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  • When Carter and Lee fight together, the scenes look slightly rehearsed, but I think it adds to the humor of the scenes and how well the characters know and interact with each other
  • I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I found it funny

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      Rush Hour 3 was everything I had hoped for after seeing Rush Hour 1 & 2. The second sequel was filled with action and humor, and follows a plot that will keep one interested the whole way through.

      The movie focuses on the reserved Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan), who is somewhat stuck in his traditional Chinese ways, and the loud-mouthed, fast-talking ladies man, Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker). They’re trying to solve their third case dealing with a notorious Chinese criminal group known as the Triads, who are still trying to kill the Chinese ambassador. The head of the Triads’ operation turns out to be

      Lee’s childhood friend, Kenji (Hiroyuki Sanada), who he considers a brother. Their case ends up sending them to Paris, France, where they are to find Shy Shen. As soon as they arrive in Paris, they find out quickly that they are unwanted. Throughout the flick, Lee and Carter are faced with challenges between the Triads and between themselves, and Lee faces the choice of doing what’s right and saving his criminal “brother”.

      The characters played by Chan and Tucker compliment each other well. Being completely opposite from one another, they help each other to reach a happy medium. The relationship between Lee and Kenji is

      a complicated one. Each loves the other like a brother but their agendas tear that apart. Lee cannot choose between justice and the love for his brother. Kenji will do whatever it takes to be on top.

      The fight scenes were great, especially between Lee and Kenji on the Eiffel Tower. When Carter and Lee fight together, the scenes look slightly rehearsed, but I think it adds to the humor of the scenes and how well the characters know and interact with each other.

      It was a very funny movie. Some people find the humor “over-used”, “tasteless”, or “racist”; I guess it’s a matter of opinion,

      • Rush Hour 3
      but I found it funny. There’s a lot of racial stereotyping, but it’s all in good fun. The humor also corresponds with today’s world such as the issues between the French and Americans, yet it still has the classic moral of everyone making peace.

      As far as acting goes, it’s about as good as it can get for a comedy. Comedic timing was good and they delivered lines well. There are a few cameo appearances in the film such as plus-sized model, Mia Tyler, and tallest living man on earth, Xi Shun (standing at 7′9″).

      If you’re into movie soundtracks, this one is diverse. It brings

      bits of American pop, French, and Chinese music. Also the main theme from the first two movies appears again.

      Overall, despite bad reviews, Rush Hour 3 is a good movie. It’s funny and has great fight scenes. If you’d like to see this movie but are worried about not having seen 1 and 2, there’s no need to worry. Each movie stands on its own without needing any plot information from the previous films. If the info is that important, they throw it in. Even if this kind of flick isn’t your thing, I think it can be enjoyed by all or maybe just be a guilty pleasure.

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