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  • I thought he could manage to eat something that was not as delicious or as healthy for him until I could manage to get to the right store to buy the Pedigree dog food he is used to
  • It actually took a while, for him to even consider it
  • It is bite size, and it just seemed so convenient, at the time

    • by covenly1
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      I admit, I ran out of my dog’s normal dog food, and was in a hurry to get home. I was at The Dollar Store, saw some dog food, there, and thought, that would do, until I could get the Pedigree Dog Food I have always fed my Beagle. This was a BIG MISTAKE!

      I fed the dog, my Beagle, when I arrived home. He sniffed it, and looked at me, as if to say, “What’s this stuff?”, in a disgusted look.

      I thought he could manage to eat something that was not as delicious or as healthy for him until I could manage to get to the right store to buy the Pedigree dog food he is used to. It

      actually took a while, for him to even consider it. But, he must have realized that this was what he was getting for dinner, so he might as well eat it.

      His first bite of this ‘Field Trial’ dog food actually was spit out. But, I had no other dog food to give him, and I was very busy. Finally, he ate part of it.

      After eating it, he threw up. That’s a first, for him. Then, later, that night, he actually went to the bathroom IN the house, and he NEVER does that! It had totally thrown him off schedule.

      He was not happy. But, I didn’t want to give him ‘people’ food, as a dog cannot brush his teeth,

      • and people food DOES end up giving a dog bad breath, and bad teeth, as there is too much sugar, salt, etc. in the food.

        I have read the bag’s ingredients, to see what is wrong, besides the fact that it doesn’t even smell like good food. The bag states that this is 100% nutritionally complete. The guaranteed analysis is not one that I would choose on purpose, of the ingredients: Protein: 21, Fat: 8%, Fiber 6%, and moisture is 12%.

        That doesn’t equal even half of what is in this stuff. It is bite size, and it just seemed so convenient, at the time. The main ingredient is ground corn.

        I didn’t read the ingredients, before I fed it to

        my healthy Beagle. I was just trying to get something for his dinner, and I did. I want to make it clear, that I do NOT think this is a good dog food, in any way.

        My cat wouldn’t even touch it, and he usually enjoys ’stealing’ as much of the dog food as possible! The dog food comes in a bright blue bag, 3. 3 pounds of it. It has a picture of a black lab pup on it.

        Please, don’t buy this for your dog. Your dog will not thank you! If your dog is house trained, you may get a large surprise on your carpet, as well! Don’t buy this ‘Field Trial’ Dog food……. because, you and your pet will both be sorry!

    kim says :

    i had a beagle dashcund mix lived on it from day one thata all she would it tried others wonderfull vets wondered what i fed her i told them the cheep stuff the fireld trial every vet told my she is very healthy and she liverd to be 13 yeadrs old and died of old age she moved many times with me and was the best dig in the whole wordl never was sick not one time so this prooves the dog food is great and now i have a family and a dacshund and we feed it the same thing thank you
    Linda says :

    I had a beautiful black Labrador named Cooter. We got him when he was 9 weeks old, he was a part of our family. We had 2 children ages 7 and 10 and Cooter was very protective of them. We feed him Field Trial dog food because at the time it was what fit into our budget. He seemed to like it very much. I did try other foods gradually, thinking higher price would be better for him. He was not interested and I went back to Field Trial. We had that amazing loyal friend, companion, goof ball for 16 years. He was healthy, happy, not over weight and only had one medical issue that needed surgery other than being neutered and that was a growth on his eyelid, which is quite common for his breed. We still miss him to this day and he passed away in 2005. Field Trial was not only price affective for us but my dog Cooter enjoyed it.
    tf says :

    Ok geniuses. Anytime you switch dog food it is going to take a while for your dog to make the transition. As dog owners you should know this
    emphe says :

    re : It is bite size, and it just seemed so convenient, at the time
    this is a very great kind of dog food.
    Virginia says :

    i bought field trial premium bite sized food for my dog. I’ve had it for three days, its making my baby sick, hes been puking and he has really bad diarrhea. and tonight, his face is completely swollen. i dont know if its an allergic reaction or if someone poisoned the food maybe. but my dog is not doing ok. im probably going to sue the corporate people who made the food if my dog dies. i hate this so much. my dog is an innocent little baby. i love him so much and never want anything bad to happen to him. hes the most important thing in my life. I cannot lose him. if anyone wants to see my little caspian and help me against animal cruelty, you can follow me on Instagram. [at]caspiandogsford NO this is not a self promo. i just want help getting this food brand shut down for doing this to my dog and i feel that that may be the only way anyone will be anle to contact me. so please, i could use as much help as i can get. if you love your pet as much as i love mine, youll take this into consideration.

    thank you and god bless.
    Crystal says :

    I just fed my dog this food I picked up from convenient store now my dog is being all weird. My dog is shaking and he will not move out of one spot in my yard. I rolled him over to look at him and I know this is a little blood coming out of his penis. Is this because of the dog food if so I want in this I love my dog and I really hope that he’s going to be ok from this. My daughter’s love him too we’ve had him since he was a puppy. My daughters found him and adopted him. Please if all possible contact me back by email. If this dog food did this to my poor puppy I’m going to be so so upset and I will want to sue as well.
    BOB iNMAN says :

    Raised and trained gun dogs for over 20 years. Field Trial worked great
    Most of the DOG Idiots out there think they know something about animal nutrition but….canines in the wild survive on meat with hair, feathers, bone, hide etc . ans are much more fit and healthy. Dogs need exercise and a natural diet. All the rest is BS and hype.
    Nikita says :

    I sent my boyfirend out to pick up dog food for our 5 month old pit mix. And instead of grabbing her usually puppy chow he went to dollar tree and grabbed Field Trail bits and bones. The first night she started throwing up and shitting in the house, and it was runny, which is not normal for her she has never thrown up and has not gone in the house since she hit 3 months old. Now she refuses to eat anything afraid to get sick again, Field Trail just landed me a big vet bill I recommend people to stay away from Field Trail.
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi Nikita, should this happen again slowly reintroduce chicken and rice to your puppy. Think of it like giving yourself chicken soup with an upset stomach. This will settle her umm give her nutrients, and help keep her eating. Do this for 48 hours and then switch her back to her normal food.
    Patricia says :

    I agree with Jenifer. Although my dog was not sick from Field Trail, last week we had to rush him to the vet where we found out he was poisoned and had all the same symptoms plus blood in the stool. We recently had a dog die of the same thing 2 months ago and at the time she got sick and died so fast we had no time to help her after noticing her symptoms.

    We won’t know what the poison was it until Friday, but we got a call from the vet saying he wouldn’t eat his food they were feeding to him. So I made him a whole pot of chicken and rice just boiled in water and rushed it down there. He ate the whole thing and felt so much better.

    Now the food we feed them is Rachael Ray kibbles but it may still be possible it was tainted. I now make sure I make their food when I can afford to and I recommend throwing in veggies like peas and carrots for extra nutrients. They also like apples and watermelon which are both very good for them but WILL clean their systems out if you catch my drift )
    quick note by anonymous :

    I’m with you, this is crap, I have two dogs. they turned their nose up at it. your so called Dog Food needs to be taken off the market. Like so many others. Should of left the food and just give the money to you personally. Because that’s what I’ve done. and still my dogs are out of food. I went as far as taken a hammer to it trying to breaking it up. It wouldn’t break. it’s like a rock. This along with the company needs a dog of their own, OH NO THAT WOULD MEAN THE DOG WOULD DIE.
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