Sally Hansen Extra Strength Wax Hair Removal

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      I’m usually really anti-wax because it hurts and it always sticks to your skin somewhat. So after trying NAIR, I decided to try Sally Hansen.

      It’s a tub of wax which you heat in the microwave to soften it


      Don’t over heat or you may burn yourself! Anyway, the wax is creamy white and it smells like vanilla which is nice, because some people think wax actually smells like, candle wax.

      Anyway be sure to apply the ...

      • soothing oil because it might irritate the skin if you don’t.

        At first I didn’t know; it thought you apply it after the wax, which of course, getting the wax to stick to my skin.

        You actually apply this

        before waxing, and after if you want.

        This wax produces some great results.

        The only trouble is if you run out of the paper to put the wax on, then you might have to go out and purchase your own.

    Dannielle says :

    with sally hansen extra strenght wax hair removal kit can you wax ur eyebrows with it too? or no
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can wax your eye brows with it. Please ensure to apply necessary care required for eye brows. You may also want to use a professional service for the same.
    courtney cox says :

    what else can you use to get the excess wax off
    Galega says :

    You can remove excess wax easily using following methods:

    - Get warm water and soak a cotton cloth. The water should not be quite hot, just little warm. Now place the soaked cloth over wax. Wait for a minute and then remove the cloth. Now, just wipe of the area softly with a dry cloth. It should work fine in majority of cases without irritating the skin.

    - Take a cotton ball and soak it into olive oil or baby oil. Now put the cotton over waxed area. Wait for few minutes and wipe the area with cotton. This is another very gentle method to remove wax.

    - Apply petroleum jelly at the area. Wait for five minutes and then wipe off the wax with a cotton ball. It will also be quite gentle to get rid of wax.
    chris says :

    how do you get the wax off a tub I spilled the jar and it is stuck EVERY WHERE the blue stuff works ok on me but still have it stuck to me. It works awsome but threw it all away . Wayyy to messy and sticky on everything Please help tons in tub
    Galega says :

    You can instantly use warm water to avoid any problem.

    Further, take a cotton ball and soak it into olive oil or baby oil. Now put the cotton over waxed area. Wait for few minutes and wipe the area with cotton. This should give you intended result in a very short span of time.
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