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eating dates will reduce iron deficiency.Iron drops will work fast but deficiency persist after few days or month.So go natural way of controlling health.Date syrup also available in market.
Galega says :

If someone’s hemoglobin count is too low, or suffering from acute anemia, it is better to start treatment rather than depending on natural diet.

There is no doubt that dates and other natural ingredients can help in having sufficient iron and blood. But, they can’t work instantly.
anand gupta says :

Please define XT in Orofer XT .
Galega says :

Hi Anand Gupta,

XT means EXTRA.

The amount of elemental iron in both Orofer and Orofer XT is same - 100 mg. However, it is the Folic Acid which differs. In Orofer, the amount of Folic Acid in one capsule is 550 mcg, while in Orofer XT it is 1.1 mg.

Clearly, it is the double amount of Folic Acid which make it EXTRA.
Lovelle Chua Naquila says :

my baby is 6 months old and he has a normal weight but his pedia gave him Orofer dropdrops for this ok?and orofer xt and orofer drops is the same?He is prescribed to take .25 ml a day, is this ok?
Galega says :


No, Orofer and Orofer XT drops are not same. In Orofer XT the amount of Folic Acid is double of that of Orofer. Clearly, Orofer XT is not suggested for a 6 month child.

I think your baby is suffering from anemia, that’s why doctor has prescribed this medicine. The quantity is good and you can continue to give it to your baby.

However, always keep in mind that iron should never be overdosed. That may lead to iron poisoning. Always keep a track on the hemoglobin level of your baby and be in touch with your doctor.
kaffe says :

I’ve just started the pill and some days I feel great other days especially nights my hear races and lke I can’t sleep feel lke in hallucinating [at] times made my mouth dry and very sleepy is this normal
Galega says :

I think you should bring down the dosage to one capsule a day. Take one capsule after breakfast. It won’t make any negative effect. I am sure after this you will start feeling better without any sleeping disorder.
sameera says :

I am 15 years old and i have anemia. I have been prescribed to take orofer XT tablets by my family doctor, i have to take one pill everyday for two months. My question is will these pills make me gain weight? i have been told that iron pills do tend to make you gain weight. Please answer. Thank you.
Galega says :

Hi Sameera,

Iron pill MAY lead to weight gain. But, the duration of this prescription for you is only two months. I don’t see any reason to worry here. Remember Anemia is a dangerous disease which can generate other fatal problems. Your first cause of concern must be that.

You may also want to change some eating habits to tackle any possibility of weight gain. But, before any concern, you should target anemia.
Farida says :

Does orofer XT cause constipation? If so then what could be taken along with it to prevent constipation
Galega says :

Hi Farida,

Yes, Constipation is one of the side effects of any iron vitamins. It may happen. You may want to drink lots of water and can prescribe to some other medicine for constipation. You may also ask doctor for suggestions regarding this.

You may also try some herbal products for constipation.
richa says :

hello m 20 years old .My HB count is 10.1 ,my doctor has prescribed me Orofer XT for 2 months…i would like to know the side-effects of it n also dosage.
sukhvir singh says :

Side effects are may have hypotension, chest pain, hypertension, hypervolemia, CHF and other if taken more or ir-regular.

Dosage : The cumulative dose depends on total iron deficit. Each dose may be administered as slow IV injection or infusion. Slow IV injection: 100 mg injected IV over 2 5 minutes. IV Infusion: 5 ml Iron Sucrose usually diluted in 100 ml of 0.9% NaCl, immediately prior to infusion, and infused IV at a rate of 100 mg of iron over a period of at least 15 minutes. Unused diluted solution must be discarded. Each dose of 100 mg IV may be repeated up to 3 times per week.

Hope this helps you.

Galega says :

Following are some of the documented side effects of Orofer XT:

Fever, headache, joint pains, chest pain, flushing, palpitation, difficulty in breathing, anaphylactic reactions, lymph node enlargement. Stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, black or darker than normal appearing stools.

If you feel having any of the above mentioned side effects for more than 2 days, consult the doctor who had prescribed it.

Further, I would like to assure you that this is quite a safe medicine/supplement. Your doctor has prescribed it after seeing your blood test reports. Trust the doctor and follow the prescription for 2 months. You will definitely have relief.
Hidayath says :

Hi sir,

my HB count is 7.5 so my doctor prescribed me to take orofer xt threes times a day. what i observe that i’ve get some side effects like weakness, darkening my eyes, constipation etc… its happening half an hour to one hour after that i’ll be stable. So i request you to give a suggestion about this drug.
Galega says :

There are many other medicines which can be given to increase the hemoglobin count to the optimum level. It is not proper to suggest them here.

I think you need to change the prescription. Consult your doctor and discuss about side effects you are experiencing. You may need to be given some medicines in IV form to quickly get the level of Hb count.

Doctor, My wife 65 years , has been prescribed Orofer XT 100mg tablets for Anemia recently caused by a profuse bleeding from tongue damage she was taking Warf tablets for few hours and consequent anemic condition HB level 8 . Apart from side effect of constipation, it is suspected that it may cause skin blemishes or discolouring , darkening . Kindly advise on the known side effects of this drug . bhagavan.
Galega says :

Hi Bhagavan,

HB Level 8 is definitely a cause of concern. Your doctor has done good by prescribing an iron medicine Orofer XT. Please ask your wife to continue taking it irrespective of any problems like constipation. You can tackle constipation easily with some herbal products and asking your wife to drink lots of water.

As for darkening, discoloring of skin along with skin blemishes, let me say you that this is NOT because of this tablet. That’s it.

Apart from constipation, some other side effects are gastrointestinal irritation, nausea and diarrhea, among others related to stomach.

Having said that, there is slight chance of iron toxicity which “may” cause discoloring. I suggest you to consult a skin specialist and discuss with him about this iron medicine.
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