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    • by Dr Kalpesh Christian

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      My mother is 75years of age suffering from left knee joint pain. Orthopedic surgeon after x-ray examination diagnosed it as degenerative changes in left knee. Along with other analgesic and other drugs he advised Lubrijoint Plus tablets. It is

      good suppliment for bone and for flexibility of joint. One tablet should be taken two times a day for minimum 2 months.

      Lubrijoint Plus contains Glucosamine & MSM with Vitamin C,D and Pro bone minerals. It do the function of cartilage repair. It has hardly any adverse effect some time it causes epigastri paid, heart burns, diarrhoea, nausea.

      After taking it my mother had good improvement. Her knee pain decrease and she can able to walk better then previous.

      • Lubrijoint Plus
      Her painful times disappear. I feel very happy when I see her smiling. This is magic drug, I can say. It not only act on affected part but it also prevents more destruction. As bone is main body
      structure supportive organ, your bone should be strong and healthy. It need extra care, mainly after 35years of age. It cost Rs 99.70 for 30 tables.

Free Mr. says :

I am using glucosamine USP tablets Lubrijoint for many years. How can I profit most of these tablets. Doctors are talking about degeneration etc . I have problem with back and knee. stiff and sometimes painfull. There is no problem with nerves etc can you advise me about these glucosamine sulphate equivelent to glucosamine base 296 mg and advise me how much i take daylay thank you Mr P.Free
Galega says :

Yes, it can be genetic also. Your doctor may have diagnosed it rightly. If you have any doubt, you should take a second opinion by visiting another doctor.

Glucosamine Sulfate is a very good way to give relief from pain. However, you also need many other medicines to get rid of the problem. Dose depends on the nature of your problem. There is no hard rule about it. You should take it the way your doctor has advised.
uday says :

glucosamine sulphate pottasium chloride for stabilisation. Glucosamine sulphate is originated from sea-animals like shrims.
Amit Saha says :

Apart from LUBRI JOINT Plus or 500, HILIN 50 mg (Dr. Reddy’s) is also prescribed by Orthopedic Doctors. Both of them yield good result in reducing PAIN. But in most cases Pain aggravates on stopping the medicine. So there is no medicine which can restructure your damage. But Physio therapy and specific exercise is equally important to build strength. Medicine cannot do it alone.
P L Naidu says :

hello DOCTOR

I am suffering from numbness in feet and fingers of both hands.I am prescribed to take pregabalin M 75 and nuhenz in the night.Now I heard about Lubrijoint plus pl., advice the therapy I am going to get by taking this medicine.WILL IT REDUCE THE NUMBNESS and give me relief?
Galega says :

I think the diagnosis for you was for some sort of neuropathic pain. That is why your doctor had prescribed Pregabalin M. That should work to control the numbness. I would suggest you to follow the prescription of your doctor.
Bita Sengupta says :

I am taking lubrijoint plus for last two weeks and I am a Diabetic and my sugar is very high now, do u think it is any side effect of lubrijoint plus medicine?
Galega says :

I would strongly suggest you to consult a doctor. Lubrijoint Plus contain Glucosamine.

Even though glucosamine is technically a type of sugar, it doesn’t appear to affect blood sugar levels or insulin sensitivity. Some preliminary research had suggested that glucosamine might worsen insulin resistance, which can contribute to increases in blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. Hence, you should consult a doctor and discuss this issue. It can be used according to the exact nature of your diabetes.
gagan kumar singhal says :

Hello sir ,
Plz mail me the information regarding
Lubrijoint vs lubrijoint Od and lubrijoint plus .
Which one is more helpful to joint pain and knee pain .
It’s is suitable for Person having BP.

Gagan kumar Singhal
Galega says :

The difference is all about ingredients. Lubrijoint and Lubrijoin OD are almost same with Glucosamine Sulfate as active ingredient. Lubrijoint Plus contains many other necessary minerals along with Glucosamine Sulfate. Lubrijoint or Lubrijoint OD is generally prescribed for joint pain. In any case, this medicine should be taken under medical supervision and hence you should consult a doctor.
Dr.Kaushal Patel says :

You should first consult your knee surgery or any orthopaedic surgeon for actual problem and depending upon his advise starts medicine.

Galega says :

Yes, it contains non-veg material (indirectly).

But, that should not be a matter of concern for you. Even if you are a vegetarian, there is no harm in taking it.
seema says :

Is Glucosamine good for rhumetoid Arthritis patients who is suffering from chronic pain stiffness in full body …….a d wats good for their deshape of any bone and joint like fingers etc caused by this disease. Plz suggest.
Galega says :

Glucosamine can help you to tackle the problem of rhumetoid arthritis giving relief from the chronic pain. However, please keep in mind that you should start the medication only after consulting a medical professional. Apart from Glucosamine, you may need other medicines also for complete treatment.
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