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  • I bought a five-pack of these bags because I had little storage space
  • Unfortunately, the Space Bags are not perfect
  • The biggest problem is that the Space Bags do not always stay compressed
  • If you're looking for a cheap but effective way to store your clothing or bedding, you should avoid Space Bags
  • They are not the best-made, or most durable, products on the market

    • by Sarah81

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      The Original Space Bag promises an easy, space-friendly storage solution for your clothing, bedding, and pretty much any other item that you want to store in a plastic bag. The Space Bag concept is simple: load up your clothes (or whatever), seal the bag, and use your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to suck out the air. This saves you quite a bit of storage space and protects your stored fabrics.

      I bought a five-pack of these bags because I had little storage space. At the time, I was in the middle of the wardrobe switchover that many of us do when the seasons change. My winter clothes were washed, dried, folded, and placed in the Space Bags, which fit nicely under my bed.

      The Space Bags have several strong points:

      The bags come in various sizes.

      You can get super-large bags for storing your bedding; tiny bags that you can take with you when you travel (ideal for bringing home dirty laundry), and several in-between sizes for other storage needs. I bought a multi-pack, so I got a fairly decent assortment of bags.

      Another good thing about Space Bags is that they are easy to use. The instructions are printed right on the bags, which makes things easier. I didn’t have to worry about losing printed directions or trying to keep track of the cardboard packaging while I went about the business of switching out my wardrobe.

      The directions are very simple, too. You just fill up the bag and move the plastic slide from one end to the other (that seals the zipper). Then you stick your vacuum cleaner

      hose to the port on the bag and watch the bag shrink around its contents.

      You might not think that you’ll save much storage space with these bags, but that’s not true. I packed hoodies, fleece sleep pants, sweatshirts and other heavy clothing into the bags. After I vacuumed out the air, the bags were anywhere from two-thirds to one-thirds of their original sizes. Before I sucked out the air, none of the bags would slide under my bed. After, though, they all fit the space.

      Unfortunately, the Space Bags are not perfect. I’ve had the bags for several months now and have discovered several problems that will prevent me from buying any more - or using the ones that I already have.

      The biggest problem is that the Space Bags do not always stay compressed.

      • Original Space Bag
      Sometimes the air will “leak” back into the bags, which defeats the whole point of vacuuming out the air in the first place. I might as well go the cheap route and store my winter clothing in non-vacuum storage bags.

      Another problem is the fact that these bags are not made of the thickest or most durable plastic. After my cat walked across one of the filled bags, I had a useless product because it was full of little pinholes. The cat did not claw or shred the bag. She merely walked across the thing, which was apparently enough to ruin it.

      My biggest complaint, though, came after I opened up the Space Bags last week. I had washed and dried all of my clothing right before I put each item into the Space Bags.

      But after sitting in the Space Bags for those months, the clothes took on a super-musty smell. It was actually more of a stench than a smell: I had to leave the opened bags, still full of clothing, on the porch so that they could air out. After a day and a half of fresh air, the clothes still stank. I had to re-wash every single item before I could wear it. What’s the point of carefully laundering all of my winter clothing, and storing it in so-called “vacuum-sealed” bags, when I will just have to re-wash everything when winter comes back around?

      If you’re looking for a cheap but effective way to store your clothing or bedding, you should avoid Space Bags. They are not the best-made, or most durable, products on the market.

linda says :

Not worth the money and the free storage bag isn’t free and you have no way of opting out of the free storage bag I would return them in a heart beat if I could.

quick note by anonymous :

I purchased 2 packs Oringinalspacebags 9thJune14 which I paid 69.90. On the 21stJuly I recieved a letter and brochure from a Spanish company selling holiday accomodation who stated”Welcome to Free Time.Following your recent Spacebag purchase we are pleased to offer you a 30 day trail period of membership to our holiay accomodation club and your membership starts today 10June2014. Unless you contact us we will take from your Credit Card 99.99 for your annual membership.” They had if fact already taken the money from my account on 15th.June 2014 without my knowledge or consent. Original Spacebags had sold on my personnel details and credit card and security details to this Spanish company and others without my consent, without speaking to me ect.

I have spent the past 3days trying to speak to a senior person at spacebags but have constantly been told no one is available, they are all in meetings,or we will get some one to ring you back ect ect ect. Oringialspacebags Website quotes they are “totally committed to the protection of your security and privacy -we treat the privacy of our customers with the highest integrity” Some integrity they cannot return a call,all the senior managers and directors are in meetings all day The company whom they sold my personnel details to are based in Marbella. Spain. I wonder if thats where they hold all of their meetings Do not buy from this company or you may stand a chance of being defrauded.

Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Anonymous, I am sorry that such a thing happened to you. If you live in the United States I highly suggesting contacting your state Attorney General. Also here is a government webpage where you can submit a complaint and be directed to the appropriate help source. Hope this helps you get some resolution.

Alma Russ says :

What is the solution for space bags that will not remain compressed? I have several and have not been successful with either of them.

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