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Shankar says :

Hi,I started using Pankaja Kasturi breath easy from 3 days for wheezing,sneezing (only in the morning) and sore throat and mucus formation in the throat. I was diagnosed as being allergic to dust .but taking Pankaja Kasturi hasn’t improved my condition I know that you may argue that 3 days is a short time to see any effectiveness .
But this has agravated my problem
I am getting recurring cough with mucus ,sneezing has increased ,I get sneezing throughout the day with some intervals of about 1hr- 1.30mn break instead of making breathing easy it has made
My coughing and sneezing crazy .
Pls suggest if I need to continue with the same for some more time which would fix my problem or need to stop I’m unable to judge is this is a normal.
Galega says :

I would strongly suggest you to immediately discontinue taking it. There is quite high possibility that Pankaj Kasthuri has aggravated the allergic problem you had. Please speak to a physician and follow suggestions.
Sarath says :

i have deviated septum.. it was corrected by surgery.. then i have nasal congestion after that.. so i am not feeling well.. panchatha kasthuri useful for me??
Galega says :

You have gone through a surgery. And, hence, it will be prudent on your part to take any medicine - even herbal - after taking consent of your doctor.
kasturi says :


I am having Mandai Chali and sinus. Iam always having flum in my throat I can,t take head bath. whether it is useful for me to take.
My age is 58 years.
Galega says :

Pankaj Kasthuri should be helpful in your kind of medical conditions. You can take it with the prescribed dose. Watch out for any improvement, or any allergic reaction, within the first week of using it.
SARANYA says :

Hi Sir, am suffering from wheezing and cough passed for 4 years but last three days from 18-10-2017 am taking pankaj kasthuri powder, it gives good result now i can breath easy , no cough ,but one of my colleague suggested me ,if u taking pankaj kasthuri powder you will increase your weight.( please clarify will increase my weight or not )
Galega says :

Weight gain is not among the documented side effects that can happen after taking Pankaj Kasthuri. You can take it daily under recommended dose.
Imtu says :

Hi I am from india n staying in saudi since 12 years.
I am allergic to acs split or window.
Also cold liquids.
When I am exposed to acs I will get water from nose n eyes and difficulty in breathing.
What kind of medicines you recommend?
Pankaja kasturi will b okay for me.
Pls reply immediately.
Galega says :

The first thing you need to do is to take a good antihistamine medicine immediately. You need to stay away from allergens as much as possible. You can also take Pankaj Kasthuri for long term benefits.
harish says :

we use pangajakasthuri cough syrup for my son ,he is 7 years it is a good product or not.some medical shop owners and also our doctor say dont use it.please inform is it a good one or not.i use only honey based syrup.
Galega says :

It is quite popular and widely used with good experience. However, if your doctor has suggested to not give it to your son, then please follow the suggestion.
Mathan says :

My age is 40, I am suffering from cold, wheezing and runny rose frequently, for long years. I have taken siddha medicines and Patanjali Special Chyawanprash with Saffron, But still i am facing the problem. Mainly in the morning when i wake up i used to get cold, wheezing and runny rose frequently. Can i take Pankaj kasthuri to cure this problem. In such case please suggest me which one i need to take(Syrup or Powder). Also please suggest how to use it.
Galega says :

You can take Pankaj Kasthuri granules. It should help you as this ayurvedic medicine is intended to be used for the same purpose. You need to discontinue Siddha medicine before taking it because taking them simultaneously may lead to allergic reaction. If the problem doesn’t get sorted out, then please consult a physician.
Gurunathan says :

Hi sir,

I am suffering from seasonal wheezing past 7 years. Can I use pk to solve my problem
Galega says :

Yes, Pankaj Kasthuri can be used for the treatment of similar condition. You should also ensure to be in touch with your doctor while taking it.
quick note by anonymous :

Hello Sir,
I am suffering from Allergic Rhinitis(chronic Sinus) with continuous sneezing, severe mucus production and stuffy nose (not able to breath through nose), throat pain, cough(horsecough with very thick phlegum) this type of allergies are repeating every 2 months from past 4 years, I am sick and tired of taking antibiotics everytime and it has made me weak, please suggest can I take Pankajakusturi breatheazy, if so please tell how many months I have to take it.

Poornachandra from Bangalore
Galega says :

Obviously, it is not easy and not good for long term health to be on antibiotics for long term. The body becomes resistant to antibiotics and subsequently more powerful one needs to be taken. Pankaj Kasthuri can be a good option for you. I would also suggest you to be in touch with an ayurvedic doctor (may be, if possible visit Kerala). Taking Aloe Vera and Amla juice in the morning with lukewarm water should also be helpful to you.
sri14 says :

can use pangajakashthuri for chest congesion and cold???
Galega says :

Yes, Pankaj Kasthuri can be used for chest congestion and cold. There shouldn’t be any problem in taking it in this medical condition.
Rejas says :

I should mix with water or milk or I can eat directly without milk and water
Galega says :

You can take it either with warm milk or water. Both will be fine.
Albrenny says :

Pangajakashthuri is used for joint pain, inflammation, cervical lumbar spondylosis, sciatica and all types of inflammatory joint conditions. So i wouldn’t take it for chest congestion and cold.
Galega says :

The review here is about Pankaj Kasthuri Breath Eazy. It is used for chest congestion, cold, asthma, among other similar diseases. This product is so popular that now it is simply termed as Pankaj Kasthuri. It has also given distinct identity to ayurveda emanating from Kerala.
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