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  • Not only is it completely hilarious, but it is also the most interesting

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      I am reviewing The Case of the Neurotic Detective, a Sherlock Holmes episode from the boxed set, Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series 39 Thrilling Episodes. This series was produced by Sheldon Reynolds and filmed in France in the fifties. Ronald Howard, the son of actor Leslie Howard, stars as Sherlock Holmes, and Marion Crawford stars as Watson. The Case of the Neurotic Detective finds Holmes as the criminal! This episode is my favorite one of all of the Ronald Howard set.

      Not only is it completely hilarious, but it is also the most interesting. Conan Doyle never ventured the possibility that his creation would turn and actually become criminal himself! In this episode, Watson discovers that Sherlock Holmes has implicated the series of

      burglaries involving the jewels of England! Hilarity ensues when Watson tries to follow his friend during one occasion. As he turns a corner, he finds Sherlock Holmes staring him down, issuing him a deep frown.

      He warns him that he is not to be followed, and that he has a private matter to tend to. On the second occasion, Watson tries to disguise his way into following Holmes, dressed as a cabbie named Sedgely. Holmes is not fooled for a second.

      ‘What in heavens name are you doing up here?’ He asks his barely disguised friend. ‘This, Sir, is where the cabbie usually sits,’ Watson answers. ‘No.

      Really, Watson?’ Holmes tsks, giving his friend a cross look. ‘My name ...

      • isn’t'it’s Sedgely, Sir. ’ ‘Oh.

        Well, Sedgely, might I give you a word of advise? The corners of your beard are in dire need of repair! Most extraordinary behavior! Pash! Good day’Sedgely,’ Holmes replies, quickly finding himself another cab, and leaving a humiliated Watson behind. When Watson confers with Lestrade about Holmes later on, they follow him to a dinner party. With men in place, they wait for Holmes inside a room of the house holding the dinner party, after everyone had gone.

        Holmes surprisingly is carrying around a gun, and indded looks as if he intends to use it on the man he sees behind the curtain. When he discovers it’s Watson, he rolls his eyes and leaves him be, capturing

        the others as well. It turns out that Holmes isn’t a criminal at all, as the police commissioner shows up.

        He had employed Holmes to test his policemen of London to see whether they could prevent the jewels of London from being stolen. The episode ends on a funny note, with Holmes saying to Watson, ‘Come along’Sedgely. ’ This is my favorite episode from the series.

        It is hilarious, and it is certainly different. It really leaves you wondering for a moment if Sherlock Holmes has committed a crime! ‘It is lucky for London that I am not a criminal,’ he once boasted, and it holds true in this episode. He proves to be a dangerous adversary against Scotland Yard.

        I highly recommend this to anyone.

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