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  • This is something I never thought I would consider doing
  • But, the $1 less per package is definitely an incentive

    • by Steve

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      To save money, we try to eat at home whenever we can. But, even dining at home can be expensive lately. That’s why we depend on Great Value products.

      Great Value is Wal-mart’s store brand. And, even though it is a generic brand, the quality isn’t much different

      than that of more expensive brands.

      For example, last night we had Great Value Frozen Chicken Breasts with Great Value baked beans. The chicken was a bit dry because I cooked it in the microwave but tasted pretty good. And, the baked beans tasted just like Bush’s Baked ...

      • Beans. Only they were about 25 cents less per can. When we make pancakes in the morning, we are using Great Value and I’m even thinking of replacing my favorite Johnsonville Brats with the Great Value variety. This is something I never thought I would consider doing.
        But, the $1 less per package is definitely an incentive.

        By shopping for Great Value products, we save ourselves about 25% on our food costs while still getting high-quality food. It goes to show you that the cheaper brands don’t necessarily require you to give up something in return.

    Janice Isbell says :

    Where does the Great Value brand of foods come from? What state or country?
    John says :

    This depends on the food. A lot of produce comes from Mexico. With that being said if a Great Value product doesn’t have a country of origin, it means it’s made in the US. If it’s made outside of the US, it will have it’s origin on the product.
    Gene Dalton says :

    I use Great Value instant nonfat dry milk. Melamine is turning up in dry milk around the world. What is your source of dry milk, and is it tested for melamine.
    Galega says :

    Melanin is a real concern for parents as it can cause kidney stone to kids, among other health problems. Great Value Foods are approved by competent regulatory authorities. However, there isn’t as such any requirement for testing milk for melanin content, as of now. And, hence, it has not been tested for the same.
    Darrah Serre says :

    I can`t find out where Great Value gets the milk from for their dry milk. Melamine is showing up all over the world in dry milk. Is Great Value testing the dry milk and can they post on a website where they get it?
    Galega says :

    Dry milk is processed in the country where you are buying Great Value Foods product. Wal Mart gets it from the USA. It is quite clear. As for Melanin, Great Value Foods is not tested for the same. A manufacturer will not do so. Transparency demands that it should be done by a competent regulatory authority.
    Kyle Jones says :

    where does great value brand food come from
    John says :

    Great Value is a Wal-Mart brand, which is based in the US. A lot of their products are made in the US. However, Wal-Mart also contracts out certain products to other companies, which may be located worldwide.
    Galega says :

    Walmart doesn’t disclose the source of items from which great value line of products are manufactured. Also, you need to understand that these products are not originally manufactured by WalMart. As a store brand, the Great Value line doesn’t consist of goods produced by Walmart, but is a labeling system for items manufactured and packaged by agricultural and food corporations
    Klaron Cogdill says :

    I used Great Value Instant Breakfast Chocolate all the time and now I can`t find it at any Walmart. What has happened to it? Why did GV not make a vanilla flavor for instant breakfast? We would have bought it too.
    Charles Canady says :

    what country does the great value foods come from?
    John says :

    This depends on the product. Wal-Mart contracts out to other companies. They are not produced in one single country. However, according to Wal-Mart all products that don’t have the country of origin listed, are made in the US.
    Charles Canady says :

    The food labels of products produced in the USA states the town and state it is produced. Does wal-mart not want people to know where the great value foods is produced for fear they won`t buy it?
    John says :

    Wal-Mart has stated that Great Value items that are not made in the US will have it’s country listed. If it doesn’t have a country, this means it’s made in the US. I agree that this seems like they are trying to disguise where their products are made.
    Linda Schneider says :

    Where does Great Value Instant Nonfat Dry Milk come from state country of origin ? Has it been tested for melamine?
    Galega says :

    If the origin is not mentioned on the pack, then you can assume that it is sourced from the USA. The company has also said the same thing. It has not been tested for Melanin. The manufacturer only claims that it is healthy and free from problematic chemicals.
    zee says :

    I really would like to say that your bread and jam and others food are just great. I would like to know how you do it. Great value foods are really great. The bread is soft beyonds means.I would like to know more about this company because i am going to start buying everything great value.
    lance spinner says :

    I have a local bar and grill and use your fries i was wondering if there is a way of getting them less exspensive . thank you..
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