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  • I am very happy with its performance since it gives me two straight benefits which I was looking for as an Army wife

    • by Anita

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      My IFB Washing machine is a front loading machine with a capacity of 6 kg. I am very happy with its performance since it gives me two straight benefits which I was looking for as an Army wife.

      Firstly, it uses minimal water, which is very

      scant in places where we get posted.

      A full load requires just 3 buckets of water.

      It also uses the least detergent powder, just a scoopful for a full load, even though the detergent packet says put 2-3 scoops! It has different wash cycles for different ...

      • needs like a separate Cotton White wash and Cotton Coloured wash.

        It washed delicate clothes separately and also has the option of using warm water upto 60-90 degrees centigrade.

        The only drawback is that it uses one full hour to complete a wash cycle, but frankly

        I don’t mind that at all.

        While the machine is on, anyway I am busy doing other household chores, so a difference of 20-25 mins from other washing machines is hardly noticeable for me.

        It also has a separate dispenser for liquids like whiteners or bleaches.

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    subodh says :

    Next month we are shifting to a place with hard water. I am worried about my IFB Senator. Will hard water affect the machine in any way? Plz let me know.

    John says :

    Hard water can lessen the performance and the overall life of the washer. Many IFB’s have a built in water converter. If you have the IFB Elena Aqua, it automatically converts the water. If not, you should check the specs for your model to see if it’s included.

    Galega says :

    That will be little bit problematic with this brand of washer. Hard water will not only lower the performance of the machine when it comes to the quality of washing, but it also can impact the machine. Hard water comes with a lot of heavy minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals get deposited in every nook and corner of your washing machine. It will be better on your part to get a water converter.

    siddharth says :

    Hii I want to buy the IFB washing machine guys just let me know how is its performance.. Do you have to face any problem for its repair?

    Vijaya Saradhi says :

    Do not buy IFB Washing Machine…………I lost Rs 26,500

    IFB Washing Machine - Out of Work after Only ONE USE - LOST Rs 26,500/-

    on 11-06-2013 I purchased IFB Eva Sx Washing Machine.

    On 12-06-2013 company technician came, gave Demo and the very First wash launched and he left my house. After completion of wash,as per his instructions I tried to unplug the water pipe from adopter. The whole adopter came out of pipe. I tried to fit it to pipe, but the screws are not working. I am not able to fit it.

    On 13-06-2013 I registered a complaint with company by phone.

    On 14-06-2013 company technician came,examined and he said like this: THIS ADOPTER IS OUT OF WORK and THE COMPANY WILL NOT REPLACE IT AS IT WILL NOT COME UNDER WARRANTY/GUARANTY, and then he simply left my house. I astonished after hearing these words.

    I invested Rs 26,500/- for IFB Washing Machine (including accessories)

    I think I AM THE FOOLEST PERSON IN THIS WORLD WHO INVESTED Rs 26,500/- for ONE TIME washing of just 5 pairs of dress.

    The company service personnel at Nellore(AP) are not lifting the phone, even if they lift the phone,they simply say “today we will come”

    Kamal says :

    Very shameful

    ramesh says :

    my ifb washing machine senorita,5.5 kg is taking to much time to complete washing cycle . i hv checked its solenoid valve its working properly. what r the other possible reasons ? also mail me ifb service center number in mumbai. thanks

    Jules Li says :

    This can sometimes happen if there’s a drainage issue between cycles. Check the drain hose and the drain connection to make sure that it isn’t clogged. If it persists, it could be caused by a few things. With that being said, I would suggest contacting IFB for repair.

    Galega says :

    There can be many reasons behind your machine taking too long to complete a washing cycle - from drainage system fault to malfunctioning control panel. A washer that continuously takes too long to wash may have a malfunctioning load sense system, or greater problems with its control panel. There may also be issues with your water inlet valve, which pulls water into the appliance for each cycle. I would recommend you to call the customer care of IFB and let them fix this problem. Customer care number is same for throughout India, not just for Mumbai as you are asking. It is 1860 208 5678 (Toll Free number).

    Sunil Mahakalkar says :

    I purchased IFB Elena SX from Rupam Electronics NAgpur 0n 27th Aug 2012 paid on 27th Aug stat .Delivery recieved on 27thAug. However YET THE INSTALLATION AND DEMO IS NOT DONE TILL THIS TIME (4TH SEPT 7 AM).Probably in India customer ,once he pays the cost he is of no use to the dealer and company. Surprised to see IFB also treating customers like this. No response to complaint given to customercare. Once company sales touch heights,arrogance is the result….

    Galega says :

    It is the responsibility of the dealer to do this. You should immediately call the company and make a formal complaint. Just do it on their customer care number which is: 1860 208 5678. Trust, the dealer will do installation and give demo within half an hour after you place a formal complain.

    Ameen says :

    I had got a faulty Washing machine from IFB. There are lots of problem in it.
    1 Belt has started tearing.
    2 No lock not provided. Therefore hitted the casing and other parts.
    3 Bolts broken.
    4 Casing is rusted.

    Jules Li says :

    If you have a warranty, I would suggest contacting IFB to have it repaired. These problems would be covered under the warranty. Here’s the contact number to IFB, just in case you need it: 18604255678

    Galega says :

    You should have also mentioned the duration for which you have used the machine. In all probability, the machine should still under warranty as you would not have gotten frustrated with an old machine. Please check terms and conditions of warranty. If there is any problem emanating out of wrong use, then the company may not be responsible. In any case, call the customer care number of IFB and place a request for on the spot servicing.

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