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  • Wal-Mart has the best prices on almost everything they sell

    • by Jennifer Ivy

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      I remember when I was a kid and the first Wal-Mart was built in our neighborhood. My family was so excited that we went in and didn\’t come out for hours! I felt the same way for years. Until recently, I was using Wal-Mart for just about all of my shopping since we\’ve got a Superstore in our area. Wal-Mart has the best prices on almost everything they sell… and they sell just about everything.

      The problem is this: since the stock market has been going down and the gas prices have been going up, most franchises are hurting for business, and losing money in the mean time. What Wal-Mart has done

      in an attempt to redeem their losses is cut many employees from their staff. That makes sense to me, I mean their prices are already so low that they can’t really cut prices anymore. However, the fact that they have fewer and fewer employees makes it very difficult on the consumer.

      Picture this. You stop at Wal-Mart and have a loaded cart. You’ve spent hours choosing the best groceries, housewares, clothes, etc. Now, you have to go to the register to have them ring you up… the problem with that is… there are only 3 registers (out of 21) open and there are about 10 people in line in front of you on every one of them. So, you choose a line that looks like it will move quickly, only it doesn’t. You can’t go to the self checkout because you’ve made way too many purchases for that (including produce- which is difficult to ring up sometimes) so you decide to stick it out for awhile.

      Forty-five minutes later, you’ve made progress, but there are still four people in line in front of you… and the guy at the register has six items that were marked down, but the cashier can’t get the register to ring them up properly, so, on goes the flashing light… and of course there\’s no manager in sight.

      The cashier finally gets ...

      • Wal-Mart
      a manager’s attention (after ten more minutes have passed) and the guy gets rung up and goes on his merry way, one down, three to go. By this time, you are late for an appointment and have to call on your cell phone to cancel it and reschedule, dinner isn’t going to happen until about six o’clock tonight, and you’re standing in this line looking at all the empty registers with an eagle eye… just waiting for someone to open another one, but you probably wouldn’t get to it, because now there are ten people in line Behind you!

      You finally get your turn at the register, and everything goes by smoothly, but

      you comment to the cashier that the wait was unbearable, and you’ve had to cancel an appointment, and you’re dinner is going to be eaten late tonite. The cashier smiles and says she understands, and apologizes. You ask her why there are only 3 registers open in such a huge store and she tells you that it’s because there is a lack of cashiers to run them. Hmmm.

      Anyway, my question is, will Wal-Mart get back into the swing of things if the market stays where it is? Will it get worse if the market continues to plummet? Is Wal-Mart on the way out?

      Go stand in line for an hour and decide for yourself.

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penny says :

Walmart Shopping Center and Super Stores are great, they are conveniently located, are not over priced on grocery items or other items and I do the Majority of my shopping there. I no longer have to go to 3 or 4 different stores when shopping I don’t like shopping to begin with and having everything under one roof is so much easier for me that I don’t even procrastinate anymore to do my grocery shopping or clothes shopping I can make one trip and I’m done The store I go to is newly remodeled and clean so its a joy going there. The workers are helpful and friendly (well most of them ) and if something isn’t quite up to par it’s not a hassle taking it back with or with out a receipt. I really Love that they will match any sale from anywhere if you bring in the flyer or have it on your phone No one else does that. I can always find someone if I need help locating anything which is nice. I probably go to a Walmart at least once a week some times more.

Irina Bernetckite says :

I agree Walmart is the best store you can find if you consider that quality/price ratio. However, I prefer the self check out, usually it’s faster than standing in the line to the regular register.

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