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  • My cats use it without any problems, and if they care to cover up what they did, it does not smell

    • by Lorianna

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      Special Kitty is one of the cheapest, if not THE cheapest, version of cat litter sold at Walmart. When our family is tight on money, that’s what we buy for our cats.

      The cat litter is sold in 25 lb red paper bags, no

      fancy boxes here.

      One bag lasts us for about three weeks.

      The bags can be hard to open, I always use scissors.

      As I pour the cat litter out into the cats’ litter boxes, it raises a small cloud of dust, somewhat like cement ...

      • dust.

        It quickly settles though.

        As to the quality of the cat litter, it does the job.

        My cats use it without any problems, and if they care to cover up what they did, it does not smell.

        There is some absorbency, but this

        cat litter does not form clumps that you can remove, so you need to replace the whole thing quite frequently.

        Overall, I would say this is a very basic cat litter that will work if you don’t mind some minor inconveniences.

        Cheap but usable.

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    kathleen says :

    Walmart changed the Special Kitty Cat scoopable litter. I am very disappointed. I have 3 boxes of it and it does not clump. And it smells and it is bad. You changed the formula and i do not like it. I wish you would go back to the old formula but the new formula in the bright green box does not clump. Please advise. -K

    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi Kathleen, the problems that you have with the litter should be reported directly to Wal-Mart. That being said, I have one cat and I noticed the same thing recently. I just added extra baking soda to mine and mixed it around. That improved the clumping of the litter. Otherwise I also like Freshstep as well as Arm Hammer Multi-Cat.

    M. Korrow says :

    I have been using Special Kitty Cat Litter for a while now and it was great until about a month ago. Now it falls apart and does not clump well. What happened?

    darren says :

    Are you replacing the kitty litter at least every two-three weeks? I noticed the same thing after a couple of weeks, then we changed it out, and the litter started cluping better again.

    Jennifer says :

    Hi, cat litter should be scooped out at least once a day. If you have more than one cat I suggest at least twice per day. Also cat little is not made to last more than a week or two at the max. Personally, I change mine out every 5 days. If your cat litter is a month old, it is not clumping because it has been over used.

    Special Kitty uses clay as a clumping agent, but overtime, as the clumped pieces are scooped out the clay is removed from the litter. Once the clay is removed the little has no clumping qualities and is rendered useless.

    My suggestion to you is to clean the litter out more often.

    Melanie says :

    Hi, I was wondering if the Special Kitty Unscented Clumping Formula contains only natural clay that also acts as odour control or if the litter contains 100 natural clay and an odour control system ? Is it 1 ingredient or 2 ingredients ? Thank you,

    darren says :

    Yes, they only use natural ground clay, which is supposed to cause less dust.

    Holly says :

    I finally have found a litter that works for the 4 cats that I own, up until now. The litter does not clump and falls apart. I use the multi-cat litter and am not very happy anymore with this product. I may have to go somewhere else then Wal-mart to buy my litter. I have been very dissapointed in Wal-mart for many things before. I also buy Special Kitty wet food for my cats and they do not always have the one that my babies like. So disappointed.

    B. Jones says :

    Holly, I use DG Everpet Clumping Litter for Multiple cats. I’ve tried everything, and Tidy Cat, A H, and others make my cat break out, and itch Everpet is also $ 2.25 cheaper for 20 lbs. It’s 5.75 at my local DG in MO.

    I won’t ever use litter that’s not clumping again. Its so nasty. And not worth being a little cheaper, as I always had to dump it all out after a few days and waste it. There is NO waste with clumping litter. And EVERPET Clumping Works better that Tidy Cats It does not fall apart or crumble at all.
    I would recommend EVERPET Clumping Litter to anyone that is tired of paying high prices for an easy plastic container. This is in a box, with a plastic liner. They have a 10 lb plastic container, but $ 4 compared to $ 5.75 for 20 lbs. Great stuff either way.

    Amy Therese says :

    I recommend Dr. Elsey’s cat litter. It clumps well, doesn’t have alot of dust, and does a great job keeping the odor in check. It’s one of the more expensive litters, but well worth it. You don’t need to change the litter often at all. You just add to it. Plus, I keep the litter about 3 to 4 inches deep to prevent the urine from reaching the bottom of the litter box.

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