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  • The website for this company clearly lists the cost of all calls to over 200 countries, including what it costs to call long distance cell phones
  • For more information visit www. and avoid pesky telemarketers

    • by Melissa Glenn

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      Tired of getting calls from telemarketers urging you to switch long distance telephone plans? We certainly were so we began using Caztel’s 10-10-70 long distance services and we have never been happier!

      To begin with, there is no need to sign up for this particular long distance telephone service, if you don’t use it, you don’t get billed! As my family only makes long distance telephone calls periodically, we thought this would be the perfect long distance service for


      How the 10-10-70 telephone service works is like this. Anytime I want to make a long distance telephone call from my home phone I first have to dial 10-10-70 plus 1 then the long distance number. Using the first set of numbers is everyone’s access code to the Caztel network. It is far easier for me than fussing with a prepaid telephone card, and the great thing about Caztel is that the call’s I do make show up ...

      • on my local telephone bill under ‘other services’. I never had to deal with a telemarketer to get this service at all!

        Now anywhere I call in the USA and Canada is really cheap! I can talk for 60 minutes for only 99cents anytime of the day!!! With each additional minute only costing 4cents, and even better, if I get someone’s answering machine and my call is less than 10 seconds I don’t get billed by Caztel at all!


        the 10-10-70-access number does enable me to make calls all over the world. The website for this company clearly lists the cost of all calls to over 200 countries, including what it costs to call long distance cell phones! Surely no long distance plan I have ever encountered does so much.

        If you are looking to make cheap long distance calls you can do no better than to try Caztel’s 10-10-70 plans. For more information visit and avoid pesky telemarketers!

    quick note by anonymous :

    Could I call cuba from nb canada
    Marg says :

    Yes, the rates are $ 1.59 Check here:
    Silvana Massa says :

    What is the rate to call a cell phone in Italy from a land line , their provider being Tim
    joe smith says :

    Up to 5 minutes the rates are 99 per minute. It’s 40 for additional minutes. FYI, you can check all rates here on Caztel’s official page:
    liz says :

    What is the cost of a call from Canada to Pakistan? Is it the same price all day?
    Jules Li says :

    The rates are the same 24×7. To call Pakistan, it’s 39 cents per minute. Here’s a link to Caztel’s website, just in case you want to view other rates:
    Selina says :

    Can I make a call from New Brunswick where Caztel service is available to Newfoundland where Caztel service is not available and how much does it cost? Thanks
    John says :

    If you’re calling from a location in Canada to another location in the same country, the price is 99 cents for a 110 min call.
    J. Shepherd says :

    Jules Li says :

    It’s 1.59 per minute to call Cuba.
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