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  • But I suggest u people to take the prescription of your family doctor before u take these tablets as a precaution

    • by baba

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      Nice is the tablet, which I normally take whenever I have the headache. I am not a very hard working person and whenever I give a lot of strain to my

      body or even to my mind I get the headache very easily. Once my husband gave me to take the Nice tablets for headache. After taking one tablet, just after ...

pinky says :

Is nice tablet banned? is it good to have for backpain. please suggest good and light medicine for back pain. thank you.
Galega says :

there are many medicines for back pain like nimuslide (Nice, which is reviewed here), ibuprofen, and others. You have not mentioned the type of back pain you have. If it is chronic and persisting for long time then this tablet may not help and you are required to go under medical supervision. If you are feeling backpain rarely and because you have done some physical work then this tablet may help you.

This tablet is NOT BANNED. Nice is one of the most selling anti inflammatory medicines of India. There are many other in the market with similar combination. Do you think that they will continue to sell even after a ban. There has been some cases again Nimuslide (not against NICE), but Madras High Court has settled the issue in 2011 and allowed this drug to be sold.
meena says :

can this tablet be taken with Panadol Extra Strength for a migrane headache and neck muscular spasam?
Galega says :

Yeah Meena, you can take this tablet with Panadol Extra. This tablet is basically nimuslide which is a good combination with other chemicals. It may not be used by children under 12 years of age.

However, please do consult your physician for this.
rathish says :

my wife is having sivier headache migrane now doctor prescribe to have nice tablet is there any rreaction having this tablet
Galega says :

Which type of reaction you are referring about? Are you asking about possible side effects?

This tablet MAY have some side effects like nausea, vomiting, skin rash and dizziness, among others. However, these side effects are only for short period and have been seen with little amount of people.

As for reaction, I can’t say since you have not mentioned about other medicines your wife has been prescribed.
bhamini says :

can i take nice tablet if i m doing brestfeeding
Galega says :

Bhamini, there are lots of contradictory studies available for this.

Many researchers and doctors advise women against it while doing breastfeeding. On the other hand, many prescribes it.

You need to remain cautious and do consult your doctor about it. In India, generally people take this medicine without any suggestion of doctor. In case of women doing breastfeeding or lactating, that is not advisable.
nisha says :

what medicine should i take in case for post waxing allergy?
Galega says :

Take any anti histamine medicine, like Allegra. That should be enough to solve your problem.
vihang says :

What are the side effects of nice tablet?
Galega says :

Nice or its combination Nimuslide has some possible side effects which is listed as following:

- Vomiting
- Skin Rashes
- Diarrhea
- Bitter mouth
- Dizziness

These side effects may evaporate in one or two days.
Anshul says :

Nise is banned worldwide except in india , pakistan and other asian countries. So not recommended to take it …..
Galega says :

Nimesulide is banned in European countries and many other countries. It was never allowed to be marketed in the USA.

It can lead to severe lever problems, including lever damage. Many deaths were reported because of this.

Recently, Bangladesh has also banned this medicine.

Unfortunately, it is still being marketed in India. The government is not taking any action, and the reputed drug company like Ranbaxy (Nice) is also shamelessly marketing them.

There are lots of safe alternatives of Nice or Nimesulide. People should consider them.
tejaswini says :

composition of nice tablet
Galega says :

Simple, the NICE tablet contains NIMUSLIDE…….
vikas says :

A diabetic patient also suffer frm blood pressure and lever problem.they can take nice on headache
Galega says :

A diabetic patient can take Nise.

However, a person suffering from blood pressure related problem MUST avoid nise, or any other pain killer containing Nimulslide.

If you are having blood pressure problem, you should better look for pain killer of other combination.
Binod says :

Sir is it true that taking nice tablet in empty stomach and high blood pressure can cause for sudden death. As 1 of my 26 yr relative was found dead in bed and Dr find 1 tablet in his stomach in postmatom and nice tablet leaf near his bed.the report are still to come. Plz share your experiences.
Galega says :

There may be some side effects. If one is doing it daily for prolong duration, it can have bad effect on heart.

But, calling one Nice tablet (Nimuselide) as the reason behind the death is wrong. It is still being sold in many countries, including India. One tablet CAN NOT lead to death. This is a medicine, not a poison. Side effects are another thing, but death is far cry.
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