Virtual Villagers 2
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  • Nevertheless I decided that I would at least futz with the game for an hour and see if it was any good
  • The storyline is fairly original and interesting and actually the only part of the game that is at all redeemable
  • Unfortunately, the game goes downhill rather quickly from here
  • I quit playing after the first 10 or 20 minutes because my characters were doing well and it was getting really boring

    • by Meklorka
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      This game was nothing but a series of disappointments. I downloaded this from a site ( that promoted all their games as free, but they all seem to be Big Fish games, meaning that you only get to play them for an hour. On top of that I am on dial-up and the file was upwards of 23 MB - a long, annoying wait, and all for nothing. Nevertheless I decided that I would at least futz with the game for an hour and see if it was any good. My biggest worry was that I would really love the game and would have to buy it (gaming can be an expensive hobby for a penniless writer) but I shouldn’t have worried. The game lost all entertainment value within 10 minutes. Finishing out the game for this review was a chore.

      The story behind the game goes something like this: 2 primitive islander adults fall into a magical cave and on the other side find an island of orphan islander children who obviously can’t support themselves (even though throughout most of the game they are more useful than the adults). For whatever reason the adults cannot return to their own island so they get stuck babysitting. The storyline is fairly original and interesting and actually the only part of the game that is at all redeemable. I’d give the storyline a 6. Unfortunately, the game goes downhill rather quickly from here.

      My first gripe with the game was its cheesy NES style graphics. The logo, promo art and screenshot for this game were not representitive of this poor quality. They actually looked ok. However, on my halfway decent computer at 1024 x 768 resolution the game looked shoddy. It might

      have looked better at a lower resolution, but I doubt it and I despise any gamemaker who forces inferior resolutions on me. If you are still using 800 x 600 resolution then you should change now. Everything looks so much better and there is so much more room at higher resolutions. But this game would have looked shoddy on any computer. It was just really bad graphics, and when you go in one of the weird sidebar menus, things only look worse. I swear, some of the characters have faces that not even a mother could love. Plus most of the colors in this game are very 256, very primitive. I’ve seen 1MB games with prettier graphics - what is the rest of that 23 MB used for, anyhow? Why did I have to wait more than an hour just to look at graphics that look like a 5 year old’s crayola scribblings? The only part of the graphics that looked half-way decent were some of the parts of the island - namely the water and the plants - but even those were only cute in an NES Japananime fashion. I give the graphics in this game a 2.

      The gameplay is even worse. This game probably has the worst gameplay ever, except for a very few unique features, like how you get to pick up the villagers and move them over to what you want them to do (and on top of it the characters giggle and gasp when you do so). I also liked how when I touched the water it rippled. And throwing a male villager on a female villager to make them have a kid was sort of interesting. And the characters are always ‘doing’ ...

      • something (or at least it says they are - you wouldn’t know it by looking at them) and I liked making the kids collect things. One of my big gripes is that characters won’t do anything useful on their own. Also you can’t right click on anything or actually do much of anything except drag your characters around. And then weird stuff happens. I quit playing after the first 10 or 20 minutes because my characters were doing well and it was getting really boring. I had sent all my adults to swim around and catch fish, except for one who was nursing her baby (or rather carrying it around like a sack of potatoes). I was waiting and waiting for the baby to grow up and had nothing to do but scroll about the map and look for things for the children to collect. So I quit (the game has an autosave feature) and game back to it about half an hour later. Magically my village had gone to pot while I wasn’t even playing! They were completely out of food, most of them were ill and a mysterious algae had infested the water, preventing them from gathering fish. On top of it, the little baby had grown up into a child and two of the children had become adults. There was absolutely no source of food since the fish had become unfishable, so I sent all th adults to research so that we could build up enough point so I could ‘buy’ farming knowledge and they wouldn’t starve. Unfortunately, even though I had developed one of my fisherman into a adept researcher beforehand, the research points accrued so slowly that my free hour ran out before we
        even got 2/3 of the way there. And at this point the only thing I could do was once again scrolled around the map looking for things for the children to collect. The occasional mushrooms the children brought home were the only sustenance the tribe could muster, but then weird things started happening with the numbers. Food jumped up 45 points for no reason. My research numbers sometimes lowered 10 or so points for no reason. The last 40 minutes of the game was a complete waste of my life. What annoyed me most was that nothing seemed to happen when I was actually playing - one character worked on a hut for several minutes with no success, but when I quit and then came back it had mysterious been finished, just like that! There was nothing to do and absolutely no explanation of the weird features, like why my children needed to collect shells. There was a very basic, five minute tutorial in the beginning that didn’t help at all and after that the game just got boring. For gameplay I have to give this game a 1.

        Overall, this game gets a two. Interesting premise wasted on a complete disaster of bad graphics and bad gameplay. I can see, if this game were free, how it might be a bit addictive, even though it would still be highly annoying. Even then I would not recommend it. Furthermore I don’t know how anyone could actually expect a human being to want to buy this after playing the demo - it would be like asking people to pay to have their fingernails pulled out. Really. Even if you are not on dial up it is probably a big waste of your time.

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