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  • Supporting roles by cast members Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover also make this one of the best movies of all-time, not to be missed by generations to come

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      There are only two words that best describe this movie: science fiction classic!! When the film first came out in 1985, I was just a kid. It had a few curse words in it, but to a kid, that was considered cool–correction: totally cool (it was the 80’s, so I couldn’t help myself with the slang). As a Christian, I am relieved to re-watch this movie so many years later and find that not only was the violence mild, but the sexual content wasn’t too obvious, at least compared to today’s standards.

      This is one of those films that I had to just memorize most of the dialogue. It is about a teenager named Marty (played by the cute Michael J.

      Fox of whom I had

      a big crush). He hangs out with this bizarre scientist (played perfectly by the hilarious Christopher Lloyd, who had a similar role in a television show called “Taxi”).

      They’re an odd, lonely pair, but both are losers in their current game of life: Marty is a slacker at school who can’t seem to win at anything, even trying out for the band at school. His parents and siblings are complete wimps and nerds who are bullied by his father’s old high-school nemesis.

      Meanwhile, Dr. Brown seems like this professor who may have tried to work for NASA at one point but got fired for being too weird and possibly smoking way too much pot.

      Anyway, this recluse likes to invent things, some of which seem to ...

      • have honest potential. Marty just happens to get caught up into his latest contraption: a time machine in the form of a car called a DeLorean (hopefully that wasn’t the Porche of the decade, because that would have been very sad).

        This time machine just happens to run on plutonium, which Dr. Brown stole from some Libyans in the Middle East, who have come to America to collect what was rightfully theirs.

        A chase begins, and in the confusion Marty ends up going back in time to the year 1955. Without giving much away, this is where he alters his future: He’s almost not born, his mom develops a crush on him, and the bully his father put up with gets what he deserves!! However,

        the professor devises a way to send Marty “back to the future” before he risks the chance of being stuck in the past forever.

        Before major CGI film releases, the special effects in this were top-notch. The suspense, comedy, romance and action are superb.

        The soundtrack is one of the few records I own, just before CD’s were beginning to boom: It has a great film score and catchy little tunes by the awesome-correction, totally awesome singer Huey Lewis. Supporting roles by cast members Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover also make this one of the best movies of all-time, not to be missed by generations to come.

        It’s in my DVD collection, and it will hopefully be in my great-great grandchildren’s possession as well. Enjoy!

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