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Shravanthi says :

Can we use this for 7 yr old boy suffering from allregy causing cough and wheezing and in which form and dosage
Galega says :

Your baby is only 7 year old. He has allergy resulting in wheezing cough.

That should be enough for you to immediately consult a physician/pediatrician. Please don’t self medicate in this situation.

On a side note, Pankaj Kasthuri can be given to 7 year old. However, it is mandatory to speak to a doctor before giving it to children.
Ajithkumar says :

Hi sir ,
I am ajith from tamilnadu . I am 22age boy. I am having cough and weesing problem from last 4 years . If possible to solve my issue by ur product . Kindly advise to me . I am waiting for ur response
Galega says :

The first thing you need to do is to immediately consult a physician and go for thorough check ups, if you haven’t done so. Proper diagnostic is quite necessary in your case, as you are having cough and wheezing problem since last four years.

Pankaj Kasthuri can be helpful for your kind of requirements. But, consultation with a doctor is mandatory seeing the duration for which you are having this problem.
Ramraj says :

My sister (age 23), she sneezes continuously and has sinus problem. Sometimes blood comes along with mucus when she sneezes continuously. Please tell me if she can take this pankaja kashthuri medicine. If she can take this can anyone tell me how long she has to take?
Galega says :

Pankaj Kasthuri can be taken in the similar condition. It should give positive result.

However, I would never suggest you to take it without consulting a doctor. The blood is coming out with mucus and I think this condition demands urgent medical consultation. You should consult a doctor and follow the suggestion.
Ramraj says :

Thanks Galega.
NN says :

Can we give Pankaja kasthuri breathe eazy syrup for 4 year old. She gets respitory problems whenever she catches cold. This is happening for the past 2 years. We recently got Asthma treatment…we want to prevent the respatory infection to appear again and again. but not sure whether we can give this medicine for 4 year old or not. My sister gave me this medicine name. Please advise
Marg says :

Yes, according to the bottle, it can be given to anyone “irrespective of their age”.
Galega says :

One thing I would like to make it clear here is that Pankaj Kasthuri doesn’t cure respiratory infection, despite claims by the manufacturer. It is not a good idea to rely on this for Ashthma and Respiratory Infection with which your 4 year old baby suffer. You should consult a pediatrician and ask for long term solution, including diets.
Priyanka says :

Hi My daughter is 1.4 yrs. She get prone to cold easily and suffers from wheezing. Can I try Pankaj kasthuri syrup or powder, If so want would be recommended dose for 1.4 year child?
Galega says :

Wheezing cough and cold to such a little baby demands medical attention. I won’t suggest you to go ahead with Pankaj Kasthuri, even if it may not have any side effects. I think your daughter will need some antibiotic syrup along with medicine for cold and cough. Please consult a pediatrician for long term solution.
priya says :

Hello sir
My name is Priya have problem of frontal sinus can I taken this medicine for sinus
Galega says :

Yes, you can take Pankaj Kasthuri. Apart from this, you should also consider consulting a homeopathic doctor for permanent solution of frontal sinus without surgical intervention.
rhamakrishnamurthy says :

Sir, i got wheezing n suffering from cough and cold. just i decided to take pankajakasturi granuals . i want to know it should to taken two tablespoon with hot water or normal water.
Galega says :

Take it with mild warm water - neither too hot nor cold.
sinnamma Sumathy says :

sir,my son just five years old,he got Wheezing at night,cough continuously,flame,flu,nose blocking, once twice a month i need to see doctor,previously i have been give PK liquid for him 2 bottles is better but in market no liquid just the powder only,i jut bought 1 bottle but haven give to him, can i give him this powder, please advice..and recommend the dose,Some more he is very sensitive drink cold water,filter water also, we only give him warm water…
(I am from Malaysia)
Galega says :

Ingredients are same and hence there isn’t any problem in giving powder/granules in place of Liquid form of Pankaj Kasthuri. The standard dose for children below 12 years old is half tablespoon once a day after meal. You can stick with this dose. Or, you can consult the doctor again.
santosh surkekar says :

Sir I was suffering from constant cough problems due to allergy. And my osinophil count was always remains high. Will pankajakasturi help me
Galega says :

Pankaj Kashturi can help you in the treatment of cough problems. However, I would suggest you to follow the prescription of your doctor. You have already high eosinophil count of WBC. It is not a good sign, as it directly compromising the immunity of your body.

Medications that may cause you to have an increased eosinophil count include:

appetite suppressants
interferon, which is a drug that helps treat infection
some antibiotics
laxatives that contain psyllium
Ganesh says :


I have sinusitis and undergone Endoscopic surgery, now better than before and doctor advised Netti once every day. I am diognized with Allergic sinusitis. Some days during night I experience weezing and shortage of breath. Can i use Pankaj Kasturi. Pls advise.
Galega says :

I would suggest you to speak to your doctor before taking Pankaj Kasthuri if you are having Neti Pots (you have written Netti and I am little bit confused here).
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