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  • I consider Sun Cellular the worst cell phone network in the Philippines, considering that there are only three major providers

    • by jay-l

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      I consider Sun Cellular the worst cell phone network in the Philippines, considering that there are only three major providers. Since our company is trying to reduce operational expenses, our office has decided to switch to Sun Cellular. It was a good move on their part, because for 350 pesos a month you get unlimited call and text services.

      But for the poor users like me, it’s a headache.

      To start off my rant, it’s not unlimited if the network

      cuts your call every 15 minutes.

      I have experienced this a hundred times, and so have other subscribers, to be sure about it. I have been scolded a dozen times by my boss because he thought that I was dropping his calls.

      I don’t know how many important calls Sun Cellular has dropped because of this 15 minute per call rule that they have failed to tell us post paid subscribers. The reason why we didn’t go prepaid was because ...

      • we wanted premium service, not sub-standard.

        Then there’s the matter of not being able to connect to the network during office emergencies. A huge percentage of calls are dropped, and you will spend at least 15-20 minutes redialing to get through the busy network; especially during peak hours.

        The text messaging system, which should at least be reliable since the call service is useless, is basically undependable. Messages come in late, even those coming in from other networks.

        I don’t

        want to get used to this kind of service and have asked our office admin to switch back to our old cell phone network provider as it is disrupting our work. Imagine all the time we loss trying to make a phone call instead of being able to concentrate on our jobs.

        Imagine all the time we loss when messages about cancelled appointments don’t arrive on time. This company should close down if they can’t accommodate all of their subscribers.

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    orchid says :

    Sun Cellular is appreciated for its cheap service fees (unlimited call text sun to sun) but beware to know the details of any post paid plans you’re getting from them.

    Just to share my experience with them
    1. I subscribed TU 200 plan (500 text to other network, 4hrs sun to sun calls, unlimited text sun to sun)
    2. I TOLD the agent, to maintain the plans’ credit limit to P300.00 only
    3. I enrolled my plan to automatic debit agreement with my credit card provider

    I was happy when I got the line, I thought it was a good deal already. Until the following things happened
    1. My line was cut due to exceeding the credit limit of P300.00, but I found out they billed me charged to my credit card) P700 for one (1) month use. I’m filing a dispute for this when my bill arrives. Its 15 days already since my cut-off date, My billing statement is not yet delivered to my office, my line was cut and they charged my credit card P700 . (What a great service, huh ) imagine how pissed I am with this scenario.

    2. I cannot make any calls or text even within the same network (they said if the sim was barred due to overlimit, PROMISED services to other network as well as within the network will be barred, even if it’s not fully used). For example, start of billing cycle, I call other network worth P100.00 but I haven’t used any of the PROMISED services such as 4hrs sun to sun calls, unlimited text sun to sun, 500 text to other networks, my account will be deactivated temporarily barred due to overlimit of credit limit of P300.00 — so, they’re telling us (in silent), increase your credit limit so you’re account won’t get barred or control your usage up to your desired credit limit only or get a prepaid line if you really want to control your expenses.

    3. I want to control my expenses, indeed. so I bought a prepaid sim. but it was BARRED again because I wasn’t able to buy prepaid load within 24hrs from sim activation. I bought P150 unlitext call card and loaded it to the prepaid sim bought P10.00 regular load give a load P10.00 (followed their requirement to get the sim work) but It isn’t working for 7 days now. There is no incoming or outgoing call from and to the prepaid simpack. I called their hotline 200 to inform about my concern, maybe around 10times already but I wasn’t able to get the answer I need. I also e-mailed the Customer Feedback form from their website for three (3) days now (the feedback I got is only this.. Good day This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email. We apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused you. To further assist you, a necessary verification is required as we are committed to give utmost confidentiality towards each subscriber s account. Please provide the information below. 1. Mother’s Maiden Name 2. Birthday 3. Current Billing Address ) and that’s it. After verifying my identity, I didn’t received any confirmation to acknowledge the receipt of my e-mail or a statement that would say thank you for verifying your identify, we will get back to you within 48 hours? to give you feedback about your concern)

    By the way, I have several postpaid plan with them (Plan P350 post paid bundled with a P649.00 unlimited broadband internet and the latest plan that I availed for my son supposed to be P200 Text unlimited plan)

    That’s all I have to share with you guys.
    hope you have learned something from this sharing. This happens May 2012.
    me.glenrose says :

    Wow those were a series of very unfortunate incidents, were the disputes and/or situations resolved? did they ever presented any alternative solutions they could or you could do? I have experienced this and I would like to suggest to personally go to any customer service they have - don’t give out information like your Mother’s Maiden Name/ BIrthday/ current billing address in text on the phone if you are not sure on the party you gave it to (especially if its only a cell number - not 4 digits which are usually assigned to special lines of networks)
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