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  • Also - it improves your immune system - unfortunately people seem to ignore this because it is not a 'visible' outcome that you can contribute to omega-3 with confidence

    • by shiro_manjuu

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      Omega-3 was known by scientists and the nutrition world long ago but it’s important was actually not really emphasized until recently. A lot of nutrients that does not actually need to be consumed because the body can make it on its own however with Omega-3 it’s a different story. It’s an essential fatty acid which means that your body needs it, but cannot make it by itself thus you need to be eating this in your diet.

      The same goes for the similar fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-9. So why should we consume this? Besides giving us a reason to be eating healthier? It helps with blood clotting - not making it clot more but helping it clear away

      the clot, if you already have any.

      When we eat diets heavy in fats and oils - these are actually known as bad types of fat (or cholesterol) but the omega types fatty acids are good. If you eat them, it actually helps clear away those bad kinds of fat.

      Of course, if you are already in decent okay health, this will help you become healthier. However if your health is already at risk, it may save you from possible heart attacks, strokes, clots - so ultimately atherosclerosis.

      I mean, think about the typical western / American diet. French fries, poutine, chips then they sit in front of the tv, with more snacks at hand.

      One must do what they ...

      • can to fix this sedentary lifestyle and if they can’t - at least make some attempt to make it somewhat healthier, even by a little.

        Also - it improves your immune system - unfortunately people seem to ignore this because it is not a ‘visible’ outcome that you can contribute to omega-3 with confidence.

        However remember how I said that it helps clear away blood clots?? This is NOT always a good thing - especially if you are already bleeding (for whatever reason) - ie. You NEED it to clot to stop the bleeding but it is not working.

        However this will only happen if you abuse omega-3 (you need to take A LOT for this to happen). Anyhow what if

        you do not want to purchase this item? Because supplements in general are expensive somewhat.

        Try eating more fish and flax seeds or fruits like kiwi. Also - because of how popular omega fatty acids have become in the last few years in the world of nutrition, a lot of companies are taking advantage by adding omega fatty acids into foods like juice and sometimes even milk.

        I clearly see this as an abuse - they just want to put that ‘omega 3!’ label on their product. If you really look at their ingredients, with all their preservatives and what not, I wouldn’t purchase it even if it DOES have omega-3.

        It’s easier to just eat some fish or kiwi.

    wendy says :

    Hi how long do i have to take jamieson to feel better i have a lot of problem and i start taking it on sunday

    Galega says :

    It should take two weeks to have any effects. However, if you have any problem, you should consult a doctor. This is just a supplement. For medical needs, you may need other medicines.

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