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  • I don't know if it's just here in the Philippines but there's not a student I know who hasn't ever used a Mongol pencil
  • What I like about Mongol pencil is that it's more durable than the others

    • by darbybelle

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      I don’t know if it’s just here in the Philippines but there’s not a student I know who hasn’t ever used a Mongol pencil. It is a household name when it comes to pencils.

      From nursery to grade

      school, Mongol is what students use.

      It’s even what some teachers and schools prescribe to use here in the country.

      Well, I guess Mongol pencil is one of the better brands around.

      What I like about Mongol pencil ...

      • is that it’s more durable than the others.

        The lead of the pencil doesn’t easily break.

        It’s really irritating when you are writing things down and then your pencil keeps on breaking and you have to stand up

        again and again to sharpen it.

        It also has an eraser that erases writings well.

        Others would leave dark marks that make you paper dirty.

        This important especially for young children because they are constantly erasing when writing school works.

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    darbybelle replies :

    Hi I`m not 100 sure but I think Mongol 2 writes darker. That is why it`s preferred in school and during exams.
    Galega says :

    Mongol 2 is preferred in school and board exam. Even board recommends students to use this version.

    It is not, as you say, because that this pencil is darker. IT is because Mongol 2 is HARDER.

    You can see H mark over this pencil. ‘H’ is an indication of harder pencil. The other is B (on Mongol 1) which is an indication of softer pencil.
    sandra glynn says :

    What is the difference of mongol 1 from mongol 2? The board exam required a mongol 2 pencil and I have mistakenly used mongol 1.
    Galega says :

    Mongol 2 is H or 2H pencil which means it is tough. Pencils are marked H or B to indicate their toughness which in extension can help people to choose a right pencil for right work. For exam, you need tough pencil and hence Mongol 2 is recommended. Mongol 1 is soft and can be the best shot for sketching or drawing. The board had recommended Mongol 2 to make you write better owing to the toughness of the graphite. Don’t worry, if you have used Mongol 1.
    hazel says :

    I used mongol 2 pencil for kids during my board exam?I am worried about this because our answer sheet will be check by computer?please answer me.
    Galega says :

    Computer programs which evaluates your answers are not supposed to distinguish between the type of pencils used. It is recommended that you use Mongol 2 just because it is harder, and may be darker also. That makes the imprint more visible when you mark the answer (fill the OMR sheet) which helps programs to read the answer easily.
    Mary Cabel says :

    Hello sir Im current taking the Blept exam right. And I realize I used mongol 1 in my Gen.Ed exam. Im very bothered right now. Will the machine detect that I didnt use the appropriate pen. Im afraid of the outcome.
    Galega says :

    If you have marked the paper in the correct manner, there won’t be any problem. Actually, machine has nothing to do with the kid of pencil you are using. The suggestion is given to help machine scan and read everything you have marked.
    darbybelle replies :

    I think there`s really nothing to worry about since Mongol 2 is the required pencil for board exams…Since this is a late reply, I hope you passed the exam…Season`s Greetings
    hazel says :

    is mongol 2 for kids pencil has the same lead content than standard mongol 2 pencil?I mistakenly used this when I took the board exam?kindly answer me.
    John says :

    Yes, they have the same darkness, there are just design differences.
    Galega says :

    There is absolutely no LEAD in mongol pencil. Lead is not used with pencil anywhere.

    Your perception that it has lead is wrong.

    Further, the graphite used in both pencil is also the same. It is the darkness that varies. Mongol 2 is darker than that of General Mongol Pencil.
    quick note by anonymous :

    The lead of the pencil doesn t easily break? LEAD not graphite?
    Galega says :


    You should also have given the type of pencil you are referring to.

    I think you are referring to Mongol 2. It is harder pencil and to ascertain this you can see the H mark on it. The writing material is made of graphite. It doesn’t easily break just because it is harder.

    H is a mark of harder pencil. The higher the number preceding H, the tougher the pencil (graphite). For example, 2H, 3H….
    Emman says :

    hi i was stabbed by a mongol pencil does it have lead or something??? im curious
    Jan says :

    Me too I arrived in this article because I was curious if mongol 2 contained lead. I was stabbed by one just a fes seconds ago
    Japheth says :

    Actually, pencils have always been made with non-toxic graphite, not lead. When a huge deposit of graphite was discovered in the 1500 s, it was mistakenly thought to be a form of lead, and the name stuck, at least for colloquial use. So, you don’t need to worry about lead.
    Galega says :

    There is absolutely no trace of LEAD in Mongol Pencil. You can rest assured about this fact.

    In fact, it holds true for all pencils used throughout the world. Only graphite is used for writing purposes in pencil. Lead can be dangerous for children and getting hurt by pencil is quite normal in school. Obviously, no government will give regulatory permission for using lead in pencil.
    Kyla Mendila says :

    re : I don’t know if it’s just here in the Philippines but there’s not a student I know who hasn’t ever used a Mongol pencil
    i am a filipino student and i am proud that i use the most independent and a good kind of pencil thats not kind of others mongol are perfect made 100% Philippines and i am confidently using that kind of pencil. i am proudly presenting Mongol. right
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