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  • The problem with this dishwashing liquid is that it is very harsh on the hands

    • by Melissa Glenn

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      I have long been a fan of Sunlight dish detergent, as it does a great job on my dishes. What I have found however; that it tends to dry out my hands and make them red and sensitive, so when I saw Sunlight Antibacterial Disinfectant Dishwashing Liquid that advertised it could be used

      on both dishes and hands, I quickly bought it, I should not have.

      To begin with this 750ml clear bottle of Sunlight dishwashing liquid does in fact have a pleasant smell of fresh oranges, and it really does do a good gentle job of cleaning dishes. I only needed about the size of a ...

      • dime to get a full sink of dishes clean, even ones with caked on eggs, and I do like the fact that this Sunlight product advertises that it gets rid of 99.9% of germs.

        The problem with this dishwashing liquid is that it is very harsh on the hands. Even after using Sunlight Antibacterial

        only one time, I experienced dryness and subsequent roughness on my hands, it was not a gentle product at all.

        The fact that Sunlight encourages buyers to use this product as hand soap is a terrible idea. It is much too harsh, and I will not be buying Sunlight Antibacterial Disinfectant Dishwashing Liquid ever again.

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    DEBBIE BARTON says :

    i have some products i will not compromise on, and one of those is sunlight liquid. you need so little to get so far with the cleaning. however, that was in the past. now i do not know who to trust with a good product anymore. the origional sunlight liquid was a matter of a few drops in a full sink of dirty dishes. now i need to squeeze the bottle alot to get enough sunlight in the sink to wash the same sink of dishes. the water just gets mirky too quickly now. i honestly do not beleive sunlight liquid is what it used to be. its no longer of a few drops to clean alot. its like any other standard dishwash liquid now. can anybody tell me what has gone wrong with the product? it is not the same anymore. thats a fact. i know i have been using it for years and years, but the more i use it now the more i vow to try something new because it just does not meet the standards it advertises to meet anymore. the advert on tv is a joke now
    Melissa Glenn replies :

    Hi I do believe the format of SUnlight dish detergent has changed over the years but I don`t know how or why the manufacturers did it. Should you have additional comments about this dish detergent I would strongly urge you to call the toll free number on the back of the bottle. Melissa
    Wendy Gregoire says :

    I agree with you. I used sunlight soap for years it was great. A little bit went a long way. Now it is awful. I can hardly do a few dishes with it. Definitely not the same soap anymore. I am planning on phoning the company. I don’t know what to change to because it used to be the best. Now it is pathetic.
    Olebogeng says :

    What are the active ingredients of Sunlight Dishwashing liquid and what are the biochemical impacts of these on microorganisms?
    John says :

    These are it’s ingredients: Diethanolamine, Magnesium oxide, and Ethyl alcohol. It’s not known to have any Ecological affects.
    ken says :

    I can no longer purchase Sunlight dishwashing liquid at Coles or Woolworths stores. Have tried several suburbs in Brisbane to no avail. Please advise if this product has been discontinued.
    Joanne Miller says :

    Can you please send me an updated MSDS for Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid
    John says :

    Here’s a link to the material safe data sheet:
    natasha says :

    can sunlight dishwashing liquid be used to wash babys feeding bottles and how safe is it really.
    Galega says :

    You can use Sunlight Dishwasher for cleaning baby’s feeding bottle. You should just ensure to keep following facts in mind:

    - Use hot water while cleaning the bottle with this dishwasher, or any other detergent based product.
    - Ensure that you have stuck out all dried milk inside the bottle.
    - After washing properly, again wash the bottle with normal water.

    You should also know the importance of periodically changing the feeding bottle.
    Marian Sweetland says :

    has sunlight begun to lose pride in their quality? i no longer enjoy using sunlight dishwashing liquids. i have to very small loads of dishes per capful after capful of soap. the soap lasts less than a sneeze. i`m done with their product. too bad, i guess in a world where companies are leaving the prices the same but give less quantity, sunlight is giving you same quantity, same prices, but less quality….typical in today`s world. i agree with tv advertisements being a joke….you are insulting our intelligence. good for a laugh, i guess
    John says :

    Marian, I do believe that it’s quality has diminished significantly. I’ve used it regularly over a few years, and it seems to have become more and more watered-down. The bottle is large, but it takes about about two tablespoons of it to wash a sink of dishes.
    verna white says :

    not a question isoaked a top in javex to get outa stain,but it was there after washed it… i rub some sunlightdishwashing liquid on it and it came out…never again will i use anything else…thank you….
    Marian Sweetland says :

    So I get an email that my opinion doesn’t add informational value on the product and so it will be deleted. Ummmmm, what you’re saying is….please only give us an opinion if it is a positive one. Sunlight dish soap is not as good a product as it used to be…..Don’t you think consumers should hear both sides?
    RS staff says :

    Please read carefully what is written in the email you received.
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