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  • The next problem was, was that Septic Remedy solu-pack clogged our toilet

    • by Melissa Glenn

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      Septic Remedy is the latest marketing product designed to keep septic tanks clean and healthy. A friend of mine staying with me was convinced by a telemarketer to buy Septic Remedy for our toilet, even though I live in a mobile home in a mobile home park that takes care of its own Septic System. Convinced that this product would make sure we never had any toilet blockages or plumbing problems, we agreed to take Septic Remedy on a free 30 day trial offer.

      We never should have ordered this product; to begin with I don’t even know what

      is in Septic Remedy. The product came delivered in a plastic tub, much like an ice-cream tub, and inside were 60 individual packets of Septic Remedy. These small clear bags contain a grey grainy substance that looks a lot like fine cat litter. I went looking on the tub, to find exactly what it was I would be putting in my toilet and the only thing it said was that this was ‘All Natural Ingredients’. We decided to give it a try and put one in the tank of our toilet.

      Within an hour, this grainy product had backed ...

      • down into the toilet bowl, and despite numerous flushing’s and a great waste of water, it took days for the grainy substance to completely go away! Finally I telephoned the toll free number for Septic Remedy and was told that the solu-packs as they are called took a few hours to melt away, when in fact it took days.

        The next problem was, was that Septic Remedy solu-pack clogged our toilet. One day it simply would not flush, and we spent hours and several bottles of drain clearer, and a lot of hard effort plunging, all to have this

        grainy substance flow back into the toilet bowl. Then we got a bill for over $261 US for Septic Remedy.

        I am sending the product back. The advertising is deceptive, it turns out I don’t even need this product, and the only people who do are those living in the country on well’s with their own individual septic systems. While part of the package advertising of Septic Remedy is true in that there is no measuring as each solu-pack is individually packaged, it is simply a useless product for anyone living in a City and should not have been marketed to us.

    jim padilla says :

    To be fair I have had great success with the product…maybe your system had another problem that is not being shared.
    Michael C says :

    Why on earth would you buy a septic solution called SepticRemedy that clearly is for septic tanks and septic systems? You should get your money back but really pay attention
    Deidre says :

    I highly recommend this product. Yes, it is pricey, but well worth it We have have been using this product for many years and have had excellent results We had our septic pumped out and the septic service (also a former high school classmate), said for the size of our tank and number of people in the household, we would need to have it pumped out approximately every 4 years. Fast-forward 4-5 years, after having used the Septic Remedy, we had him back, we thought it was full because we had a back-up. He opened up our tank and said our tank was nowhere near full, but we had him pump it out anyway. The person who wrote the initial review made the mistake of putting it in the tank You don’t put it in the tank, you put it in the bowl, when it stops fizzing, flush it down
    Kevin says :

    I would like to buy more. I haven’t had my 20 year old tank pumped yet.
    Roger P. says :

    I purchased my house new 12 years ago and it is just my wife and I. After 2 years (recommended, I had the septic tank pumped out and there was a hard layer (crust-like) floating on top which is bad. So, I purchased this product and have used it monthly religiously ever since. When I purchased Septic Remedy, the salesman was pushy. After buying it, I was hounded every month thereafter, with phone calls asking me how I liked the product and if I wanted to reorder. There must have been over 100 packets in the tub it came in and if you do the math of using just 1 per month, I wouldn`t need to reorder for years. Also, how would I know how it was working until I had my septic pumped. In 2010, (10 years later), I had the septic tank pumped and I was very impressed - there was no hard, crusty layer floating on top. In fact, the septic guy refused to believe that it has been 10 years between pumpings (but he should as he was the one who did it 10 years ago). So, I`m convinced that this product is legit and I highly recommend it. Don`t understand the complaint above where it was too hard to flush. He must have a toilet flushing problem as it is not the product.
    Joanna says :

    Hi Roger,

    My hubby and I liked the product too, but like you we have been hounded every month with phone calls asking if we would like to re-order and offering us discounts. It is a good product, but the phone calls drove us crazy.

    We actually ended up having our entire system hydro-jetted by a plumber who recommended that we switch to Rid-X.

    We now use rid-x once a month to help with the health of the tank, but I would definitely say, that although the product is good, rid-x works just as well as in significantly cheaper. For about $ 10 at Lowes we get a two month supply.

    We have been using rid-x for three years now and our system is in great shape.

    If you ever get tired of the phone calls and price, and decide to seek a cheaper alternative I would highly suggest using RID-X.

    Hope this helps.


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