saved me a lot of time.

    Hope this helps.


    vivek says :

    Hey. I’m 17
    I have few small nail scars on my face probably dark circles.
    I wonder, If serum could do anything for it. :)
    Please do reply cause I hope theres a way out of this.
    Galega says :

    Yes, Palmer’s Scar Serum can be used against many types of scars, including dark circles. It may take some time to show results, though.
    satie daniel says :

    Hello i wanted to know if this Serum can be used on the legs for dark marks??
    junmae says :

    Yes. Because it helps lighten the dark marks.
    Joanna says :


    Yes, it can be used for dark scars as a method of lightening the pigment in the scar tissue. However, it is important to note that users should be careful to apply a good sunscreen to the treatment area whenever it will endure prolonged exposure to the sun. If you don’t use a sunscreen you won’t see positive results. I found this out the hard way.
    Brittany says :

    re : It’s pricey - I paid almost $20 for 1 fluid ounce
    I’m surprised you paid so much for it… I live in South Africa and purchase it frequently at around USD 6.50 - USD 8 … you guys must pay some crazy heavy import duties
    VANESSA HALL says :

    Joanna says :

    Hi Vanessa,

    It is very likely that Palmers will help it, but it could take up to several months. I would definitely give it a try though. Palmers really helped to improve the look of a few ketoid scars that I have.

    I also suggest taking Skin, Hair and Nail vitamins to help your skin produce healthy new cells around the scar.

    I would definitely give it a try and see how it works for you.

    Robert says :

    It works great had a stroke five years ago while it the hospital. I had surgery four days later and had about 50 staples along my hair line from the top left across and down to right temple. My daughter got some Palmer’s scar serum somewhere and applied it on the scar every day. To this day people can’t see any sign of a scar whatsoever:O :O, you’re kidding me,they say, I don’t see anything there , is what most people say, they have a hard time believing, I had a scar that big and long on my forehead
    quick note by anonymous :

    hey, i was just wondering…
    since you say that it can heal scars, im pretty sure acne scars would be possible too right?
    but does it prevent acne and/or blemishes?
    Joanna says :


    This is mostly just a scar treatment. It can be used for acne ( I had pretty good luck with it). However, it probably won’t do much to prevent acne or blemishes. I would suggest getting a good acne system. I have gotten hooked on Murad’s Acne System. It contains a cleaners, spot treatment, moisturizer, and (my favorite product) an acne scar and pigmentation lightening serum. It is pricy (about $ 70.00 online, but if you have bad acne and related scars it is completely worth it.

    Hope this helps.


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